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The Band (Age 34)

I am suddenly out of body floating through the wall. I think distance and end up in a very organized community/city in complete day light. I am walking along a small plaza. It reminds me of a University plaza. Young and old people are walking about. A young lady approaches me and says: "They are waiting for you in there!". She points to the glass doors of a small building. I enter it and see an odd looking group of people, each occupying a musical instrument (piano, drum set, electric guitar, bass guitar and a microphone). The drummer is a midget and the others look ugly by GQ standards and are all male. The midget says: " We need you to show us how you write a song". I ask them if they know how to play their instruments. They look at me perplexed as if they didn't comprehend the question. I realize this will take allot of work. I get on the piano and explain how simple it is. All of them look ecstatic. It seems like I transferred the whole concept in just a minute. I realize that I'm in a consensus environment (Heaven if you will). I walk over to the wall and force my fingertips into it and pull out the wall's plastique substance. The wall immediately returns to normal, yet in my hand, I hold a play dough texture of the wall, which is the same color as the wall. I look over to the band. They are all staring at me oddly. I tell them that I didn't know I could do this. They don't seem at all surprised. I walk back outside, getting more exited with every step. I show the chunk of wall to the people around me, but they move on as if it was nothing out of the ordinary. I reach down to the cobble stone ground and carve out a piece of granite, which feels like dough in my hand. I feel my body pulling me back, and I'm instantly back in bed. I had to go to the restroom.


In this environment everyone seemed so relaxed. No one was in a hurry, and an unlikely group of guys wanted to learn how to create a song. They were waiting for me and a passerby knew about this and relayed the message. Nobody there was intrigued by my ability to peel matter out of matter. Nothing in this place was changed by my thoughts and everything was unexpected yet natural, unlike a dream. The preceding O.B.E. hints as a link to a parallel universe, or as I now suspect, a consensus environment for souls from the deceased. There were no cars, bicycles or any other means for transportation. I got the strong feeling of peace and tranquility. So it must have been some place in what I understand as heaven. I was obviously welcome, but definitely out of place.

The Black Hole (Age 36)

I count down from one hundred to zero stating my affirmation: "I'm floating out!" I drift off to sleep and awaken in mid air. I go with it and demand: "Target space!" I am now floating in outer space, close to two spiral galaxies in collision. I drift toward the center of one. I demand: "Target black hole!" I'm suddenly standing on an extremely small planet. I can see the dark horizon close by, so it must be one tenth the size of our moon. I think 'where is the black hole?'. The surface is riddled with stalagmites up to ten feet high. I walk between them toward what seems to be a cave. A presence approaches me from the cave. It is a blob of dark matter. I ask it where I am, and it communicates some in discernible message in my head. I say that I don't understand. It now becomes more visible. It is now a dark sphere with billions of tiny bright lights on its surface. It again communicates some gibberish that I cannot understand. I demand: "I don't understand!" Suddenly it transforms into a 30 year-old average looking blond haired guy. "OK, is this better?" he says. He pulls out a large book from behind him and opens it, and holds a picture in front of me. He explains: "This is where you are". It is a picture of a famous drawing, which I had seen before in the sixth or seventh grade in an art class in Germany. It is a work on perspectives in which an illusion is illustrated. "What is up is down and what is down is up. What is left is right and vice versa." He asks: "Do you get it?" I reply that I don't understand. He then quickly rotates it 90 degrees. "You get it now?" I again exclaim that I do not. He turns it another 90 degrees and says: "When you go up, you go down. When you go in, you go out. When you go one way, you go the other, all at once here!". Feeling stupid and ask him where the black hole is. He asks: " You didn't get it?" Perplexed, I turn away and look at the incredible landscape, which is littered with the muddy looking stalagmites. The whole landscape is a dark tan color. I leap up toward the colliding spiral galaxy, which hangs like a curtain and starlit sky, when suddenly my vision shrinks down to a pinhole of light. I slam down into my body, get up and write everything down.

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I had no idea I would end up there. My plan was to take a walk on Mars before I went to bed. As usual, my higher self knows better. The work of art was a famous work by a German artist named a Escher. The name of the work is "Relativity" (go figure...). I will include an image from the Internet when I find it. After reading up on him, I discovered that he was a genius at creating illusions with perspectives. I also read up on black holes and discovered that a black hole is merely an extremely dense matter where time and space is pulled into a singularity that echoes back into dimensions we cannot physically perceive. I always thought of a black hole as a gateway to another dimension. Later, I thought a black hole was a large drain ,where energy is diffused into the interior of our spherical, expanding universe. This preconceived notion has been challenged by my strange guide. Theoretically, one could travel behind a black hole. It would look no different than it does in the front. In the dream I understood that traveling directly through the center, like I did, there is an extremely strange activity, where time and space act like Escher's drawing. Needless to say, this experience was a bit over my head, and I'm still catching up. Two things remain certain. Nothing is impossible and no experience is unattainable in the second body. I still want to take a walk on Mars.

The Prayer Group (Age 36)

I drift off to sleep. I hear a knock at the door. I get up and see an elderly woman with glasses. I get up and see an elderly woman with glasses. I go to the garage and push the button to open the garage door. She looks at me and I instantly know to bring her a chair. I think of which chair, and suddenly she is sitting in a metal folding chair in front of me. She puts her hands in the prayer position, closes her eyes and seems to be praying. I think of how kind this woman is, to come out of nowhere at night and decide to pray for my family. Then I see more elderly women coming down the street toward our house. They gather in front of the garage and position themselves next to the first lady. Instantly, chairs appear and they sit and pray in the same manner. I am perplexed, but ok with it. An 18 year-old girl/woman, with long blond hair to approaches the house. I am thinking "how pretty" and begin to approach her. Out of nowhere, a middle-aged man appears next to her. They both stand to the side of the driveway. Now there are two rows of elderly women on top of each other chairs, praying. I look back to the father and daughter and the girl points to the edge of the foundation of my garage. I walk toward the girl and stand next to her, looking in the direction she is pointing. The ground becomes translucent and I can see a growing bright light under the foundation of the House. It is an incredible sight. Next, the elderly woman stands up and the other ones hover to the ground, each folding their folding chairs, at which point the chairs disappear. The women come to me one by one and smile as they walk and fade away when they reach the end of the driveway. The girl smiles and heads with her father in to the same direction, also disappearing into thin air. I close the garage door and return to bed. I'm content.


I probably did not give up in it was all just a lucid dream. It doesn't fit into the O.B.E. experience category, yet it could have been. On the other hand, it is possible they were spirits of the deceased coming to pray for my family. My wife is seven months pregnant, after going through two miscarriages. The energy that formed under the foundation was due to the praying. The girl wanted me to see this effect, so that I would understand. At that point I did, and I was grateful for the whole effort. I do not attend church, and I do not pray in this manner. In the Hispanic culture, it is quite common for groups of women to gather in prayer for someone, when asked to do so. There are prayer groups that meet for this sole purpose. That they would continue to do so after death seems logical. The girl, whom I do not recognize as someone I knew in life, may have been the one who requisitioned this group. I do not know! Occasionally I have been asking for help from the others site. I must be getting it.

The Ghostly Boy (Age 24)

I feel paralysis, two consecutive sonic booms and I am suddenly in front of a forest. I meet a plain clothed boy about 11 or 12 years of age. We race around, climb trees, and have a grand time. I finally catch my breath and tell him that I am dreaming all of this. He says I am not, and that all of this is very real. I tell him that he is just a figment of my imagination. He laughs out loud. Then he looks at me real serious and says that he is really a ghost, and that I am in his world. I laugh and tell him that it is not possible. He says he will prove it. I follow him to a brick wall which is 15 feet across and 80 feet high. He jumps over it. Then he walks through the wall. Suddenly I am filled with fear. He says he can affect me in my world. Suddenly, the scene fades and I am back in my bed. It is morning. I am still very stiff, trying to move my limbs. I think of what the boy said. Next, I feel someone grabbing my ankles and my legs and torso begin to rise higher and higher, until only my head is still resting on my pillow. My body drops back on the bed, and I jump up and run out of my room.


I have always associated ghosts with something to fear. Go stories always terrified me. I asked for proof and was given a confrontation with my darkest fear. The Sudan to help shatter not only my false concepts about the possibility of life after death, my fear of the dark so to speak, but opened the door many of us dream of opening. I have never been aware I was dreaming during a dream before this experience. In this elusive dream, I became aware and challenged the ghost to prove me wrong. Not only did he prove it by walking through the brick wall, but he went a step further, showing me that he could affect the living physically. This event helped me further in getting into the reality of the out of body experience and the reality of a multi dimensional universe. Though the whole experience is dismissible by the Western -Judeo-Christian mind-set, the choice of keeping an open mind has proven fruitful to say the least.

Young But Old (Age 30--future life?)

I'm driving-my wife in the passenger seat. We drive through the city. Everything looks ultra modern. As I follow the elevated highway leading right through the city, I notice small stores below. My wife directs me off the exit. Suddenly I am in bi-location. I realize that I am in two places at once. In my first location, I don't recognize the woman as my wife. I notice that the car is not running on gas-it seems electric. I'm back on location. I pull over to the to the store. People are walking around in the most bizarre looking clothing. There is a woman walking a little black poodle, but it is not a real dog. It seems to be a robotic dog. We enter the cosmetic shop. Everything seems cramped. The store clerk looks like she's in her twenties and very petite. My wife asks are about a product, while I look around. I get bored and stare down the clerk who is wearing a flimsy brazier, a g-string, and translucent-long plastic jacket. Her hair is bleached blond-medium long. Something does not look right. Her body proportions seem odd. My wife comes to me with a bottle of cream. The attendant brings a bag of syringes. Apparently you inject this stuff under your skin. I think of how they used to perform plastic surgery for this kind of thing in the old days. I'm bi-located again. I remember that there is something odd about the attendant's left hand. I'm back in the shop. I grab the attendant's left hand. It's the hand of a 60 year-old woman. The clerk tells me she gets the product free as long as she leaves this hand untreated, so that customers can see the difference. I then understand why her body seems out of sync. She is in her sixties and looks like 20 year old. I get upset, as if I had seen something horrible. I grab my wife and leave. I'm relocating back and forth. I try to tell myself to return to the shop to apologize to the clerk. I know I hurt her feelings, but my second location is disgusted with how far the industry has gone in capitalizing on the illusion of life and the fear of death. I snap and awake with full recall.


Perhaps I was in the future, tapping into someone's current life. Perhaps I was in a parallel dimension. I distinctly imagined 'What if she were my mother?'. This elusive dream was a lesson. Vanity and the industry's capitalization thereof, will never cease to break new ground. A whole society is either heading in the wrong direction, or people are given choices to completely deny a reasonable meaning and purpose of life. We cannot escape physical death. You live your life, learn., create and take experience with you. The last thing I would want is to take my vanity or the ability to physically attract someone. I know have had and will continue to have the opportunity to live inside a physical dimension. To you, the reader, understand that that this is just one of many lives. Respect it and make it count!

Raccoons and Waiters (Age 33)

I wake up and have the urge to go for a drive in the middle of the night. I put on my pants, shirt and shoes. I find my keys and leave. I'm driving, but I have no idea where I'm going. I finally click. I know where I am. The engine suddenly stalls. The car rolls back off the road. I put it in neutral, get out and try to push it back on the road. I hear a loud rushing sound coming from behind. I freeze and see about 20 raccoons running passed me up ahead. I'm paralyzed in place, standing up with an immense feeling of all consuming fear. Next, I see Penguins dressed beings running past me with silver trays in their hands. I see a big blue light enveloping the entire area. Suddenly I'm back in the car on the road. I start the engine and drive on home. I park the car in the garage, go inside and undress, placing the clothing exactly where I initially found them. I get into bed and have nonsensical dream about taking a drive with a British couple and my wife.


The next morning I checked my shoes, clothing and car for any unusual markings or other signs. I found nothing. I have no way of substantiating that the drive even took place. Neither could I prove that it didn't. I guess I'm stuck until someone hypnotizes me. This dream does not fit the O.B.E. bill!

The Island (Age 34)

I drift off to sleep. I am awakened by a loud buzzing sound. It's deafening. I try to move, but I cannot. I'm lying on my stomach ,which makes it all the more difficult. The buzzing fades away and I hear a helicopter right above the house. I hear someone talking on a walki-talki. I can't make out the words, because of the noise of the helicopter. Suddenly I begin floating up. Then I hear two voices communicating back and forth. I hear a sonic boom. I'm in a huge large waiting room, like the foyer of an ultra modern hotel. Everything is made out of gray colored stone. I'm with a tour group. We're led out of the building, but there is no leader. The scene is incredible. We're on an island in the middle of an ocean. The sky, the waves and the small mountains on the island, look to perfect to be real. We are walking out on a long jetty, which is a paved path supported by granite like rocks. All of them are the same size. There are few trees and perfectly arranged flower beds, but they all seem fake. There is no wind, yet the temperature is about 75 degrees. I look for the sun in the almost clear blue sky; but there isn't one to be found. At the end of the jetty, a submarine emerges. It is a dark gray metallic cylinder with an oval back and front and windows running along the body. A large one opens, and we all enter, each of us taking a seat by a window. The large window closes, and we float out to sea. It submerges and we are on our way. The ocean is maybe 30 feet deep and we move along the ocean floor, which is covered with dark gray pebbles. There are no fish, plants are any other sign of life. The trip seems quite boring. After what seems to be an hour, the submarine emerges at the same island. We get off on the jetty and make our way back to the hotel foyer. It occurs to me that there never was a tour guide. Everyone just seems to know what to do. I look at the people. Some are dressed and some are in a pajamas, while some are half and all naked. Though I see several naked women, I'm not sexually aroused. Suddenly one of the nicely dressed ones approaches me in a friendly manner and quickly guides me into a room off the side. He asks me if I enjoyed the trip. I ask him where this place is (?). He tells me that it is all part of an experiment. They want to know if humans could fit into a place like this and that it is just in the early stages of development. I tell him that it isn't real. Maybe if everyone were on drugs, nobody would notice, but there isn't any life here. He smiles and looks at me. I tell him once again that nothing here is alive, that it's all synthetic. He then tells me that I am alive and that this fact will make it all worthwhile. I don't understand and sit back in a chair. Suddenly, I hover back down, buzzing sound, helicopter whirring and radio talk are back in my head. I touch down and in an instant, all sounds and sensation disappear. I get up, run out of the garage and looked up into the night sky. There is nothing but a half-moon lit darkness. I write it all down and return to bed.


I think I need to create a new section for this type of dream. Even though, the beginning of the dream emulates that of an O.B.E., it all sounds more like the dreaded abduction experience (but no smoking gun!).

The Native American (Age 35)

I drift off to sleep after counting from 100 toward 0. I'm in a space that's dark, except for a softly lit haze on the ground. I see a pair of legs coming toward me and suddenly a man is illuminated by light in front of me. He smiles a little. He has his hair in a pony tail, wearing a lumber jacket and hat with band made of beads around, and a couple of feathers sticking out. Without a word spoken, we both know why we are here. I'm about to receive a lesson in telekinesis. He positions me, and then verbally directs me how to relax, breathing and focusing my attention-not with my mind, but with the energy in my stomach. I ask him if he's going to teach me that chakra stuff. He gives me a stern look and places his hand on my stomach. He says this is the place of desire, hunger and yearning. It is the place of many past lives, each connected to each other spiritually. I see a quick vision of a baby attached to the womb with an umbilical chord. He says it is easier to do it this way, than through the mind. Hunger is fulfilled in the stomach. Desires are fulfilled in the same area. Yearning for a lost one is the tugging on the umbilical chord like a child of yearning for its mother. I understand and focus all my energy or what ever it is, right below my navel. A forest appears in front of me. I imagine a chord running from my belly to a branch. I remember missing my mother when I was lost in a supermarket (age 5) and the branch snapped. I tell him that it can't be that simple. He tells me that it is. He asks me to imagine a desire that produces heat. I do the same as before except I imagine extreme heat. A fire envelopes another branch. Fire balls begin shooting out for my stomach. I ask how could it be done in real life. He pats me on the shoulder and tells me I have much to learn about what real life is. He walks back into the void. I'm alone in the dark. I think of home and I wake up.


At the time telekinesis was the last thing on my mind. I wanted to go cruise in the O.B.E. state. A native American man, probably in his fifties appears and gives me a scheduled lesson in his version of telekinesis in a non-consensus environment (one that changes easily through thought). He seemed very familiar to me, yet I am perplexed about the entire experience. I remember Patrick Swayze getting a similar lesson from a lost soul on the subway (Movie: Ghost). Perhaps this is my version of the same scene as a dream. My lucid dream takes it all many steps further. For example: when an actress has to portray a highly emotional person, such as someone crying so that it is truly a moving experience for the audience, she must relive a real traumatic experience from her past. The ability to do that is in my opinion extraordinary. I don't think I could do that while awake, but then again I've really never tried. A person with this ability should be able to amplify the experience to a much greater degree than the actual past experience as an isolated bundle of energy; first amplifying, then directing the energy or emotional intensity. This might bring about the effect I experienced in the dream. I have often relived sorrow, anger, etc. in the dream state. What good would such an ability serve me in real life. Well, you wouldn't have to rely on magic tricks anymore.  

Learning To Fly (Age 23)

I drift off to sleep. I awaken on a hilly field of grass. I start running, feeling free. It's daylight out here. I suddenly have the thought that I can fly. I run, then jump into the air and glide a bit, then crashed down tumbling everywhere, without feeling any pain. I run again and jump, going higher and performing very sloppy maneuvers. It's not so easy. I try a couple of graceful flights, but keep losing control. I try again and this time takeoff at an incredible speed over the landscape. I wake up.


I wish this kind of dream upon everyone. The degree of freedom I felt is undescribable. As a child and throughout adolescence, I would be rudely awakened by dreams of falling and hitting the ground. It wasn't until the sonic booms in my twenties, that the flight-training dreams elevated me toward the out-of-body experiences. I have had many such spontaneous flights.



The Mud Man (Age 17--past life?)

A drift off to sleep. I am working hard, scraping clay off a soaked cliff of soft rock. There is a light drizzle, but the temperature is about 70 degrees. I am covered with clay paint. I do this almost every day. All of those workers do it. I'm just a slave and I feel oppressed, but helpless to do anything about it. I have no family. As I look around, I see the supervisor. He has head piece and mask of authority. He whips us with a bamboo-like stick. He yells and screams. He abuses his position. I hate him, but I fear him. Something out of the ordinary happens. He begins to yell and scream at a worker. He whips him hard. There's blood. He is going overboard. We all stop working and gather around. This is an unusual event. This cannot happen. Every worker is angry, getting more brave with every second. Other supervisors gather to break up the crowd. We start chanting in some strange African language. More higher ups come, until we form a path. The higher up pulls the supervisor back. The worker is badly injured or dead; I think. There is an argument. Then comes the chief. He has the most elaborate head piece. He is a little frail old man, but he packs a loud voice. Some of the workers voice their dismay. I dare not speak up. The chief asks for the supervisor to stand before him. He does so in a bowling position. The chief listens to the workers. This also is most unusual. He asks if anyone else has a complaint against the supervisor. More workers begin to speak up. Another supervisor holds the bowing one's hands tightly behind his back. The supervisor who is responsible continues bowing. I feel pity for him despite his cruelness. The chief state's that we are all the lesser of the tribe, but that we are not dogs. He promises that all supervisors will follow a new example. The chief pulls out a machete from the higher up standing next to him and in one swift move, chops off the bowing supervisor's head. There is a complete silence. I am in shock. The body drops. We all return back to scraping clay off the muddy cliff wall. I completely give in to the power I have just witnessed. I now fear authority more than ever. All of us do! None of us thought it would come to this.


Almost a year after this dream, I joined the military, and my fear of authority and its abuse faded rapidly. It was as if a great dark cloud had been removed. Now I work around authority, not taking it so seriousl and challenging it when I feel it is being abused. I could never do that before. I have no idea when these events may have taken place. I assume it was hundreds or thousands of years ago. The clarity of the memory is as clear as an event that took place during this lifetime.

The Nazis (Age 21--past life?)

I drift off to sleep at night. I am working with severely handicapped children. Right now, I'm helping a student with what seems to be Cerebral Palsy reach for a cup. There is a knock at the door. An officer dressed in a Nazi uniform enters my room. He takes off his black leather gloves and overcoat and sits behind my desk. Two assistants enter, wearing white lab jackets. They escort the three students out and close the door behind them. I know why he is here. So far, I've been in denial about the true intentions of the new educational system. He puts his legs on my desk and explains that my transfer papers are in. I am to move to the athletic corps to rehabilitate injured athletes and also tells me that I must sign the papers now. I ask him about my class and who will be taking over. I have a great love for these children. I am still in denial. He sighs, then smiles and says that our great German Reich has no need for these 'useless abominations'. He says they will be taken care of swiftly and painlessly. I know he means they will be killed. I feel nothing but hatred for him. I walk toward him, coming around the desk and tell him I need a pen from the drawer. I reached in and grab the long scissors. I stab him repeatedly. There's blood. My growing anger transforms me into a monster destruction. I keep stabbing him and finally stop. I jump through the back window. I fall and hit my head. I wake up.


I actually got a teaching degree in special education several years later. I taught severely handicapped students for three and a half years, before becoming a school counselor. If this was a past life regression via lucid dream, I am glad I wasn't a National Socialist. The act of killing this officer was spontaneous, spawned from my years of denial, during which everyone knew Jewish people, Gypsies and a political activists were disappearing everywhere. Some may say killing him was a heroic. I am not a murderer and probably could have done better in a different way. There are some other dreams in which I am on the run during these dark times. Eventually I am hunted down and shot in the back, while running. Here again I am ultimately the victim of authority despite my rebellion.