PHIL GAWEN (5) "State of Emergency"

Get Even

(All words and music by Phil Gawen,
ゥ Gawenda/Solar )

You're sitting on my time bomb.
There's no time to get even.
船on't care to question right or wrong.
舛ause I'm here in 7th heaven.

You gave me all that you could give me.
全poiled me silly, kissed me,
Lips turned blue and chilly.
I was good, I was bad.
I was all that you had.
Then I upped and away,
Without a word to say.

That your beauty was divine,
And your ways much more defined.
I would be leaving you and you and you.

There's no time to get even.
You're sitting on my time bomb.
I'm up here in 7th heaven.
船on't care to question wrong or right.

Well, I was hunted down, with one foot in a trap.
船ecided to deceive you with all I got.
Fixed in pose with a heart of steel.
船idn't hear one single threat.

They went in and out the other ear.

Those eerie ways you squeezed me tight,
As if pleasure was your sight.
You preyed on all of me, to be, to keep.

Leave your troubles to him.
He can carry the weight.
His knees will shake until they break.
Take it to the grave.

My honesty was an echo.
It returned with fear,
Of leaving life in tears.

She made me a cause and played the martyr.
It became her patriotic duty.
She gave and gave, and when I gave,
She wouldn't take, but still be giving,
More and more, like too much candy.
賎ot real sick and lost my fancy.

Now, I take it all the way, touch, today!


State of Emergency

(All words and music by Phil Gawen, ゥ Gawenda/Solar )

I want to be your leader.
I want to be your friend.
And make you live together.
I'll keep the lid on tightly screwed,
My muscles mend.

In the midst of troubled times,
I can deal with heavy choices.
Make no noise about it,
I will fix it.

Some other people will lose their mind.
They can't see the simple sign.
A round equation, leaving no room for fears,
No room for tears.

Don't want to rock the boat.
I'll be your sailor, I'll keep you sober.
I'll have arrested, the troublemakers,
Between the time it takes to blink with your eyes.

You know, you really needn't worry at all.
My mind is honest white then black.
And I don't see any need for change.
Just your evils to rearrange.

I'll commit no atrocities, in the name of a god.
But in the name of white money,
I'll be the oil in their big, big machinery.

And I will be the one,
And I trust you'll heed the gun.
Better run, if you are full of doubt,
When I am in you池e out.

You need me, to feed me.
There are the answers in my head.
I see them clearly in the red.



(All words and music by Phil Gawen,
ゥ Gawenda/Solar )

War, what's the name of the game?
Flying egos, leading the way.
The weakest link makes the longest chains.
If all of us felt the pain, of a chemical bayonet.
Just as you felt your life slipping, draining away.
Crack a smile for unborn children.
All of us Mad hatter痴.

Looking for a peace of mind.
Holding on to soft skin,
And all that satisfies.
But the real thing always flies.

Say goodbye, don't stay behind.
We'll lose our evils in the sky.
Heed the sign and join the line.
No cutting in the middle.
If there's no god, we値l be divine.

Life, see a man and a wife.
Yellow liver and knife,
Cutting sharp on a cubicle.
Create a sphere, a submarine.
A submarine packed with fears.
Hiding in vain.
And if we let'em all fall like rain,
There be a tempest running amok.
A flood reaching higher than the largest rock.


Media Places

(All words and music by Phil Gawen)

High above, there is a new frontier.
Here below, we just follow peers.
Had enough, using all our means.
You and I, selfish in our dreams.

I turned my TV on,
舛ause my fantasies were losing ground.
Filled me up with pain and sex and horror,
And all those happy endings.

It's really no wonder,
I find myself living up to some
New commercial.
'Spending all that pocket money.
In-group pressure, to be hip and funny.

Window, window, to the big world.
The more I watch you, I get lost in you.
Don't want no education.
I am high, and won't come down.

And if I wake up now.
From all directions, I'd be hit with cues,
Under flak to think about facts and truth.
And if I face them now.
I have no friends to be worried about,
Just a fruitless now, as a stage less act.

Nowhere in time, I am nowhere in space.
I am nowhere and wearing a fantasy face.
Somebody's dream, I am somebody's maze.
Don't hit me with calculus,
Or the history of some war we won.
Who cares?
賎ot a job in a video store,
Waiting for the day I'm 21.

Soon, it'll be college life.
詮ind myself with a babe, that's right.
Life is an experience,
When you've got those looks,
And no more reason.

And if I wake up now.
My parents are used to the attitude.
They had their hopes, 奏il I was rude.
And if I could change now.
The more I think about who I am.
The chances I blew and the miles I ran.

Nowhere in time, I am nowhere in space.
I am nowhere and wearing my fantasy face.
Somebody's dream, I am somebody's maze.
So, leave me alone in my media place.


D鱈ove to Stay

(All words and music by Phil Gawen)

I'd love to stay. There was something in the air.
I'd love to play. But not a fixed game honey.

I'm fascinated, by the distance that you keep.
Even though, you're here beside me.
Infatuated, with your insecurities.
I think I know you, I see right through the tease.

Your mouth is all over, 祖an't keep it shut.
We're no desperados, we can give you up.
This ain't a way to make a friend, now.
Sweet Love is silent, but you fill it up.

Born with a blaze,
And everyone stares with the mind of an animal.
Born to be chased.
There's a sign on the flesh, on the flesh of erotica.
Games in the making, as I stand here unaware,
Looking for a friendly border
Barbed wire, pointing your weapons in my face,
Without provocation.

I've got endless frequencies, to communicate to you.
Why do you choose to see just one?
賎ot endless messages, from zero to eternity.
You misinterpret, hearing only one.

Born with a blaze,
Her love is a mirror, a mirror of glass.
Born to be chased,
Her time is a rock and her love won't last.
As I stand here unaware,
Looking for a friendly border.
Barbed wire. (Fire) Pointing your weapons in my face,
Without provocation.


I Declare

(All words and music by Phil Gawen)

We declare.
It's a time, for us,
To fight, again.
A showdown with a 10 count.

Oh, I feel so invincible.
No mistaking that I'll give in.
I will see you, making it hard,
From now 奏ill then.
舛ause you can't win.

One of us, is apt, to loose
Their temper, our temper,
Is rising in silence.

We're here at the far side.
I'm looking at you with one eye.
You're giving me all the reasons.
We're giving back everything we gave.
We're waiting for demons.
We池e throwing us signs of treason.
We池e there on the outside of life.
We're putting those bricks between us.

Don't be afraid, we won't be hard on us.
We'll have it made, darling.
When we are through the fuss.
We値l have a stronger thrust.

And when you wake up, you'll forget.
And when I remind you, 層on't remember.
We'll be our little monkeys without regret.

Laughing with that gleam in our teeth.
Playing games of hide-and-seek.
Give us one good reason, to be ourselves.
Without the extremes, dreaming in dreams.
We値l have the circle of lifelong schemes.

I declare, I will be all over you.
Sweet caress, when you need that push of love.
賎ive you what, you want.
No questions asked.
So, don't get lost in a state of circumstances.

Don't be afraid, I won't be hard on you.
You'll have it made darling.
Once you are through the fuss.

I'm not afraid, you won't be hard on me.
No we'll have it made darling.
This love, without romance, without passion,
Without miracles. No sign of life!



(All words and music by Phil Gawen,
ゥ Gawenda/Solar )

I said Wendy-oh, please don't stop smiling.
And though I've sipped up so much,
You sense I won't stop trying.
I said Wendy-oh, I'm going to pull your pigtails.
And talk about strange things,
Until you're laughing rainbow colors from your lips.

And I feel disconnected, floating easy,
On her breezes, don't let me down.
I thought I should have, I really, really could have.
Rolling the dice, I'd be eating sticks with rice.

I said Wendy-oh, I'm in entropy.
But if you like aesthetics,
You won't be looking for tactics.
I said Wendy-oh, I want to be with you,
No shoes, in a room without corners.
And we could paint each other's picture.

I'm locked up in oral stages.
Your phallic pages, abused
By the killers of time. Let me help you unwind.
And maybe we'd be invincible.

Wendy-oh, no need to say my heart breaks.
Send me all your silent wishes, it's my fate.
Wendy-oh, I'm head to toe, dancing in circles,
Won't let go.
Mesmerized by your temptation,
Exorcising my obsession.


Never Forever

(All words and music by Phil Gawen,
ゥ Gawenda/Solar )

Slap on my finger, if I should linger,
Too far away, out of the day.
We go through changes, it rearranges
The things that we say, so easily.
Throw out your calculations,
Better watch out for the big temptations.
Elephants gone, ants will play.

Slip through a page of romance.
Where depth is measured by the moment.
Drink it in a cup!

She had her kiss, a fever rose,
Creating optical illusions. Never forever.
Their time is money, their money's time.
They need to work toward their completion.
Out of the day!

To prey on failure, point your fingers.
Simple bloody marionettes.
Say things you'll regret.
銑ove to suffer. Conscience eats you up.
Never forever!

I know, you know - hey,
Beyond any shadow of doubt.
We've got to shape it up,
And rub away the pouting faces.
Slap each other out of vengeance dazes.

Head in a Slinger, if she should mingle.
She's got restricted poses. Don't do that!
She wants to change this,
And pre-arranges her visual affairs.

Slip through a page, of romance.
Where depth is measured by the moment.
Drink it in a cup!

The past is here, it sticks Like Glue
To chain your memories together.
Never forever!
He turns to fight her fire with fire,
And learns to hate his only pleasure.
Out of the day!

And something I heard someone say.
We're never content in the roles that we play.
Keep waltzing the tango.


We値l Fall

(All words and music by Phil Gawen)

Take me, I知 yours. For now and then,
For now, someday we値l fall.
Oh, how can you see so far ahead.
Let me tie your hands to a prison wall.

So much to say without words,
Like some true love.
Touch you and feel, we are one,
Like a new loveme,
With all of your silence and reason.
Like a true love.

But instead you talked, instead you cried.
In your soap opera life,
With your judge and jury mind.
Oh, and your eyes deceive,
And hearts believe.
You池e so warm inside,
So warm inside.

So much to say, without words,
Like some true love.
To touch you and feel, we are one,
Like a new,
With all of your silence and reason.
Like a true love.

So, maybe it痴 just moments in time,
When I can bear to have you near me,
For the rest of my life, with you on my mind.
Moments in time,
Could turn us into mother and son,
舛ause I知 not your father, not your brother.

We are innocent lovers, innocent lovers,
Without any cause, without any reason.
Take me, I知 yours. For now and then,
For now, someday we値l fall.


The Difference

(All words and music by Phil Gawen)

If I am different, oh not a part of,
Something you are.
As I am lighter than, don't speak the lingo,
I'm still a part of you.
Say there's a problem with my culture,
Without cultural appeal.
As I am half and half, I don't seem to fit into
Your scheme.

All night long, we talked about the
Feelings we were hiding.
We talked about a simple dream.
There is no equality between us,
If we choose to see a difference.
There is just apocalyptic prejudice,
And lines that interfere.

I am no stranger to the wrath
Of false perceptions.
I was not obliged to play the victim,
Still I felt like I was less than them.
And then it clicked and my eyes opened
To the games they played with me.
And now I'm free of them,
Without a drop of pity for me.

All lifelong, worrying about the people
Who are hateful.
Talk about it all lifelong.

But if I came across this way,
Then I am sorry and you are sorry too.
You didn't mean to blame me for,
An advantage, which I just do not see.

You want to see an end to the fears,
And the pain and the grief,
And the cries of oppression.
I do believe we are armed with the will
To succeed when we can,
And we will with a reason.


Love is a Reason

(All words and music by Phil Gawen,
ゥ Gawenda/Solar )

Love is a reason to be someone new.
Inside you it waits, almost leaping out.
You've got to believe in it, show it some care.
If not, it's deceiving, you'll wear and tear.
船on't have to be daring, if you got nothing to hide.
Love is a reason to look ahead
To communicate with heart and head.

When you are low and in need of a hand.
Can't depend on human, you might pull them down.
But when you're up, so glad to be alive,
You can reason with love.
You'll find that love is a reason.

To be or not to be, believing and hope,
And wishing hopelessly.
I've got you, you've got me,
That's all we ever needed.

But when they cut deep incisions,
The pain will lead you to indecision.
Love isn't blind when it's mutual,
To heal and protect within reason.

Love is to grow, love is to climb.
Love is eternal, not a bottle of wine.
No room for suppression, or feel left out.
Love is a scale, you've got to balance it out.

Psychology and science, a premier alliance.
Experiment and correlate what motivates.
Frenzied opinions, and ignorance.
They don't know how you really feel.

The warnings were there, still the shit hit the fan.
You got to live up to everything that's real.
The fears of pain are no match for a heartache.
Reason with love, you'll find that love is a reason.

To be or not to be, to think meant to be,
Is just excusing me.
I got you, you got me, that's all we ever needed.
But when you look for security on a boat on a pond.
糎on't swim ashore 祖ause the water痴 is deep.
Don't find excuses, you've got to reason with love,
To find that love is a reason.

So much pain and agony, with no end in sight.
Feel the warmth of two hearts in a scheme,
Chasing their shadows. All of the love

People tend their garden of roses,
To symbolize, what they lost, or never had.



(All words and music by Phil Gawen,
ゥ Gawenda/Solar )

I still don't understand it,
But I'm left here empty-handed.
I do know what I'm feeling,
Feeling bad and feeling stranded.No, don't
Want to play no more of those petty games,
When I have much better things in mind.
You stand there with an open stare.
I'm feeling tense, why do I care?

Oh I, I don't know what I'm saying.
I'll take it all back, though your
Feelings are undecided.
I'll be down on the floor hurting my knees.
No reason for using voodoo.

Well, I can't just forget about it.
Even though it's not meant to be.
But the stranger and you keeps on loving me,
While you're busy being someone else.
遷ust want someone to hold my hand.
So simple and uncreative.
You wink with your eyes to follow you,
And I follow you, nowhere.

They told me, every single Tom,
Dick and Harry.
To leave you be.
I did try, but I could not.
Thought you'd see,
What my feelings show, did you know?

Things are tough all over,
And I'm caught in a Monsoon.
While your friends are hanging from my back,
Like a cat clawing open wounds.

Eye to eye, time to fly.
A twinkle of twilight,
Ss she stares into my eyes.
She's using that voodoo,
She's pulling me by a string.

So it seems, when the phone rings,
I know you're there.
Waiting for, someone to shed a tear.
When I give up,
You call and keep me near.
She's using that voodoo,
She's pulling me by a string.