PHIL GAWEN (6) "Scheming Men"

Scheming Men

(All words and music by Phil Gawen)

Take me across the water.
Over nations, straight to God.
I will have a message.
From a friend of mine.

He whispered in my ears.
He said he had the power to make or break
Any system at the core.
He said: “I can make it all come true for you”.

Baby, she said, save me.
Are you someone I can trust?
He said maybe you doubt yourself too much.

There are people in his hands.
There's a chance he might be heaven sent.
And the world is always more than ready,
To give in to cheating…..

Scheming men, jubilate your voices.
Scheming men, propaganda noise.
Scheming men, powerful amazing.
(Scheming men, lead us to the ending
Of the world.)

Sing your songs, with flowers at the altar.
Big black cars, ships in every Harbor.
Big wheels turn, sometimes off the deep end.
Off the deep end.

He said: “Build me a kingdom, a mansion of god”.
He said: “Find me Security, in a Swiss bank account”.
He said: “The meek shall inherit the earth,
When I am gone”.

There are people in his hands.
He could squeeze them all at once,
With words dressed in glory,
And Words of Love,
And a vast array of sleight of hands.


Oh Boy

(All words and music by Phil Gawen)

I'm waking up early, too early to be seen.
So, I'm taking out the garbage, I ‘got to get clean.
The Times are all screwed up and the articles scream.
The editor’s a wise-ass, the issues are steam.

So, I take the tram and drop a dollar in some
Bowler hat,
And make my way to Vesey Street and
Check the shadows for my own peace of mind.
It's really no different now,
The chase is on and the tickers keep on playing.
I'm just a little older now, and still just a pawn.

Don't think I'm vain, it's all about the money now.
I'm selling their options, corporate’s to blame.
The women all made up for the fox and the hound.
Their ambitions are so high now, it's all so insane.

I hit the newsstand for smoke and a joke,
And the usual blasé, and Tina's for the late soiree.
Beers and cheers at Montecristo's,
And now it's just the boys and me,
And who knows why the cards resent me.
I don't remember much, none of it rhymes.

I'm jogging Northwood to Ravine and Loch,
I've never been mugged.
I'm customarily unnoticed, when suddenly,
I realize, I'm just a little bit older now and never so mean.

I'm making my way, can't take nothing with me,
So play. Yeah!
Pretend it's all for god and country.
Talking points and love making shades of grey!

And Valerie pays up, and takes me for a ride.
For a weekend in Scarsdale, her parents are kind.
And everywhere is boxed news,
Where the fakers trump the game.
I'd rather be at home now, Old Town in Maine.

I'm making my way, can't take nothing with me,
So play. Yeah!
Pretend it's all for god and country.
Talking points and love making shades of grey!
Just got to get to the end of the day.
St. John the Divine, where I kneel and pray.
Just in case I'm heading your way-ward son, "ow",
Forget about it, out of my way you fools.
Can't be late, I live for today!


(All words and music by Phil Gawen)

My wife and I, we left the kids at home.
My fear of flying, was more than she could handle.
Soon, we lift off from the ground.
Sounds of prayer heaven-bound.
Through the clouds into the sun,
Like love in motion.

Soon to meet this Paris, France.
Italy and Englishman,
As we plunge into a foreign place,
Of strange indifference.

I'm much too tired, so I have coffee.
Everywhere I go, I'm hooked on pills.
I'll stay awake ‘till I am home bound.
So much to see. If I were alone,
I'd have a better time than this, you bet.
In every place she's calling homebound.

And we are tourists,
And we act like tourists.
We're looking for the best place,
For a photo with our face.
And it all seems to go
Way too fast.

I'm always running out of time,
And I forget what I wanted to do.
In a place where you can dream up
Anything you can do.
I'm missing out on miles and miles.

Soon we lift off from the ground.
Echoes In my head go round.
Down we go to hear the sound of Belgian noise.
Then to see an opera, in Germany or Austria.
My sense of time, I can't recall.

‘Don't think I ever want to go back home.
Everywhere I Go.

I'm soon out of cash.
But I really couldn't care now.
I'm going over pictures,

And it always seems to go way too fast.
I'm always running out of time,
And I forget what I wanted to do.
In a place where you can see the world
For what it is,
I'm missing out on miles and miles.

Soon, we lift off from the ground,
Flying back to our hometown.
In a day and a night, we will touch down,
Down, down.

Fear of flying good as gone.
Wife complains, it's been too long.
As I close my eyes to a sad song.



(All words and music by Phil Gawen,
© Gawenda/Solar )

Mamuschka, keep it under lock and key,
While swallows fly.
Dosvidanya, open your heart
Under the big, big moonlit sky.

Mom is treading easy, mom is making money.
Mom is treating everyone equal.
And she knows what is good,
And she knows when they're bad.
She’ll be on the floor, scrubbing their egos.

Daddy comes for dinner,
Goes to bed with Stolichnaya.
Her daughter kicks his cheek in the early morning.
And mother is back.
She's got swollen feet for breakfast.
She's raising a family,
In between the black print of the Pravda.

Mom sees red, her son sees in pink.
Her son is writing letters in rainbow ink.
Her televisions rocking,
And Donahue keeps talking dirty.
Sitcom, while she's weighing on
20 pounds of memory lane.

Her daughter brings a boyfriend,
Her baby brings a time bomb.
She's got to hide his ponytail,
And sensor all the details.
‘Comes on like a brick.
She can't seem to assimilate.
She's going through some changes,
‘Cause here every day’s a bloody revolution.

Silver Box

(All words and music by Phil Gawen)

He was a mouse, a man in dismay.
‘Just a face in the crowd.
The holy word, a black book in place
Of his sense of right and wrong.
A man without Pride.

He didn't want to face new ideas.
Waiting for the crowds to appear,
Speaking as they dropped off their money
In his silver box.
There's not enough to fill the socks.
Waiting to fill the hearts of poverty.

He was a king, a man with the power,
To supply their demands.
One day he died, and with him,
Their means to pray, and feed off his two hands.

Their government was somewhere at large.
Somewhere else, but not here.
The winter came, and all of their hopes,
Of warming suddenly an unreachable fire.

And someone had to steal to survive.
And someone shot him dead in their fright,
Or was it just a sporting endeavor?
Counting all the people that died,
Counting all the people who lied.

Bureaucratic mess in their democratic silver box.
There's not enough to fill the socks.
Wanting to fill the hearts of poverty.

Before the clouds begin to kiss the ground,
Lightning will strike.
Until we understand, we'll pay the price.
Take what you can, now’s the season.
And cherish your life, it's your prison.
If one penny more makes the difference.
It buys us the time, to forget.

We need a king, a king who believes,
We are out on our own.
And when he dreams, that all of us serve
The unknown, the untenable liar.
And when he smiles he disarms our doubts,
With his charming ideals.

This Friend

(All words and music by Phil Gawen)

First time you said you were all best friends.
It came straight from the heart, through thick and thin.
Though every year seem tougher than the rest.
Differences were nasty. Fought each other's fears.
And you always seem to make up in the end.

And now you've gotten so tired of your faults.
You thought you'd mastered self-control and failed.
All those evils bottled up inside.
One day they would reach out, and grab you by the neck.
Who would mend the pieces in the end?

I remember you laughing and joking and playing in
I recall how you'd always be open and honest and
Time is unbearable, when you're faking love.
It was inevitable that it all came down to…

This friend, had enough of this.
Brainstorm child has awoken to a new reality.
This friend will make a stand.
With a bias heart, wrapped up in trivialities.
This friend, takes it all so serious,
And buys a first class ticket to anonymity.
This friend, that one gets the rope.
She's the one who started it and can't make any sense of it.

All those little secrets stored on shelves.
One way to a kill is just to tell. One by one by…
Justice can be any point of view.
Strangling the trust, hurting with your thrust.
An eye for an eye ‘till the whole world is blinded.

I recall how you tried to be open and honest and
Sticks and stones won't break our bones but tongues can break necks.

Time is unbearable, faking trust.
It was inevitable that it all came down to….

This friend.


(All words and music by Phil Gawen)

You take a little load off my mind in the universe.
The stars are aligned, I need time.
One look at you and I gaze into the light of a fixed star.
You're much too far, give me time.
You, the image in my mind.
You, smiles and trickles of wine,
I, with the wave of my hands I try.

I try to introduce a satellite just to orbit you.
But the rejection is much too strong.
I'll keep a little distance in view with my telescope.
A magnificent view indeed.
Spying from evening until dawn, this will last on,

Is it you, I followed the charts,
And I searched all the heavens
For the light in your eyes.
I saw the whims of eternity.

I had a mental vision, sound and clear,
That you're heaven sent, be my friend.
‘Just want to see a  beacon of hope,

You and me, space between.
Gravitate, adjust and calibrate.
And then a little closer entwined, like dancing.
You take a little load off my mind in the universe.

My ship is approaching and ready for touchdown.
All the lights are flashing bright.
I'm making first contact and following protocols.
And I'm ready for anything.
I'm hoping you will see me as more
Then an anecdote, in the pages of history.

You smile and disarm all my fears
And so tenderly, to a power that emanates.
You're reaching out to be touched,
Drawing all of my energy.
A magnificent alien being.

Through the Light

(All words and music by Phil Gawen)

Maybe I, should have found,
Reason to, understand.
All of your hidden silences,
You were so bizarre.
But I really didn't know you then.

All your friends are here,
Staring at your fate.
All made up in black.
See their hands are raised.
You are dressed in white.
You have gone through the light.

Pain is all, all you've left behind.
Now we care, alone and abandoned here.
Another one, will follow you,
Like a helping whale.
Stranded upon this fear.

All your friends on knees,
Staring at that cross.
All made up in black.
See their hands are raised.
You are dressed in white.
You have passed on.

And I will keep a photograph,
And soon I will smile and laugh.
And then I'll be reminded of,
The children of a lesser god.
Still, I will see you in the faces
Of your parents eyes.




(All words and music by Phil Gawen)

Sending a message filled with life,
Sending a message of love.

And I say life is like surfing on a wave,
On an up-and-down day.
And I say life and death are just a phase,
A passing on from maze to maze.

And just a few so brave to take on nature
Face to face.
Their faith is deep within,
Still they struggle in some race.
Outside of the mass confusion, messages!

And I say life is a test.
No pass or fail, just a two way spiral
To a simple fate.
I met a man several years ago,
And I paid him 25 just to let me know,
Which way I’d take, and he told me so.

And just a few so brave, to take on reason
Face to face.
My faith is deep within, still I struggle in
Some race.
Outside the mass confusion.

Messages. Send me all your messages of love.
You can hide all the tears we yearn for,
And deny all your love is a vacant hole of…
Messages. Send me all your messages of love.

I can sense the synchronicity,
So, there's got to be a reason for you and me.

To be so brave and stop to understand,
This place we live in.
A truth so deep within,
Let it spread out in the wind.
And through the mass confusion…

Messages. Send me all your messages of love.
You can side with conformity,

But you'll never hear those…
Messages. Send me all your messages of love.

It ain't a matter of losing faith,
To believe there is more to love than hate.
There is greed and murder and genocide.
They've got to be killing that dream inside.
So, let it be known, let it all hang out.
‘Cause who you think you are,
Is the world's reflection.
I hope you see the synchronicity
And understand the reason for you and me.


Meaning of Life

(All words and music by Phil Gawen,
© Gawenda/Solar )

Woke up through the tunnel of life,
And then they slapped his ass.
He saw a man with a big cross who said,
I hope he lasts.
And what he learned from all his days,
Is that nothing’s forever.
With a bleeding heart through thick and thin,
For everyone's pleasure.

Don't do this, don't do that.
He never could make up his own mind.
And out of all that chaos,
You're supposed to keep an open mind.
Childhood fears while Santa cheers.
Adults can be cruel.
ABCs and 1, 2, 3s  and the toilet train blues.

Twisting and turning to survive the morning.
Reach up and then fall down,
Nightfall will steal his crown.

So, they sent him off to Sunday church.
To find his key to heaven.
They taught him how to smoke cigars,
And light some stupid candles.
Nothing was stranger then what he could
Touch and feel.

And he sees no meaning,
When he's left there bleeding,
What is his meaning in life.

Someday he's going to end up there,
Making all his amends.
And when he finally gets there,
He'll have nothing to defend.
When push comes shoving,
And pays his dues, she will not care.
Second chance at some romance,
Suffers and fails.

Street lights, while the city cries.
People, in their social sties.
No rules, screaming for their lives.
Reach out to give a hand,
And then they snatch his balls.
Some say for charity, to keep him walking tall.
Scheming, cheating, everyone's competing.
Living, dying, death come so surprising.

And he keeps on worrying ‘bout,
Reasons for creation.
Best that he spends his life,
In mass hallucinations.
Much less to fear when you are 6 feet under,
Dead and gone.

And he sees no meaning,
When he's left there bleeding.
What is that meaning?
That left him pleading.
No more believing.
No more deceiving.

What is the meaning of life?


Open up your eyes

(All words and music by Phil Gawen,
© Gawenda/Solar )

Open up your eyes. Look around you
And tell me who you really are.
You look up and say: “It's all in the Stars”.
And you want to get far?
And you pray to god that you'll get there.
Whatever it is and you don't know what it is,

And you dance in the bar,
Making your rhythm so obvious in his ears.
The mirror on the wall, the mating call.
And you believe in what you are.
Whatever you are, you're a fixed star,
While the world goes, on building the roads.

And you're satisfied with this, you are?
Satisfied with bliss you are.
Can it be that you would let the world fly by,
Until you die.

Contemplating what you are.
You'll have to leave or you won't get far.
Everything you want could be beyond the stars.

Open up your eyes, and try to understand,
How it all relates. Dance the silver ball,
And roll it along. From the atom to the bomb.
Learn it and numbers, the magic of yonder,
Your brain moves on, mending the road,

And you'll dance through the stars,
Making your rhythm to find the secret to it all.
You'll find the smallest thing.
The chaos in the ring, the chaos in between.
A random call of a probable law.
You'll want to leave it behind.
You'll say there's nothing to find.