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Below are some wiring diagrams to help you choose the best set-up for a custom-made guitar.
There are even more possiblities. Please ontact me for other options.

3singles1vol1tone1switch copy.gif (53121 bytes) This is my favorite wiring
scheme. It works with single coil and dual coil pick ups. It the simple Stratocaster set-up
---5 destinct sounds.

The Ziggy model adds 3 on/on switches to split each pickup for the max. amount of combinations possible---up to 12 destinct sounds.                                  

2singles2vol1tone1switch copy.gif (45972 bytes) The simple LP setup is the minimum required to take advantage of a guitars sound -range--3 destinct sounds.                          
2hb_1vol_1tone_5way copy.gif (45600 bytes) By using two dual coil/split pickups and two on/on mini-switches or a 5-way switch, 5 destinct sounds are
      2hb_1vol_2tone-w-ser_spl_pr copy.gif (46050 bytes) By using one dual coil/split humbucker, a 
dual humbucker and one on/on mini-switches or a 3-way switch, 4 destinct sounds are captured.