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Dreams about Futures

Chaos In The Orient (Age 18)

I wake up, laying on my stomach, hearing rapid machine-gun fire all around. There is barbed wire in front of me, running both ways in front of a government building, which sits about 100 feet in front. There are people crouching and laying down all around me. I want to get up and run, but a person laying next to me says something to me in some oriental language, while pressing his hand down on my back. I hear people screaming. I look in front and see several injured, or dead people in front of the barbed wire. There is blood. Again I panic, fearing that I'll be shot. I see a military tank moving in from left to right, turning toward us. It stops. A woman next to me, also oriental, begins to stand up. She is crying and screaming at the same time. A bullet hits her, and she falls to the ground next to me. There is blood running from her body. Her eyes are wide open. I notice that everyone I see is oriental. I hear a loud roaring sound behind me, and I wake up in a cold sweat.


The dream is vivid and real. Unlike a nightmare, all my senses are present and I am at the mercy of the circumstances, without the ability to manipulate anything. I fear death, I feel my own panic and I witness the unspeakable. When I saw the CNN broadcast of the events of Tienamen Square in Red China (June 1989), I began to cry. I felt that I was there somehow.

Tornado 1 (Age 24)

I'm asleep and hear a rushing sound. I open my eyes and it is daylight. I pull the blinds up on my window with a view of my parents' small backyard. In the distance I see a tornado sweeping its way toward our wooden fence. I am in awe. There are no storm clouds. It gracefully swings through the fence, and stops in the middle of the yard. I sense a presence that speaks to me somehow in my mind. I make out that everything will be okay, and that there is nothing to fear. I feel complete warmth and love. It seems to say good-bye and recedes the way it came. I lay back down and resume my sleep.


I've since had several dreams containing tornadoes. They seem to be a powerful symbol relating to a supreme intelligence or god. It is usually calm conveying wisdom and love. Needless to say we had Hurricane Gilbert come a month later. I kept telling everyone that nothing was going to happen in Brownsville. Right before the Hurricane arrived, it split up into two thunder storms, which worked their way around the city before heading north, north-west. I walked down-town in my thick military jacket without a soul in sight. What a feeling!

The Bomb (Age 16)

I am walking toward my car which is parked smack down-town in a city like New York. Everything seems fine. I'm thinking about my cool sunglasses and have the urge to look into the side-door mirror so I can see them on my face. I look and "BOOM!" I see a giant mushroom cloud in the mirror. In that instant I fear a nuclear detonation. I see the cloud getting thicker, and I'm afraid of turning around. I hear debris raining down around me, and wonder why I'm still alive. I sit up in bed with a gasp for air.


I since always had the desire to visit New York, fearing that it would be destroyed by a nuclear attack sometime in the future. I finally went there with my wife in 1990 on our honeymoon. It was the most unbelievable experience. When the world trade center was bombed by terrorists in February of 1993, I stayed tuned to CNN with the eerie feeling I had been there. Perhaps I witnessed this event ahead of time. As it wasn't a nuclear attack, it would explain why I wasn't incinerated in the dream. The description of the explosion unfolding was similar to what I experienced.

ADA4 (Age 29)

I am walking down a small European street with small shops built into the first floor of large old buildings. There are compact cars parked along the sidewalks on both sides. I walk into a jewelry store. I look at the watches in the display cases. The storekeeper speaks to me in French. I understand and reply in English (I think?). I tell him that I am looking for a used Rolex. He opens the case and shows me a couple of women's watches. A small television blaring behind me. I choose the watch I want and turn to watch the TV while he finds a box for it. A commercial comes on, advertising a new car. It is a small plain-looking mini van. It reminds me of the old Toyota vans, when they first came out. It has a hydro-electric engine and is called ADA4. Suddenly I realize that I am dreaming because there is no such car. At the end of the commercial there is a picture of the van with the subtitle ADA4 Hydro-Electric. My surrounding vision turns black, except for that picture.


I had never heard of a car engine that could run on water. I began paying attention to Popular Science magazines and other publications and discovered that these types of cars were on the drawing board overseas. A prototype using hydrogen fuel cells and an electro magnetic engine setup was going to be showcased during a big auto show in Japan. Since, I have devoted some time educating myself about ways to convert regular car engines, so they may run on distilled water - using electrolysis to split hydrogen from oxygen. These engines are completely friendly to the environment and yield more power than conventional fuels. Fuel cells using hydrogen to water conversion are the most likely technology to replace combustion engines. Until recently, our government thwarted any private research into these simple technologies. Now, it's free domain (thanks to the internet).Years later while searching for the meaning behind ada4, I found the following:  GPS site Tien Shan regional network / Kazakhstan, a video amplifier, a mathematical formula for data processing, etc

The Plane and the Missile (Age 32)

In January '97, I drifted off to sleep and found myself on a beach. I could see ship lights out in the distance. The air was cool and humid and I felt completely at peace. Suddenly night began turning into day and I noticed a beautiful flower growing right out of the sand. A woman appeared close by, looking toward the sky over the ocean. I looked up and saw a jet airliner cruising along. The woman turned to me and pointed to the left of the plane. I saw what seemed to be a rocket flying toward the plane at a diagonal. I realized that the plane was going to be hit. I jumped and screamed, calling out to the plane, to the sky, to the world, while the woman stood there, calmly watching. The projectile or rocket went right through the the belly of the plane and continued on, suddenly loosing its smoke trail. I could see some small debris falling away from the jet, yet it continued flying for about 4 seconds. Then it disintegrated without much effort. It really didn't explode, though some larger pieces were burning. I watched the last of the debris fall into the ocean. I felt so powerless. I continued walking on the beach for no reason. I felt so alone. I wondered how many people I was powerless to save.


The day after, I told anyone I trusted about the dream. I checked the paper daily. A jet airliner carrying important diplomats crashed in the Baltic. Sometime later, a Mexican plane crashed. Neither were due to a terrorist attack. Then in March of that year TWA Flight 800 went down near the East-Coast.  It turns out that our own Navy may have accidentally shot a dummy missile through the fuselage of Flight 800, while testing a defense system controlled by a new sophisticated computer software system (dev. by Texas Instruments), that was supposed to identify an enemy target during domestic-commercial air traffic. For some highly classified reason, the system identified the wrong target. Then again the government said it was a failed insulator on a bundle of electrical wires running through the fuel tank. I knew this was the event I had foreseen. I later saw a photograph of flowers stuck in the beach sand, where the downing of the jetliner took place in Life Magazine. I was stunned.

Tidal Wave (Age 35)

I'm flying across the plains and arrive toward a big city on on a beach in broad daylight. I slow down. I see a tidal wave in the distance behind it, closing in. I move in at an angle above the horizon. As the wave hits, I can clearly see the wave doing its monumental damage to the two largest identical skyscrapers, literally knocking them down in slow motion. I'm in awe. I quickly move backward thinking of my family and how desperately I want to save them. Click. I'm in a dream. As a nonsensical dream unfolds, I remember the dream about the tidal wave and that I need to escape with my family. I wake up.


The crystal clearness of the dream is indescribable. I could write a book about the details captured by my mind. The awesome force of the water and its resulting destructive power. The only force capable of triggering a wave of this magnitude, could be an earthquake below the ocean, or a larger meteor impacting the ocean or perhaps the waves symbolized something else all together.