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Peter-Bodo Gawenda

…born in 1937

·        Started Kindergarten in 1940, Elementary School in 1943 in Oberglogau (Glogowek) Upper Silesia

·        Shows interest in drawing and painting, especially after being injured in an air raid that causes a brief period of blindness in 1942

·        Flight from Upper Silesia through Czechoslovakia to Austria from January to April, 1945 (mostly on foot)

·        Placed in an internment camp from May to August 1945

·        Flight from camp to Bavaria in September 1945

·        The years of World War II with their sufferings, ordeals and experiences of many deaths left lasting impressions and helped to form the personality, character and sensitivity

·        Continuation of Elementary School from October 1945 to July 1948

·        High School from September 1948 to July 1957  (Several interruptions – stays with Benedictines and Salesians)

·        Adds icon painting (and Tafelmalerei) to other art forms

·        Participated in Exhibitions in 1955, 1956

·        Drafted into German Army in 1957

·        Volunteered into German Air Force in 1958

·        Graduated from German Air Force Academy in 1959

·        Attends Academy of Arts in Munich during duty-free days

·        Started pilot training in Germany in 1959, continued in US in 1960 and 1961

·        Marries Irma Lozano of McAllen, Texas in 1960

·        Switched to missiles in 1962 in order to get assignment in US

·        Several assignments in Oklahoma from 1962 to 1969

·        Concentrates on drawings (history of American Southwest), several exhibitions

·        Returns to Germany with family, wife Irma, daughter Brigitte, son Philipp

·        Takes over an airbase from British Air Force

·        Continues painting oils, Icons and water colors (exhibitions in museums and galleries, Geilenkirchen, Cologne)

·        Starts writing short stories

·        Wife Irma becomes integral part of husband’s assignments and education

·        Gets several NATO assignments (Germany, France, and other countries)

·        Takes German units to Utah for missile firings, spends time with Ute, Piute and Navajo Indians

·        Graduates from Maryland University and Troy State University

·        Graduates from Air War College (US)

·        Continues icon painting (several exhibitions in Hamburg)

·        Attends German War College and becomes Member of German General Staff

·        Resigns from German Air Force (LTC) and emigrates to the US in April 1981

·        Continues education – Doctorate from University of Houston

·        Employed by Texas Southmost College, Pan American University at Brownsville, University of Houston, Pan American University, Edinburg, and finally University of Texas at Brownsville.  Positions include but were not limited to instructor, professor, director, and Vice President for Business Affairs;  levels taught are associate, bachelor, graduate and doctorate

·        Develops several academic and applied programs (bachelor-level) and a multitude of teacher certifications

·        Collects ghost stories and folklore of Southern Texas and publishes them in collections by local writer and editor

·        Adds book illustrating and carving, continues painting, intensifies icon painting