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Remote Viewing was not the brain child of the covert military. It has been around since our species began to evolve into the human. A basic element contained in this strange ability must be intuition or even more basic, instinct. Spontaneous remote viewing is as common as the common cold. You may sense danger, a death in the family, an injured son or daughter etc. The key word is "sense".

Extra-Sensory-Perception is the supposed ability to magnify perception beyond the ordinary self. Believe it or not, this sense can be learned by anyone who is extremely patient, positive, open-minded and determined. Perfection can not be achieved. Surfers and their sport are a good comparison for achieving remote-viewing. You catch the wave and ride it with all your skill. Inevitably you wipe-out more than half the time. Why? Because water waves and currents are for the most part unpredictable; so the surfer imagines that he is part of the wave, synchronizing without much thought of the sheer skills he or she is applying. You ride the wave as long as you can. If you fail, you look for the next wave, but you don't give up. You synchronize and dance!

people who want to attain "psychic" skills, give-up easily because they haven't achieved the first baby step. The first step is meditation. It's pretty much good for anything. If you can't think of nothing, without even one intruding thought for two minutes (while fully conscious) you will find it nearly impossible to get to any subsequent steps. The first step in learning remote viewing, is thus internal silence (meditation). There is little known short-cut: A post hypnotic suggestion that has been programmed by a proficient hypnotist. Of course that is cheating, and you'd always have to depend on a controller.

, maintaining inner silence while fully conscious is extremely difficult. Life in society is always on the move. We are constantly occupying ourselves with societal demands, vanity and and the basic need for security. We are bombarded with information which is for the most part useless. Finding our way through this maze is
what we do, and we know little else. Compounded by the knowledge that love is a dire need and death an inevitability, our minds resort to constant denial that we know next to nothing about who we really are, why we are here and what our true purpose is.
If anything, those who are learning to perform "psychic" feats are discovering that there is a hell of alot more to us than we ever thought.

is not so important to know it all. Doing is everything. Expecting glory and attention is vanity. The "Ether" realm doesn't allow these thoughts, because they are self-destructive and therefore a distraction.
Thus when you enter into your first "meditations", you must completely loose your identity. Without your identity you become a simple relay. You cannot interpret what you experience. Instead you draw or write exactly what comes to your mind without interpretation. This is no easy task. It will be frustrating until you nail at least three targets in a row.

this note, I invite you to explore the sites I have listed. Some of the individuals I am introducing have had many years of experience under the auspice of U.S. military, and the various other agencies. Don't be afraid of their individual bias' toward that which lies beyond remote viewing. Keep an open mind and do not adopt any interpretation of the "psychic" realm, because it cannot be categorized or classified.
Once you have become successful at meditating, invite a friend to be your guide in protocol and follow it to the "T", but don't believe everything that happens.

Remote Viewing Test
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The Best Source Of Information Is:

firedocs.gif (5005 bytes)This site has collected an enourmous amount of information on our military and C.I.A.'s involvement, including the actual C.R.V.Manual used during the years of training military personnel in the art of Remote Viewing.

They also have the on-line remote viewing test.