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The experiences you are about to read, vary considerably from each other, yet share common threads, which have lead me to the conclusion that life is not all it seems. There is more to it than I had ever fathomed. The experiences are not in any particular order of occurrence, but rather by relevance. Each experience is exactly as I remember it. Nothing has been added or omitted. There are many more which I have not included. I've also added a section on dreams that seem to recall the future. "Believing is not knowing" (Me)

"The Open Door" Age 24

My life changed profoundly in January, 1988. when I returned from a hard day at college. I had severe stomach pains do to sudden gastritis. I sat down against my bedroom wall and closed my eyes, trying desperately to ignore the pain. Suddenly, a burst of billions of colorful needles exploded toward me out of total darkness. A small rectangular picture of my room appeared in front of me growing larger. I had the feeling of traveling at the speed of light toward a different version of reality. The picture covered my entire vision in a mater of two seconds. I felt fully awake. Suddenly, I was completely paralyzed, my eyes wide open and fixed at my bedroom door. It began to open by itself and my body began to rotate, until I was lying face down about five inches off the ground. I was able to pull my head upward and began floating through my bedroom entrance, down the hallway, through the living room, passing my parents bedroom where I caught a glimpse of my father napping in his usual position. I continued on, as if moved by some force--into the kitchen. My body hovered into a sitting position on one of our dinning room chairs. In front of me stood a glass and next to it an egg. I suddenly had complete physical control. As if following specific instructions, I flexed all the muscles in my left hand and made the glass hover about eighteen inches into the air. I then flexed my right hand and guided the egg to an equal height (without touching it). I motioned the glass opening toward the egg and with the right hand, motioned the egg into the glass. The egg began to spin inside the glass without my hands making any contact with the glass. I felt at peace with the world. In an instant, I felt as if I was sucked back into my original position in my room hearing a large sonic boom. I literally jumped up into a standing position. The stomach pains were gone. I remember everything clearer than normal memory.


    When I was younger I had many dreams of falling and awaking on impact. I had a slight fear of heights, due to a minor traumatic experience. The floating sensation was not new to me, but I had never remembered so clearly  after awakening . In example one, I was experiencing intense pain. Fatigue and pain seem to have brought the experience about. I did not see my physical body,  my father was still at work and there was nothing on the dinning room table to substantiate that anything real occurred. It was undoubtedly a lucid dream induced by massive doses of coffee, gastritis and the immense desire to escape the pain, possibly triggering a flood of metatonin (related to melatonin) from my pineal gland (brain). It may have accidentally triggered a near-death mode. But as I read further into the "lucid dream" certain aspects began to tie in to reality.
    I had selected a "left-over" topic from my anthropology class that morning. I was to write a research paper on a still living psychic, who was already well researched. My conclusion was to prove or disprove his abilities based on credible scientific studies.
    Having seen Uri Geller live on television while I was living in Hamburg, I decided to dig-up all there was on Uri. My conclusion was that he may have telekinetic-like abilities which he could not consistently produce, and that he was also a clever trickster or magician when he was short on what he believed was the real thing. The tail end of my experience was me, performing perfect telekinesis before I even delved into the topic.

"Real Magic?" Age 24

    Two weeks had passed since the above mentioned experience.  I had begun drawing again and was feeling more relaxed than I had in a long time. I laid down around 1:00 am on my back as I always did. I cleared my mind, trying to think of nothing, fighting off  intruding thoughts, when suddenly a sonic boom startled me into complete paralysis. I laid there like a brick. Then another deafening boom. I began floating upward, and slowly rotated into a vertical position. Unlike experience 1, I was completely consumed by fear, terrified beyond belief. It was as though something was controlling my physical body. I floated back into a horizontal position until I was slightly squashed against the ceiling. I couldn't scream. The force slowly moved me back down to my bed and the paralysis soon disappeared. I got up , smoked three cigarettes and returned to bed.
    The next day I went to see our family doctor who performed a physical on me as I was worried that a sleeping disorder due to apnea was returning to haunt me getting over it two years earlier. After all the tests came back, I was assured that I was in excellent health, save my smoking habit, which he promised would catch up with me soon enough. A week after my flight, it continued happening one to three times a week over a period of three to four months. I would hear the explosion one to three times, and spend about fifteen minutes floating around my room. During this time, I learned to gain some control over what seemed to be my physical self, never once attempting to go beyond my room. I would spend the day planning trips to mars. Once in flight however, I was content on staying in my little room, crawling around my ceiling. While all of this was happening, I built up the courage to check out a book on astral projection from the University library. I hid it in a stack of science books. Of course the librarian decided to have a full fledged conversation about the topic as she scanned it, while several impatient students stood behind me waiting to check out. The book seemed outrageous,  unbelievable, but eye-opening when I saw the many sources listed in the bibliography.
    I soon managed  to go beyond my room. One night I struggled to leave my room and began floating through the hallway. Happy to finally get my night out on the town, I floated to my mother's bedroom. I vaguely saw her in the dark when the room suddenly flooded with a bluish liquid light. She opened her eyes and reached her left arm toward me - her face expressing terror, and her hair falling toward me as if I was exerting gravity. I suddenly got sucked back into my bed, 'got up and pondered about it, until I was tired enough to return to bed.
    I had been frightened enough to wish it all away, but it kept on happening anyway again in the confines of my room without me going anywhere.
    Early June of that year, I experienced the final blow. It wasn't even dark yet, but I  decided to go to sleep early, knowing the flights might occur soon after falling asleep, when it was dark outside. I took off my t-shirt and hung it on my armoire. No sooner had I laid down, the sonic booms came on, one louder than the other until I was paralyzed. I began to float up in broad daylight. I was angry desperately fighting it. I floated toward the ceiling, then crawled toward the armoire. I tried to grab the corner, but instead grabbed my shirt. I threw it toward my bed and again began reaching for the corner. Then I felt strange hands pulling and tugging at me. I began begging whatever or whoever it was to let me go. I yelled out in slow-motion, as the hands forced me over my bed face down. There was no one in my bed. At that moment, I experienced the greatest terror ever. I fell on to my bed, then jumped out and stood there shaking with disbelief. I had read that the physical body remains, while the astral body leaves. I instantly remembered my shirt, turning toward my armoire. But it was not there. I knew I had thrown it behind my bed, but I was too afraid to look. I left my room and asked my parents if they had heard any noises coming from my room. They looked at me and replied that they hadn't heard anything. After building up some courage, I returned to my room, pulled the bed back, peaked over and saw my shirt exactly where I feared it would be. Two nights later I ended the experience by turning my head to the left as soon as the first boom occurred. I wouldn't have another for three years even after wishing it back soon after. Turn left!!!


    It was as though I was living in a prison cell, unable to have a decent nonsensical dream. Occasionally I would dream like anyone else, but I simply do not remember waking up happy after an o.b.e.. When I finally made it stop by simply shifting my head, I felt so relieved knowing I had at least the final say, whether to let it happen or not. When I finally began researching this phenomena on a regular basis, it was as though I had given up on an opportunity that would never present itself again, at least not until death. I did however feel that my "consciousness" was out of my body. Being a near atheist, it changed my opinion on the possibility of "life after death" or consciousness beyond the physical living body--so much, that I spent several years afterward, trying to replicate the experience. One day it would return, and show me things I'd never thought possible. I would also make the connection between previous dreams that were somehow connected to a whole. The sum of my experiences would become proof enough to transform my belief into knowledge. It would seem that I'd discovered either the soul (mine), or a natural wormhole that exists within all of us.

"Mary and the MIB" Age 22

    After reflecting on these experiences, I began to remember earlier dreams, which were lucid in nature. One of them occurred in 1986. I was suddenly naked, floating a foot above the ground. It was night-time, yet I could see nature around me with an eerie brilliance. I decided to fly and willed myself to incredible speeds, when I came upon a beehive shaped building, which was pulsing in translucent blue light (plasma plume). I hovered toward it, feeling an incredible female presence beckoning me to enter. I saw what seemed like a small child running through the air into the building by a small oval opening occasionally touching down on the ground with its feet. I joined the chase, hearing child like laughter in my head. It was if this being was a childhood friend, and I was having a blast chasing him or it through a winding oval tunnel. I suddenly found myself in a great hall filled in bluish light, the wall shaped like the inside of a gutted and polished beehive. I saw a holographic image of a virgin Mary dressed in royal black garn, with a crown on her head. She looked at me with coldness of Snow White's queen mother and pointed to her left. I hovered into this direction, floating right through the wall of the building, only to emerge at an old military road, which was littered with occasional wooden houses on the opposite side of the road. As I came closer, I saw people standing on their porches looking at what was behind me. They were in absolute awe, talking to each other without sound, sometimes pointing in the direction behind me. It was the same from house to house.
    Then black cars from the early 60's began pulling up to each house. One or two men would emerge, wearing black suits, ties and dark sunglasses. They would approach the onlookers and talk to them. I moved closer to one conversation and could suddenly hear a one-sided conversation. The man I heard was basically telling them that they weren't seeing anything at all and threatened them not to tell anyone about the occurrence or else there would be dire consequences. I peeked into the small gap between his face and his sun-glasses and saw that he seemed almost oriental, detecting slanting in what I could make out of his eyes. I felt upset that these men were threatening these people who seemed very scared. I knew then, what they were seeing was an incredible event. I continued down the lonely road and came upon an upper-class subdivision, where music was blaring. I floated into a backyard where a party of college-age people where having a party. Everyone was dressed nice, drinks in hand, talking and dancing. A man in his late forties wearing jeans, a white t-shirt with rolled-up sleeves (just like the 50's), was nudging everyone into a large circle around him. He had a tattoo on his left bicep and a pack of cigarettes was hidden inside his left rolled-up sleeve. His hair was short his body stocky. He was preaching something and everyone was getting into the groove, clapping and cheering. I floated toward him to get a closer look, when he turned toward me with his arms reaching for me. There was absolute silence, everyone staring in my direction. I could feel unconditional love flowing through me. I felt absolute piece. The dream apparently ended there.


    I had no interest in the UFO phenomena and had never read anything of real substance on the subject, save a report in a magazine here or there. In fact the idea that it could be construed as a UFO experience didn't cross my mind, until I saw a Roswell movie on video in 1994, which began my interest in the strange UFO culture. The "Men In Black" baffled me, as I had never heard or read that they are often associated with the ufo phenomena. It wasn't until 1990 that I came across an eerie picture in a Time Life book about strange phenomena,  that I began to suspect some similarities.  If anything, there were at least three elements of the o.b.e experience: weightlessness, semi-consciousness and the ability to travel great distances in a heartbeat. Every aspect of the dream seemed real, and my memory of it is clearer than my usual memories, which had a solid ground in reality. Another aspect of the dream, namely the preacher made me feel as though I was being called to do something grand. I had began writing a holistic, philosophical work on the meaning and purpose of life which had a basis in science and my personal experience with sound and the effects of music in general. The dream inspired me to delve further, until I finally came up with something tangible in 1994. As a counselor, I presented ideas to kids and motivated them to think beyond themselves. I loved doing it, and the response I got from them, is similar (on occasion) to the acceptance/gratitude/love I felt from the dream even years after contact. At this point some of you may suggest that the dream was a preview of things to come (a tad of clairvoyance and magical thinking).  Perhaps they were screen memories to hide abduction events perpetrated by aliens in UFOs who are directing my life---but that would make me a nut. It could also have been triggered by  boredom or simply an overactive pineal gland. Eventually, I  finally had myself hypnotized several times. As it happens, I belong to that small percentage that is the least suggestible.

"They're Here!" Age 18

    I joined the US Army Reserve in 1982 and was stationed at Fort McClelland, Georgia for boot camp. On the fourth night, I dreamed I was in a round room with Star Trek-like furniture. Everything seemed smaller as if meant for children. A little man dressed in a silver space suit sat down next to me. It had a strange looking helmet on, with a jet-black visor over its face. I sat there for a long while, when another just like the first entered the room carrying a thick three foot long rod with little gadgets attached around it. The being gave it to me, and I instantly understood what to do with it. I aimed it at a vase like object on a table and willed the device to fire, as if it was a weapon of some kind. It fired a beam of light, and the object on the table disappeared. The spacemen began to clap feverishly. I looked around for some other objects, and began blasting them one by one. I was a kid with a new toy. One of the beings floated by and yanked the device away from me. They took me by the hands, and floated me to a cylinder shaped glass or a plastic plastic cubical. I steped inside, when it filled with a bluish fluid-like light. I was suddenly jettisoned downward, surrounded by burst of light, descending through the ceiling of my barracks toward the my bottom bunk-bed right through the guy on top of me. The descent was fast, until I went through the second tier of the bunk bed, when I stalled, trapped in this fluid bright light. I heard a little girl's voice saying "They're here!" I tried desperately to hold on to something, then crashed down on to the bottom bed. During the fall I felt near total paralysis. I must of made quite a noise hitting my bed. Another soldier down the hall became irate about not being able to sleep with all the noise I made.


    Weeks later, I continued remembering this dream with amazing detail. I did not associate the dream with UFO folklore, because I had little or no knowledge of the subject, save any interest what so ever. What is important in this dream are the O.B.E. elements such as floating, penetrating matter, and paralysis. It was the first dream containing at least three elements, which I can remember in detail. The duration of my military training was the most entertaining segment of my life. After the U.S.Army, I developed a much more positive outlook on life and my problems with authority. I learned not to take authority so serious, something that helped improve my relationship with my father and most obnoxious adults.

"Feeling Used" Age 16

I've just been operated on, and I am laying in bed unconscious in a private hospital room. I feel something pulling at my chest. I am pulled up toward the ceiling and led right through the window to a large glowing object in the parking lot. It is night time. The object first spherical, then transforms and now appears to be an old wooden shack, which is floating about ten feet off the ground. I land slowly on my feet. A thin wooden latter extends from the ground up into the open door of the wooden shack. I see the outlines of a woman. She motions me to climb up and I do just that. When I reach the top, she pulls me over her as she lays down on a small bed behind her. The whole process though completely new to me, seems completely natural and wonderful. After a while, she turns lifeless as if frozen in time. Then I notice, that she doesn't qualify as human. As I inspect her face, it seems unearthly, cold, eerie and perhaps robot-like. Her eyes are neither shut nor open. They are dark and big.   Her hair seems far to thin, as do her nose, lips, ears and the rest of her body. Her skin is void of color. I decide she must be a robot or a doll, and I look for confirmation, but find nothing to support my theory, except that she seems quite lifeless. I awaken from the remains of anesthesia and make my way to the restroom. I trip and slam my head into the wall. The pain feels so good. Two nurses rush into the room and helped me up.


I was 16, living in Germany, and had plastic surgery done to my outstanding ears. Rivaling Prince Charles, I had been plagued all my life by kids who made fun of my ears. My parents decided to rid me of this curse and took me to have them laid back once and for all. The o.b.e. sensation is there. But there is something more, which yearns for resolution. It was a fantastic dream. Again, I did not make the association with ufolore.

"Rotten Apples in the Military" Age 30
(Published by Whitley Strieber in his book "The Communion Letters"-"Rotten Apples in the Army)

    In 1994 I had the most peculiar dream. I was awoken by a buzzing sound. I tried to look around, but found myself completely paralyzed, save my eyes. I floated up into a vertical position and was pushed through the bedroom wall. It was the weirdest sensation yet. I could see the inside of the wall and hear the sound of rubbing on a rubber  balloon. Once through, I entered several virtual rooms made of electrically charged translucent walls. Each room  was a different display of colors and static electricity. Then I was outside, my wife next to me with her eyes closed and three other individuals I didn't recognize, all floating along open hilly fields. The person or being leading the way seemed to be on a mission of which we were chosen to be a part of. It was pale skinned with big black eyes. In the distance were several long "military-like" barracks. We entered a barrack door and encountered what seemed to be scientist or engineers in white jackets and military personnel buzzing about. At one table, I saw them fitting some intricate device to the head of a missile-like object. No one could see me, but I could see every detail in plain view. I felt anger and sadness, knowing deeply that these men were up to no good for humanity. Everything went black, and I found myself falling into my bed at which point I woke-up.
    I noted the dream in my journal, because of the clarity of it all. Two days later my wife told me reluctantly that she floated out of her bed that same night and found herself face to face with herself from the floor. She had never experienced an o.b.e.. before.


    This was a turning point in my life. I felt fully conscious during the whole experience. All the aspects of the standard o.b.e.. were present, and the memory of it again vivid. It had been a long time since my last experience, so I was elated. I soon began understanding how it came about and I began practicing an induction technique, which seemed to work more than just occasionally. During later experiences, I began exploring my house, then the outdoors. I realized how easy it was to slip back into reality or into a dream, at which point my conscious-self would switch off and sleep consciousness would take over. I began to dream lesson-like dreams rather than nonsensical ones. The o.b.e. would only happen when I wanted them to, much unlike the first ones which were traumatic to say the least. I found a series of books by the late Robert Monroe who developed cues, which would help him navigate through the experiences with more self-control. To my surprise, they worked very well for me. I also purchased a complicated electronic device that resembles a night shade, with an elastic head band that I could programm to cue my eyes with a rapid succession of lights. When the built in sensors detected rapid eye movement during the onset of a dream the flashing lights would allow me to occasionally slip into an o.b.e., without the usual preparation. The lucid dreams that developed, were simple,  logical and often helpful. The fear had finally faded away.

"Messenger" Age 35

    I felt myself levitate, knowing fully well that I was out of body. Something began to control my movement, and I was instantly floating in front of a two-story house I'd never seen before. It was night-time and there were many cars parked in the drive-way and along the road, as if a party was in progress. I floated through the wall and saw everyone dressed in black. There was no music-- people were talking quietly and some wiping tears from their eyes. I knew someone had died. I moved forward in time until only a handful were left. A young man and woman caught my attention. I floated next to the man, who was teary-eyed and quite angry, and I began to hear his thoughts. I picked up that he regretted not being able to say how much he really loved his parents. I felt that there had been a terrible falling-out between them. The other young lady was his sister. She came up to him and hugged him. They both seemed to wallow in this regret. I floated through the wall out into the half lit front yard, and slowly laid on the lawn with my arms spread out. I instantly found myself in a car with three people. I was a girl in the left side of the back seat. A boy with glasses about ten years old sat next to me playing some kind of crossword puzzle. A man was driving and a woman sat on the passenger side. It was daylight and we were driving along. It suddenly occurred to me that I had moved back in time. I was merely occupying the girls body. I tapped the woman on the shoulder and told her that her son desperately needed to tell her that he regretted not letting her know how much he truly loved her. She gave me this puzzled look and began to giggle turning to the man driving. He turned and said: "What in the world is she talking about?" I looked over at the boy who was staring at me like I had lost my marbles. I turned back to the woman and told her that in the near future, probably ten years or so they would both be dead and that no matter what, she needed to know that both her son and daughter loved them very much. Again she giggled. Both began shaking their head and mumbling something to each other. I looked over to the boy trying to think of something to say to prove to him that there was an important message here. He looked like an intelligent,  book smart kid; so I suggested to him that when he was old enough to earn money, he should buy Apple computer or Microsoft shares. I told him that investing in them would make him rich. He wrote down the names I gave him, still looking perplexed. In an instant I felt myself back in my body in bed.


     This was one of several dreams/o.b.e.  that seemed purposeful. I was lead by something to do a good deed and transcended time and space to do it. It was a mental Einstein/Rosen bridge "Š la tÍte". It seemed like a test of sorts, but can't help thinking that I might have blown it on the insider trading thing. I must have attained that sudden insight from watching "Forrest Gump". The interesting aspect about this type of lucid dream must be that I felt influenced by some unknown force. It is the same force that started me off on the "conscious" o.b.e., but a lot friendlier. It forces me to consider a much greater reality that is made up of more than four dimensions or this frequency of existence. When I do not feel its massive control and float around my house freely, it feels as though I was given permission by "it" to do so, just as a teacher gives the go ahead to his student.
(....more examples on the next page.)

Reality Check 1

    I have been tinkering with the edge of something greater than myself. It turns out that I feel I am more than just myself. Conservative science clings to the assumption that out-of-body and near-death-experiences are the brain's way of escaping stress or fear of dying, most likely at the hands of the pineal gland which can produce a powerful version of melatonin, which either slows down consciousness during death or near-death for whatever purpose. They call it a defense mechanism that is built into all of us. I know that they are correct in their assumption based on their relentless pursuit of real and alternatively rational solutions or theories. A scientist in Britain discovered that he could induce o.b.e. and abduction-like experiences in human subjects, by exposing them to pattern of magnetic fields in a very controlled environment. The truth however is, that those few subjects that do experience an altered state, describe very little to give his theories as much substance as a full blown o.b.e..  There is a lot of research growing in this area with both positive and negative results concerning drugs that mimic the effects of melatonin and "metatonin" (Strassman). I know that I can leave myself occasionally at night and decide whether to be a ghost or slip into a dream or skirt the strangest parts of the universe, while believing to be fully conscious. This ability I have developed, is  just the beginning of a higher sense that has the potential to broaden meaning and purpose for me and anyone who pursues this kind of thing. I plan to explore it further--not by proving that it is part of our reality, but rather by knowing that it is as real to me as reality is, whether science agrees or not.

    Before you go out and by books on O.B.E. or Astral Projection, I suggest you learn a simple method to help you break the ice in your mind. Write the following sentence on a notebook: "I am more than myself. I reach beyond myself with my consciousness. I can go anywhere and I am fully aware of what I sense. I can remember every detail. I am learning, I am healing and I am growing to be more than I am. I am surrounded by the most powerful protective light everywhere I go. I am floating up" (...this takes away the fear). Put a little red dot on a bare white wall. Set a timer for ten  minutes. Relax and clear your mind and read this paragraph slowly with full concentration.  Make sure no one is around and extraneous noise is at a minimum. Then stare at the dot and clear your mind, thinking of absolutely nothing for ten minutes (this is also a great way to get rid of hiccups). Don't forget to blink. Once you are comfortable thinking of absolutely nothing for ten minutes while awake, you should begin the same exercise while in bed, imagining the red dot in your mind with your eyes closed. Breathe in deeply through your nose, holding your breath for five seconds and exhaling slowly through your mouth only (slowly). This  will relax you even more. Tighten all of your muscles at once for about 10 seconds and let go, falling completely limp. Imagine a pure cloud of energy at the base of your feet. Blue is good. Let it enter your feet, as it slowly moves through your legs, hips, torso, chest, shoulders arms, fingertips, neck, mouth cheeks, eyelids ears, scalp, all the way to the top of your head. Now imagine a hallow growing above your head. You can also do this in reverse. If your lucky, it can happen right away. What you did , was relax your body to the point of sleep paralysis, with the exception that you (conscious mind) are still awake. You may hear a pop, explosion, or a buzzing sound. Either way, an o.b.e.- like experience should then occur within a week or two at random. When it does happen it might be short, confusing or even terrifying. Again, your  whole body might vibrate, go numb and you might hear a loud "boom" a couple of times (this is not the norm). All of these sensations may bring out your worst fears. Rest assured, that none of these occurrences will harm you in any way. Sleep paralysis is normal during sleep. It occurs to prevent you from physically acting out your dreams.  It is completely safe. No matter what happens, you will return to your body. Try again another night, until you overcome the natural fear. Your soul, energy body or extended consciousness is permanently attached to your living physical body, while you occupy it or blitz away. Once you have an o.b.e.,  you will have suffered an extreme paradigm shift and have a great respect for your pineal gland. You will no longer be the same. You will have taken the first baby step into the greater reality.  What you thought was impossible magic, or religious hoopla, will become as real as screwing in a light bulb to aid you in dark places. Read on!


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