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Don Henley
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My only bizarre strike with fame was the honor of being published in Whitley Strieber's best-selling book "The Communion Letters".
The names and places were changed to keep me anonymous at the time. If you have the book, read the section called "Rotten Apples In The Army".
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Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr."
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A positive influence on
me and a best friend I wrote many songs with.



I was born in Oklahoma/Fort Sill June 13th, 1964 within an Indian reservation. My father was a German military pilot and my mother a native Texan. We were stationed in the U.S. for only a short time and then returned to Germany. My family (which includes my sister Brigitte) moved eight times during this period. I attended first grade in a British boarding school and second to eleventh grade in German upper level school.During this time I picked up my first electric guitar. The moment was pure magic. I learned from Lucien Williams and Robert McIntire in Ramstein Airbase/West Germany around 1977. The benefit of my experiences as an Airforce brat include the many different people, dialects, traditions, cultures and countries I've encountered. The downside was having to leave all my friends behind every time we were transferred. I bought my first Ibanez Iceman in '78 and dreamed of becoming a rock star. We moved back to the U.S. in 1981 and graduated early from  High School, because I had exceeded the amount of credits required (pure luck). My negative experiences with school kept me from succeeding in college. After high school, I joined the U.S. Army and became a reservist.  I also rented a piano and began learning by ear. I played in three bands, playing cover tunes and began recording my own songs  and songs I wrote together with Celsus Solar on a Fostex 4-track recorder. Together we wrote countless songs based mostly on piano and guitar for at least seven years. It was during this time that various influences introduced to me by Celsus became part of my song-writing approach. At one point we had a compact 8-track studio in my parents house. As a team we wrote many songs together. Independently we wrote some of our best, but nevertheless copyrighted them together just like Lennon and McCartney. During this time I had worked as a musician, florist, Army reservist, liquor store salesman (thanks to Celsus), harvesting crab grass, teacher substitute and a Sound Warehouse employee (thanks to Raul Treviņo). During this time I met several musicians such as John Dale, Albert Besteiro, Ricky Del Castillo, Jorge Garcia (with whom I wrote several great songs) and David Valdez who all inspired me with their zest for music and different styles. I also recorded with Itzel Garcia, over a period of three years. After moving  with Celsus and Gus Aguilar (awesome drummer who eventually got his master's degree in percussion) to Austin, I quickly became disillusioned with the whole competitive scene. So I copped out and left them hanging so to speak,  immediately returning to college. I had no idea what I wanted to be and remained undecided until 1988.
I had another calling, inspired by the few friends who meant so much to me. I  decided that my forte might include helping people by teaching and motivating them to solve their problems. It seemed easier than solving my own. So I decided to study Psychology. I completed my Bachelor's degree in May of 1989. I immediately joined the Alternative Certification Program and began teaching handicapped students in the fall. I soon married my wife, who was completing her teaching practicum. Three and a half years later, after finishing the required three years of teaching, I became a certified public school counselor, with a Master's degree in counseling. I immediately decided to continue with my education in the pursuit of a Doctorate in Education through the University of Houston, while counseling at a public school.  I dropped out 2 years in, when I realized I wanted it for the wrong reasons. I now have a 13 year old son named Sebastian, and a 6 year old named Ziggy who keep me busy most of my free time. What ever is left goes to my wife, my music, building outrageous electric guitars and my search for  answers to the meaning and purpose of life.