sebdad.jpg (7717 bytes) I play guitar, piano, bass, percussion and vocals. I recorded many of the instruments with various Korg, Roland and Ensonic work station synthesizers. Though I was influenced
by a great variety of recording artists, I am
proud to say I don't sound like any of them. I usually jam on the guitar or the piano. Then a story, situation or sentence pops into my head
at which time a whole song is born. Everything else will keep me up all night.
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Most of my songs take a humorous stab at a situation the lyrics describe. They can contain a bit of mystery or social criticism. I'm an avid reader of psychology, philosophy, modern day mythology, and science. As a psychological counselor (my profession), I sometimes include a sort of problem solving

into some songs. I am by no means a schooled musician. I couldn't show you a F minor on the guitar. I compose like I speak or think. My ability to play musical instruments is pure creativity. I listen and learn as I go. My music is hard to categorize. It is a bit progressive, pop-rock and "..bring in the brass section". There's blues, swing, raggae and rock all meshed together. Nothing seems to fit the commercial or mainstream machine. Maybe it does, but I am too bias to notice. You decide!
momdadpook.jpg (27572 bytes) All the songs were recorded on an
8-Track Reel-To Reel Multi-Track recorder and mixed down to DAT. I recently purchased a 12-Track digital recorder which allowed me to transfer the original eight tracks to the digital domain, so I could get a clean mix into my computer for my CD-
recordable disc drive. My
new workstation is the  Triton. I probably would have been better off buying a space shuttle.

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