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You will inevitably be able to relate to many of these experiences. They cover the probable and the impossible, but they nevertheless happen to us, whether we want them to or not. Many of you will say: " Yeah, that's happened to me too, big deal!"   Perhaps it is, because I take this whole aspect of my life too seriously, that it happens quite often. For this very reason, I have been able to "tune in" a bit more to the stuff its made of. More so than the average person. But don't think of me as arrogant, I am an average humble bumpkin.

The media lives for this kind of stuff. They lay it out so thick, you'd think the world a very odd place full of medieval remnants, that defy all the odds. Yet the phenomena is not far fetched at all, if you separate the superstition from the actual historical quest for a sixth sense. In my opinion, psychic phenomena produced by the living, are expressions from the right brain hemisphere. Our modern industrialized societies have us operating from the left brain like good, hard-working consumers should. Once you deviate from the norm, you inevitably discover that our everyday world makes up less and less of the real world and more of the unseen. So for now, turn on your right brain, an believe everything you hear, like a child that listens intently to the magical stories at bed-time.

What Is Telekinesis?

Imagine that you are watching a waiter gracefully balancing a tray full of food, dodging dinner guests all the way to the kitchen. This waiter just snubbed you, and has you waiting longer than any other customer. You focus on his feet, counting his steps and come up with an average rhythm. You hear the rhythm as drums in your head. You abruptly change the rhythm. You hear the waiter's tray crashing down as guests gasp in horror.

In this example, there clearly is cause and effect. Something or someone is the cause, and the effect is that the waiter has fallen from grace. There are three sides to every coin. Let's scrutinize each possibility. First, the waiter tripped on the edge of a chair, lost his balance and fell. Second, the waiter was pushed and fell down. Third, the waiter just fell for no apparent reason. The last two fall in line with the possibility that I may have caused the scenario. But how?
I may have simply foreseen the event, but believed to have caused it, in which case the waiter indeed tripped on the leg of a chair. I may have reached out with my astral body and with the lowest possible density of the second body (astral body), pushed him enough for him to loose his balance. I may have influenced the motor activity in in his brain, which the waiter executes automatically in his daily routine. As you can see, causality and psychic phenomena are far from clear cut. When the manager asks him how this could have happened, the waiter will give one of four answers. 1. I tripped when a guest pulled his chair out (not his fault). 2. I tried to avoid a guest when he pulled his chair out and consequently lost my balance (not his fault). 3. A guest must have pushed me (unlikely story-he'll be fired). 4. I don't know what happened; the next thing I know I'm on the floor (honest answer-he'll be fired).
Then of course, there is always the age old, but lame excuse of coincidence. As I know, that there is no such thing, I lean toward probability. Should the waiter's answer be one of the last two, probability would favor of telekinetic causality (of course the waiter will lie, and the truth may never be known).

So, there seem to be two types of telekinesis. The direct kind and the indirect kind. As I have given an example of (yes, you guessed it) the indirect kind, I will explain its mechanism first.

Virtual Telekinesis

A posthypnotic suggestion given by an average hypnotist can prompt a subject to trip every fifth step. First there is the hypnotic induction, then the suggestion and finally the conscious prompt. When the subject is wide awake and no longer under hypnosis, the verbal prompt will cause the subject to literally trip after every fifth step he/she takes, while walking. When the subject is asked for a rational explanation, none can be given. As the subject is operating in subconscious mode while under hypnosis, the conscious mode is literally shut off. As the conscious mode was not on to perceive the verbal prompt (or cue), no short or medium-term memory was created. The subconscious which was operating alone, formed an immediate long-term memory, which can only act when the prompt is perceived, without any intermittent filter by the conscious brain. The conscious brain has no short or medium-term memory of the prompt, and therefore cannot filter or block it. When the prompt is spoken by anyone, the body reacts automatically from the primitive part of the brain (fight and flight). The beauty of this whole experiment, is the proof that the subconscious mode is always on, operating at a definite frequency (0.5Hz-8Hz Delta to Theta).

Telekinesis is not always produced by manipulating matter in space by moving energy to affect energy. It can be done by synchronizing my low frequency subconscious mode with that of another person. It entails bringing an immediate meditative state about, so that my conscious mode gives the direct prompt to my subconscious mode, while diminishing my conscious mode to almost nothing (deep meditative state) and locking into an automatic behavior in the other person, which is being directed by his subconscious mode (automatic). I synchronize by adopting his rhythm of movement and disrupt our parallel symmetry for a split second, which may be long enough to cause him to tripWow!


I'm thinking of Uri Geller and how he could alter the chemistry of a spoon while rubbing it, causing it to bend without applying any physical force (telekinesis?). While performing this feat, others who were observing provided an unintentional effect. Without rubbing a silver spoon or fork, but merely observing either from the audience or by television (action at a distance-Einstein/Rosenberg Effect), their cutlery would begin to bend (telekinesis). How did this happen? Was it mere suggestion? The observer, in this case the audience at home, became the extended medium for telekinesis to occur. The observer, who fully believes the performed phenomenon
thinks of his/her own silver cutlery whether they are holding it or not. The performer who is softly rubbing the narrow part of the spoon is affecting the "Second State" or low frequency dimension of the spoon. His subconscious brain has amplified the low frequency with little or no interference by the conscious brain.
To explain this aspect more, lets go back to the "Out Of Body" state. When I leave my physical body, my surroundings are the same as in the waking state. But at closer observation, some things are out of place, differently shaped and almost, but not quite the same. Certain objects seem out of focus, while some are exactly as they should be. While in my second body state, I can easily penetrate sub-matter. I can even feel the strange rubbery texture of sub-matter. When I will my self to reach a lower frequency state (almost physical), it becomes very difficult to penetrate near-matter. When I raise my frequency, not only can I penetrate sub-matter, as if going through a hologram, but I can vibrate so highly, that I'm suddenly in a totally different dimension that doesn't seem to fit any known scientific rules. The point I'm making here, is that all matter also exists in a different frequency. If I peel out the rubbery low frequency state of the wall, I am actually weakening the  sub-dimensional structure of the physical wall. It literally becomes brittle in the real world. Silver has the unique quality of being potentially elastic. Affecting its inner structure, which is influenced by high crystal content, can be achieved. Crystals are a great medium for Electromagnetic waves. A radio can not function without one! When crystals are used as a medium for low frequency vibrations, they shake violently, bringing about the bending of the silver spoon. Focused thought and awe, sedate our rational mind long enough for us to become highly suggestive. Our subconscious is the natural medium for low frequency waves to be received and transferred to the old antique cutlery in the antique closet. You can imagine the shock in the many viewers, who came across several twisted or bent forks and spoons in their once prized collection. When scientists viewed a Uri Geller spoon under an electron microscope (Targ/Puthoff), they discovered that the atomic structure had been heated by a super laser that leaves no  heat-signatures. Now that's more likely an impossibility.

Thought into action through a medium - at a distance, is common telekinesis.

But what about the old fashioned affecting of objects, slinging things out of place, etc.; the old proverbial telekinesis of "I love Genie". While some parapsychologists swear that it must be poltergeist activity on demand, I see another possibility. For one, this level of telekinesis is extremely rare and difficult to produce at will. Several known telekinetics can make a compass needle spin. This is the biggest clue to the ultimate form of telekinesis. Electromagnetism is everywhere, even in our bodies. We are conductors of electricity. Therefore, we are potential transformers of electrical current. With every firing of neurons, we are producing minute charges of electricity. We pick up static electricity, store it like a capacitor and release it and 'ZAP!'. Some people are able to increase this capacitance without releasing it, and build  up something called "Scalar Potential". These little vortexes of immense energy can be increased beyond the body by focusing on a desired outcome. These vortexes are notorious for affecting magnetic fields, and in recent experiments have been applied in reducing the weight/mass of metal in the search of reducing gravity. Hence, the power of thought! 
Spinning a compass needles, breaking glass, and moving objects through time and space are all forms of telekinesis, but not all provided by the same means. So far I have considered synchronizing with living matter (low-frequency), affecting matter (low-frequency / medium), and affecting electromagnetic fields (low to high freq. / Scalar potential). The ability to move objects through time and space (the ultimate), is surprisingly much more simple to realize if you've experimented out of the body. Here is a good example!

El Torero

In my parents former house is a small restroom across from my old bedroom. I sat on the commode observing a small framed painting my mother had painted some ten years before. I considered what mental effort it would take to make it fall down. My mind then drifted to other more pressing thoughts, and I forgot about it. That night I went to sleep and found my self in a small picture gallery with a high ceiling, floating easily along the walls. I willed one framed painting away from the wall and let it float around, while I systematically did the same with the others. There was no awe or wonder, but rather the act performed as easily as doing it physically. I instantly considered the possibility of loosing control and accidentally dropping one. The lucid dream stopped. I awoke in the morning, and made my way to the restroom and discovered my mothers painting on the floor, the frame shattered as if it had been thrown down with considerable force.


The first clue to the possibility that I caused the painting to fall and break, through the inadvertent use of telekinesis is the dream itself. I was obviously out of the body in a  vibratory state visualizing a self-made environment fitting for works of art; namely an art gallery. The paintings were suspended high up (10-15 ft). The thought of loosing control and possibly dropping them, abruptly ended the experience. Conclusion: The lucid dream/o.b.e. was an overlay for a telekinetic experiment I was performing, while asleep. My second body (astral body) managed to affect the frequency of my physical surrounding. Of course I glued it all back together, and no one seemed to notice the difference. My mother might have had a cow or two!
Now imagine being capable of moving out of yourself and affecting real objects even for just a split second, while seemingly awake or semi-conscious. The sky becomes the limit. 'Much easier said than done.

I have tried several times to move objects in the conscious state. I have been unable to do so, because I become ultra sensitive to my environment which is in constant interference. It only seems to work spontaneously, when for a split second I am focused on something for no apparent reason and the object or person is affected. It's not clear whether I am simply foreseeing an event, or using telekinesis. I have had countless bouts of spontaneous clairvoyance, so the probability that I am merely perceiving an event before it happens seems more likely. There is however one experience that clearly points to two prerequisites for producing a conscious telekinetic effect.

Where Are My Keys?

I placed my set of keys in the middle of our living room table. My father had built it out of oak wood back in the early 70's. It has an octagonal shape with a large bowl-like grill pan in the center. It looks medieval. There was no one home, so I was in a relaxed state of mind ready to begin my experiment. I had just completed a research paper on Uri Geller for my Anthropology class. Yes, the one where I thought I had successfully debunked him. Wondering whether it was possible nonetheless to affect objects at a distance, I decided to give it all the mental effort it took, even if got sick from exhaustion. I sat in the couch, and cleared my mind. I focused on the keys. After 30 minutes of nothing, I began getting quite frustrated and even angry. For the next 45 minutes, I flexed every muscle I had in my head, to the point that sweat was dripping from my head. I gave up, went to the kitchen and began washing the dishes. The doorbell rang, and I walked by the living room and immediately noticed that my keys were gone. It was my uncle and I let him in. Then began the feverish search for my keys. Following him was his best friend with a 3 year old girl. Everybody helped but they had literally disappeared. I have since looked again and again, until we finally moved out. Of course I didn't tell them what I was doing at the time. My ego would have suffered badly as would have the ego of any skeptic.


I know they disappeared. I since tried blocking the incident out of mind, simply because it was too far from my sense of reality. I always felt that it was one of the turning points of my life. I was not and still am not prepared to accept full gist of it. Perhaps I went too far. Since that day, however I have had the utmost respect for Uri Geller and the related work done at the SRI Institute in California though I am still an utmost skeptic. Prussian blood!
I can't even begin to explain the mental effort it took, until the point of giving up. I stopped, because I was afraid I'd bust an artery or two in my brain. I was afraid to replicate the experiment, because in this case it took everything I had. But how did the keys actually vanish?
Before, I mentioned Scalar potential as the means by which magnetic fields can be affected. In the field of alternative energy, over unity can only be achieved by tapping into these scalar vortexes, which derive their energy from the vacuum or dark matter of space. The fact that they behave like tornados, leads me to the conclusion, that they can also act like doorways to either parallel universes or create simple wormholes to another location in our universe. I suppose that is where my keys are.