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"Española" Age 35

I go to sleep when suddenly I feel myself falling out of my body, rolling right through the wall. I'm drifting over a magnificent field of white grain stalks gently moving in swirls, much like waves in the ocean. I spot a figure standing in the field and I move in closer. It's an elderly man with white hair, dressed like a scientist (white doctor's robe). He waves me down. I land in a standing position and he says: "You've always wanted to know what it feels like, didn't you?" Suddenly my wife and oldest son are standing next to him. He continues: "...and we think you should have this gift of knowing--it will be such a wonderful surprise." I look behind me and there is an old large villa. I walk into one of the open doors and continue walking down a corridor. It smells old and there are faint cobwebs hanging all about. I hear female laughter. An elderly woman approaches me dressed in full 17th century noble Spanish costume. "There you are! Late again. We are almost ready. The others are about the house. You may freshen up in the mirror room if you like." I seem to know where I am going. I enter what seems to be a large ladies room. As I walk toward the gold-frame mirror and see myself approaching, I am nothing less than a young woman in full Spanish style, female costume. I have long dark brown hair. I awe at how beautiful I am and run my fingers through my hair. I focus on my appendage. At this point, my masculinity kicks in and I realize that I am a man. I close my eyes realizing that this must be a dream. My eyes opened and I notice a tarantula sized spider crawling on an old spider web close by, while behind it several young women are observing me and giggling. Then I close my eyes.  I feel myself fall into bed and awake instantly with full, conscious recollection. Wow! I go to the kitchen and write every detail down.


This dream/lesson/O.B.E. was extraordinary to say the least. I am fascinated by women and to be allowed the privilege to even be a woman for the short duration, changed my attitude about women considerably. I was no one else but me (a heterosexual guy). Yet it didn't matter if I was male or female. The meaning of all the symbolism involved is mind boggling. In order to cope without reading too much into it, I have concluded that the lesson learned must be: In order to grow spiritually, the instinctive yearnings I have must not rule my life. I must look beyond them to see what really matters. We are all human!

"Götterdämerung" Age 35

I drift out of my body through the wall behind me, happy to be allowed to explore. I am suddenly climbing a mountain. I am close to the peak. As I look up, the sky looks surreal with fabulous sunset colors. The word "Götterdämerung" (gods in vengeful play?) comes to my mind as I reach the top. I look around and see the peaks of countless mountains bathed by clouds. A young man whom I recognize as  Fausto Yturria Jr.(20-25yrs)  and a young woman (same age) who are standing next to me. I try to tell them that they are about to witness the ultimate occurrence. I tell them that they must accept it when it comes. I sense confusion and fear in them. To finally set them straight, I point to a large cloud in the distance. The cloud begins to spin into a tornado, approaching us quickly. I then exclaim that this is god. I can sense their fear. As the tornado touches down in front of us, a an evil looking Great Dane emerges and the tornado dissolves into colorful hues. I sense the animal's lust for inflicting terror and death. Its colors are equally surreal, scary and ever-changing. I walk along side the dog and begin to caress it on its back, feeling no fear--still knowing that it could tear me to pieces. As I caress it, its colors subside to a simple brown and the dog continues to evolve into a regular Great Dane, happy as can be. Both Fausto and the young woman are no longer afraid and begin to caress the dog in a grateful manner. I wake up with full recall. At some level, I know and understand the universe all too well (at least at the dream level).


This part has been edited after reviewing my memory in more detail. Fausto's brother died along with his girlfriend in a terrible car accident back in the early 80's. The shock left his brother sad for many years after. In this O.B.E., a lesson appears, but this time (again) I seem to be the guide or messenger. The tornado has appeared in several dreams.. It seems to be an important symbol that warns and reestablishes balance. In previous dreams, the tornado has always been friendly, skirting close and communicating love in some way. On rare occasion I will experience a nightmare, in which a massive tornado threatens the area. The dream part of this experience may be clear in what it is trying to convey. As a fan of truth, god, meaning and purpose or whatever, I must not fear and must demonstrate this to others who are consumed by fear. If we doubt ourselves and fear those who might exploit our weaknesses, we have then but two choices: be destroyed or destroy it (the viscous Great Dane who might tear us to pieces). If we cater to this illusion, we become trapped inside it and perhaps all of us are destroyed in the long run. If we however simply love and accept, stop and listen, see truth for its essence and no more, we'll be the better for it.

"Screen Memory?" Age 34

I am staying with my family at my sister's house in Dallas for Thanksgiving. I resign my self to bed for the evening and drift off to sleep. I am awakened by something knocking at the window to the left of the bed. I find it odd, because I'm on the second floor. I try to get up, but I am paralyzed. I desperately try to move, and finally succeed. I look out the window, but see nothing. Suddenly I'm filled with fear. I hear whirlwinds of whispering. I follow the sounds out the door and down the stairs. In the living-room I see my 3 year old niece crawling at enormous speed around the carpet. She stops momentarily and I notice she has big black eyes. She suddenly continues crawling about. I run down the hallway to alert my sister, whose bedroom is down stairs. Suddenly, I'm outside. I turn and face a big wooden shack, with stairs leading up to it. I run up, push open the door. Inside I see countless shelves with preserve bottles. I remember how my grandmother in West-Germany used to make countless bottles filled with preserves. I pick one up hoping to find plum jelly. Instead I see a 2-3 month old humanoid fetus inside. I drop the bottle and turn and see the nanny that has been with my niece since her birth. She attacks me. She has burning red eyes. I push her back, and make it through the wooden hallway. Her voice calls inside my head: "...look out the window--then you will understand!". I am suddenly not afraid. I walk up to a nearby window and look out into the night. There are at least 3 classic shaped saucers sitting in the yard pulsing with bright lights. I wake up.


At this point I am well aware of UFO research, abduction, etc. During the dream,  I was in constant fear, until I made the connection with UFO's toward the end. "Oh yeah!" I thought, and  was content at that. Though the dream began with the classic o.b.e., the rest was more like a terrifying short film. Until an alien knocks on my door in the middle of the day, I will accept this as a "connecting the dots" kind of dream.

"The Bath-House" Age 31

I wake up, hearing our dog barking in the backyard. I can't move at first. I slowly regain movement and casually leap in slow motion toward the back-door. Through the window, I see something moving toward our property from the lake beyond our backyard. I go out and yell at the top of my lungs for "them" to get the hell out of my backyard. I am angry and ready to kill them. I suddenly see a tall man with a Great Dane on my dock. I am scared. My dog dashes by me barking  and running in their direction. He flips over and runs back to me whimpering, hiding between my legs. My instincts tell me to go back inside and get back to bed. As I turn I see an old wooden shack to right of my house on the empty property. I'm drawn toward it. I enter through the open door. There is a 30-35 year old plain woman dressed in normal clothes. I can see my head's reflection in her eyes, and wonder how her pupils could be so mirror-like. She suddenly says to me in my head: "You must be cleaned--you have to get clean", and points to a big open room in front, which resembles a dungeon filled with aqua colored substance. There is a strong murky smell in the air. The substance is strongly illuminated from within. It reminds me of a roman bath house. I can see some miscellaneous furniture beneath it. The water-like substance is definitely phosphorus. I walk into the substance, and realize that it isn't water at all, but rather a bluish mist that behaves like water. I am sinking deeper as I go and loose consciousness.


The paralysis, post-sluggish movement, following an almost mystical dream. The wooden shack appears in several o.b.e./lucid dreams. The Great Dane appears in two of my night flights, as something to be feared and later tamed. The cleansing was bizarre to say the least. I decided to take the whole thing as a spiritual hint toward cleansing myself.

"Monkeys In The Backyard" Age 31

I can't sleep ,because my 4 month year old son, Sebastian is making pushing sounds in his crib next to me. I look at the time (3:30am). I turn and lay on my stomach and drift back to sleep, when I feel warm vibrations sweep all over me. Paralysis kicks in, and I begin to float up in the dark. I ask for clarity and notice that my son is no longer in his crib. For unexplained reasons, I'm not worried at all. I decide to float out through the sliding doors into the backyard. I continue upward and hover over our dense trees. The temperature is fine, even though it's about 60º outside. Something moves me down into the yard into a standing position. It feels like the whole world moves through me. Next thing I know, it's broad daylight. I see something moving in one of the trees. I run to it and see two peculiar looking creatures that resemble a chimpanzees, but with big , bulging colorful eyes and one bigger than the other. It looks like something wearing a full-body disguise. They look fake. The first creature stands up on the branch and hugs the smaller one as if it is protecting it from me. I get closer and notice that the back of the smaller monkey's head has a slit opening. I see the back of a baby's head, wet or sweaty. I think it might be a baby in a monkey suit, when I suddenly hear my dog peeling around the house toward the tree barking like crazy. I'm afraid my dog will attack them , run--intercept and grab her--but realize this is not my dog. I turn toward the tree. The little creature climbs down to a lower branch, stands up straight, and stares at me. My wife calls me from the back door, wanting to know where Sebastian is. She is very angry. When I get to the backdoor, I'm holding Sebastian in my arms. I try to explain to her that I couldn't have left the back of the house without using the key and as I don't have the key, none of this can be real. I tell her to go back to bed. I'm very firm. I realize that I'm back in bed, slowly coming out of paralysis. 'Wow' I think, 'what did they do to Sebastian?' He is in his crib. I look at the clock, it's 4:30 am.


You got me! Occasionally an o.b.e.. will turn into a dream. When it does, the dream unlike normal dreams, seems to follow a story-line that makes good sense. I also remember it in detail there after. Perhaps enough conscious awareness is at work to make sense of the experience, so that closure will be ensured.

"The Wise Men" Age 30

I feel the vibrations coming on. I relax and go with it. I float through the ceiling into darkness. I spot a black hole in the sky an d float right through. I see a whole in a cave-like wall and descend inside and come to a great cave-like hall. I'm at the top of a magnificent spiraled structure. It is made out of some strange metal. As I descend through it, I see human skulls at regular intervals on the outer structure. I move away from it to get a better look. It resembles a DNA strand. I hear discussion toward the solid floor. I land softly on my feet. There are several scientists in white jackets feverishly writing notes on there notepads. They look very intelligent. I ask them what it is, but none of them answer me. I ask again and again. I begin to give my opinions about it, and am suddenly interrupted by them. They begin asking me about scientific theories using jargon I wasn't familiar with. I feel humiliated, because I can't answer a single question. I want to go back home, and I am instantly in bed, slowly coming out of paralysis. I felt like an ignorant fool.


I now realize that they are the fools. It seems that cutting edge science is trying to prolong life toward immortality, despite our worlds biggest problem. Overpopulation! These scientists are barking up the wrong frontier. Death has a purpose. It allows us to regroup and choose to be reborn or to continue into a higher existence. It is also quite possible that I missed the point all together.

"I Know You!" Age 33

I smell humid, rancid air. I hear someone talking to me, but I can't open my eyes to see. I don't want to be bothered and try to go back to sleep. Someone is shaking me to wake-up. I give in and open my eyes. A woman around my age and a 13 year old girl are leaning over me. I recognize the girl. "I know you! Aren't you...". Before I can finish the woman says that we've been abducted. I have no clue what she means. Again I try to place the girl's name, and I finally blurt it out. She says: "No that's not me, we've been abducted, look around". I look around and notice the Frakensteinish lab-setup I'm in. I still don't understand. I tell them that we're all just dreaming. I turn over and close my eyes. The girl frantically tries to wake me up, but I'm just too tired and doze off.


I remembered the dream half way through the following day. I even know the girl who was in the dream. I decided not to bring it up. Though there are no o.b.e.. elements, the realness of the experience, hitting me  a day later like a slap in the face was next to phenomenal. Why I didn't click when she mentioned abduction and the "dream-fact" of being in a an extraordinary place is totally out of my character. I guess I either behaved like a good abductee, or I simply knew it all to be a dream.

"Rocket Man" Age 32

I wake-up, but I can't move. I feel the vibrations growing. I go with it, knowing I'll be lifting off. With that thought I slowly turn to look at the clock (I am by this time very adamant about knowing the exact duration of my conscious o.b.e..'s). I float up, regaining instant control and begin my usual acrobatics, spinning and flipping in place. I demand clarity and the room becomes visible. I float through the sliding glass door into the backyard. I know there was a special place I wanted to visit, but it escapes me. Suddenly I'm caught in this jet stream. It yanks me along  going extremely fast. I know I'm about to blast off like a rocket. I give out a big laugh and whoosh, I'm jettisoned into who knows where. I am awakened at 6:00 am by my alarm clock.


I've read about astral winds, but no book can describe the feeling of literally blasting off at this speed, save an astronaut. I've had at least three of these super o.b.e..'s, but have yet to understand exactly why they happen. I presume they have something to do with indecision. Usually, I have several memorized goals in mind. When I forget them, I just go for a ride. I think I should mention that I am not fond of carnival rides, bungi-jumps or roller coasters. They terrify me! (go figure...)

"Night Flight"  Age 32

Soon after going to sleep, I awaken with waves of vibration surging through me, and I know I'm about to hover. I also know that I've got to go to the restroom. The vibrations subside. I take care of that, get back into bed check the time and begin breathing in - holding my breath - letting the air out slowly, about ten times. The vibrations return and I slowly float up. I will myself through the roof floating above the tree line and glide down the neighborhood. Occasionally I dive into backyards, hopping from subdivision to subdivision. I'm attracted to a two story motel and land on the outdoor stairs. I see a boy (Hispanic 10 years old) sitting by himself. He smiles and begins to run. I follow him to a game of hide-n-seek. I move on and eventually will myself back into my body. I return once again to the restroom before retiring to bed.


I have had many uneventful o.b.e.'s that if anything, totally relax me. In the morning, I usually feel refreshed and ready to do battle with the wants and needs of my clients. Occasionally a relaxing flight goes awry. I remember one in which I dove into an upper class house. I observed a woman returning with a few groceries. Apparently she was a nocturnal shopper. I hovered around her for quite a while. I eventually followed her to her bathroom and tried to get her attention. I guess she sensed me and panicked. I took off through the roof and woke-up. Another time I made it to some big city airport. I floated around until I spotted a group of four women sitting in a circular couch/table arrangement. I dove down like an eagle crash landing into them. It must of startled them to say the least. I continued on into a connected hotel and rested (?) in a small vacated room.
You'd think I'd be investigating some hanger in Groom-lake. Apparently my higher self doesn't find those things too important.

"Future Son" (Age 36)

I repeat "I am floating out..." about 30 times. I awaken in a strange bed in a strange room. I am perplexed, because I am conscious. I feel my nightstand next to me, but my eyes don't see it. I realize that I'm in two places at once. I focus on being light and shoot up through the ceiling and get half way stuck in the roof. I say: "Raise frequency!" and slip back down, but this time I'm standing on my own bed in my own room. I again shoot up, this time easily passing through the roof of the house. I know it's dark, but can see everything in a strange light. I zip up above the city, making all kinds of acrobatic maneuvers and finally focus on what to do. I think of consensus reality. I am suddenly in a living room of a house. It is beautiful, 'kind of Art Deco, early 60's. I wonder weather this is real. I kneel down and begin carving the stone tile in chunks with my right hand (I'm right handed). I then merge it with an adjacent tile, making bumps and shapes on the surface of other tile. I decide this is a consensus reality, not invented by me. I shoot up and hover around this simple city in broad day-light. I see people moving around below, but continue my flight. I then think parallel world, and I'm suddenly flying through a rain storm behind a small prop plain. I demand "See light!", and clearly see the plane in front. I am aware that the plane is in trouble, with a female pilot trying to find the airport. I grab the flaps on the tail wing and focus on closest airport. I see it below and easily manipulate the plane down to a safe landing. I look into the cockpit, and see a brunette woman around 35-40, who sort of resembles my sister. She is completely beside herself. She doesn't see me at all. I see police or fire engine lights approaching, and decide to take off. The rain looks surreal. I fly through billions of evenly-falling glass pellets  without getting wet. Suddenly, the scene changes and I land next to a boy, who kind of looks like my son. I sense he is my son, but he isn't. I observe him by walking around him, but he doesn't know I'm there. I hear my wife's voice calling him. I turn and see her. A 10-12 year old boy is standing close by, and I sense that he is my son. He is dressed like a bum and doesn't seem to care about anything. I turn back to the little one who seems to be about 4, and desperately begin to try getting his attention. Eventually he seems to hear me and calls out: "Where are you, I can't see you (?)". I focus on his mind and tell him that I am his father and that I love him very much. He smiles, still not seeing me. I tell him that I will visit him again. He wants to know weather he will be able to see me then. I smile and feel the need to return home. I wake-up. Next, a carpet of waving light appears above me. I feel its radiation massaging my lungs. It feels so wonderful. I hear several voices fading in. This is what they told me:
"This future is possible. We are preparing you to make a choice that will create other possibilities. The choice is yours." The light fades into darkness. I get up and go to the rest room. I know that I must stop smoking as addicted as I am to cigarettes. These beings seemed to be buying me time.


I took some sudden turns, breaking new ground in my o.b.e.s. What I did not expect, is to see my now 5 year old son as a lost teenager and my unborn second son (my wife is 7 months pregnant - it's a boy) who had to come into this world without a father. While out of body, I did not feel any sorrow. Instead I was happy to get a message across, realizing that I must've passed on. The next day was very hard. The message from the "dream helpers" was as clear as day. A warning of a possible future.
My oldest son is now a wonderful teenager and my youngest son is a fantastic 7 year old. We go through ups and downs, but the ups rule.