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The Meaning And Purpose Of Life



Before you sit down to truly get your mind into this theory, please be aware that this work is on-going and evolving. I am not an experienced writer and therefore accept that many will be slightly disturbed by the many errors in grammar and sentence structure. I am doing my best to correct them on the go. Please be aware that I am using the mechanics of sound (which mimics the exact behavior of a universe consisting of particle/waves) to explain existence.


MAPOL THEORY (Meaning And Purpose Of Life)

Base-Line:    +3-3+(+1)=c or 0.333.....
    You are from many countries with different beliefs and philosophies. All of our knowledge share certain elements that are identical.

    Those elements are opposites such as day-night, love-hate, life-death, positive-negative, etc.
They not only show the range of absolute opposites, but also suggest the emotion we attach to them. Life is good, death is bad with the good always leading. Let us strip away the emotional aspect and get down to the evolution of opposites beginning with a concept everyone in the world is familiar with (harmony-dissonance). That would be sound.

    Practice vocalizing a sound at a constant pitch. Keep it at the same pitch as long as you can for practice sakes. Ask a friend who can hold a good pitch to join in. When you are both proficient, ask your friend to keep holding the same pitch while you slowly raise your pitch, barely rising above the first. What happens is quite annoying to your ears. You have created dissonance. It sounds awful, until you stop or raise your pitch three half steps higher to arrive at a minor harmony, which most people associate with sadness (western mind-set). So what is the point?

    Dissonance causes a tremendous release of energy, because any given pitch or continuous sound hides 11 inaudible harmonics (not counting the base or octave) that seem incongruent with that sound. The harmonics of both sounds (frequencies) are interacting most violently until you reestablish harmony (order). Each harmonic changes in intensity (loudness/sustain/pitch). When it clashes with a different continuous sound, those 12 harmonics clash with the first set of harmonics at each increment of pitch change. This means 11 to the power of 2 for each harmonic and the whole for each increment of pitch change. This process is continuous as long as the dissonance is increasing. If we measure the total amount of possible sounds created while the pitch continues to be raised before establishing harmony, we would have to invent a number that is beyond our comprehension. If we use simple physics to describe one sound with twelve harmonics, we come up with a point with a potential of twelve which is meaningless. If we add the second frequency we have a two-dimensional surface (11x11). It is equally meaningless as it is fixed and unchanging except to say that we most definitely have a surface on which a wave could occur. As one raises in pitch, we enter an incredible event which will add a third and fourth dimension at a constant rate--namely space and time. The third and fourth (expansion through time) dimensions create or evolve into the earliest versions of shape and form as micro harmonies that are unstable waves on a once two-dimensional surface. They are inevitable agreements between sub-harmonics who are trying to reestablish some kind of order with varying degrees of resonant frequency bonds . Symmetries emerge establishing what we now call the evolving 4-dimensional universe (visible universe). Don't freak out! Just understand that when one sound splits in two, the possibilities become almost endless.

When you cancel out the octave above its base sound, you have the potential for an 11 dimensional universe  - sounds a bit like Superstring Theory/Kaluza-Klein-Witten. Well, perhaps not as complicated.

    This emerging of symmetries (or dissonance) began with the absolute order of two equal frequencies or one and the same frequency (dark matter or the vacuum in space). Huh?

   Let's transfer this idea to the creation of the universe. In the beginning....there was nothing and everything combined in one frequency "zero" (or, +1-1=0 or a singularity). Two equal, but opposite frequencies, depending on how you wish to view it or them. Then the frequency quirks. As in the example of sound, this rebel (but not really a rebel) frequency brings about a disturbance in what was literally perfect (also known as point-zero). In one instance there is singularity, while in the second instance one interferes with the other. Without time, this is a paradox . To solve this problem , two instances battle it out in outer layers of instances, also known as time; and the battle (not over good and evil) continues today through time. What seems to be chaos ensues by multiplicity with only one of two goals: to reestablish zero (perfection) or equilibrium. Of course, zero is no longer a possibility, as I will prove to you with simple arithmetics. So a second option becomes inevitable: to seek equilibrium (harmony) or a move toward  "order out of chaos". Of course you can't have one without the other. Entropy ensures this. It simply looks like this:
+freq. a.  - freq. b. +1(quirk) = (evolution of space/time/matter) continuum

    In order to connect this idea with the rest of this theory, I have given the variables some number weights. 
+3 -3+(+1) = c

    (+1) feeds the constant rate of acceleration (made possible by the "Big Bang" in one of two directions (negative or positive), thus giving birth to time, space and matter as an expanding universe, whose rate I will refer to as the continuum. Dividing by three merely signifies, that I have three variables that must reduce the outcome in a positive direction otherwise later calculations wouldn't make sense, when trying to apply the formula to the real, every day world. The steadfast continuum in this case amounts to   + . 333....

    Now you might understand the anchor in this theory, if you consider the formula and compare it to scientific theories that you might be familiar with. The universe did in fact, undoubtedly begin with a quasi "big bang". Of course there was no bang to hear (no air or ears or a conscious mind to realize it)! Perhaps I should call it the activity in which everything flows, rows and still remains  interconnected. The immovable fact however is that our universe has 11 dimensions.

    Out of this oozing chaos (which it really isn't, as you will find out later), the foundations for symmetry are forming at an alarming rate, if you equate resonant frequencies and harmonics with wave functions of electromagnetic energy. Every known particle/wave is a symmetrical outcome, building endless symmetries from interference (dissonance), because they consist of nothing more than combinations of positive and negative resonating field-interactions (like vibrating air that registers as sound) that seek equilibrium (agreement), making matter and evolving life possible. Luckily, at this point everything begins to slow down for those aspects of the universe nearing consensual equilibrium as we now know of all the elements or atoms that are found on the dreaded "table of elements".

    So, now that you know how I think the universe came about and the next questions should be: Why did it come about?
Who made that virtual-perfect frequency divide and go all quirky (...looking for god, eh?)

I suggest you go back and read it all over again if you're unsure about moving on. If you understood the crux of the above and buy it, you truly understand more about the evolution of the universe than 99% of us  who are still seeking the Newtonian clockwork heavenly order.


The Conscious Universe

   Once the universe got going, a genuine want/need was born: to return to zero (perfection), equal to the want/need to expand. This of course is not possible. A vast sea of evolving resonant symmetries (through dissonance) are unleashed. The next best thing to perfection or singularity was equilibrium. The balancing act must include the fact that the universe is expanding in a positive direction ( positive=outward) at a rate of  +. 333.... Balance or equilibrium is always associated with a rhythm between entropy and negentropy, or as Charles Darwin put it : adaptation. The want to find perfection logically supposes that a memory of perfection is inherent (the endless sustain of a single frequency or bliss in the form of quantum entanglement). And this simply proves that the universe itself is conscious of its actions from when it began, to now and beyond. Again, this want/need of perfection seems to go against where the universe is going. It is expanding and evolving new complex possibilities at the same rate on an ever growing grander scale of complexity. Whole living ecosystems evolved on earth and probably on many other planets through out the unseen universe. Thus there seems to be an equal powerful need to create something more than just zero. Intelligence is the inevitable outcome in the form of evolving/adapting multi cellular organisms. One can argue that there is no need, but rather just the inevitability of evolving existence. This, however would not explain how an intelligent human race came into being with the evolving ability to adapt beyond simple adaptation (example: the ability of genetic manipulation). Though most of us are taught that a god made us in his image, this theory suggests once and for all, that we are making a god as much as the seen and unseen universe is making us.

      Though the attainment of zero was a valid goal, worthy of achieving the very moment  our perceived time began, the universe became adamant about exhausting limitless possibilities in the need of reestablishing some semblance of singularity (perfection/vanity?), and so is (inevitably) becoming intelligent and creative beyond what we currently understand. We are a mere function of this vast intelligence. We humans are nothing more than a reflection of our universe with the fully functional evolving abilities to alter our very selves and surroundings. Whether we like it or not, we are a part of the conscious universe in a quest to discover what the universe has us discovering: why we are here, who put us here, and what to do about it? We are just recently beginning to understand the process of entanglement. Therefore we can come up with a straightforward answer to the question of why we are here!

    We are here to explore possibilities (evolution) through intelligence, while maintaining relative equilibrium (not zero) over time.  (....can't always get what you want!)

did it?, is undoubtedly the "Big Kahuna" question on everybody's mind who hasn't made the leap of faith of just saying that it was god, armed with four thousand years of religious scriptures and that self righteous feeling. What makes you think there is just one universe anyway?
    When I was 7, living in Cologne/Germany, I went to a museum with my parents. In one of the hallways there were two gigantic mirrors, one on each side of the two parallel walls. I looked in one direction facing the first mirror, then turned around and did the same. It dawned on me that I was looking at eternity in one direction, while also aware that every action in one direction was instantaneously occurring in the unseen and opposite direction behind me. I wondered if an all knowing intellegence could, and if it could, what good it would do. Surly, a god would have to choose one direction and stick with it. In other words, if our universe is god (in the making), what good would it do god to ask the same question we are asking. Wouldn't his or her god be doing the same, and so on. Read this last part over and over until you get the feeling of eternal madness or the simplest understanding of quantum entanglement.

    If god were alone - an entity of such unimaginable power, wouldn't it (as the Judeo/Christian bible says) create some buddies to hang out with so it could have some meaning and purpose in its "eternal" life (like the Zoroastrian invention of the Devil). Perhaps its buddies were already there, and god's mission is allot greater than ruling over its creations. I could go on and on. The result of this line of thought always leads me back to the following truth: Whether there is more than one universe or more than one god has no bearing on the meaning and purpose of life in this universe. Our conscious god can only exist here and now and the endless possibilities of the past, present and future through us! For those of you who can't shake the feeling of the God & Satan dualistic view of all (opposites), I give you a most interesting challenge. Is god the singularity and the devil the quirky frequency or the reverse? You can choose or you can refuse to choose. In the eastern mind-set, both are intrinsically bound together as are all opposites. Both are one-- the first being the flipside of the other. Think of it as a coin. Only both can roll on its side in either a positive or negative direction. But enough of that!

"....and when I sat in my bubble bath, I would imagine sitting in the ultimate realm of infusing and diffusing universes."

About The Un-Beginning Of Time
    Creation in our universe occurs in a positive direction " + . 333..." (outward), and this fact does not require any leap of faith; rather simple math. Time did not exist in the beginning, so there was nothing before time. Nothing created itself from nothing as everything and nothing existed as potential at point zero when time began with the so called "big bang". Our general concept of god did not exist until beyond point zero. God can be the universe of which we are products in the evolution of creative intelligence to further the continuance of the meaning and purpose of our universe, which is to discover new possibilities in a positive direction while maintaining relative  equilibrium. Don't you hate those constructs?
    Now, for you atheists and hard core religious fellows out there, you must agree that the word god as we know it becomes a little less mysterious, but ironically a bit bigger. As we are an on-going reflection of our universe, we together and individually are one with the universe and share the same mission and goals, whether we realize it or not. It is our age old denial, fear of the unknown (death) and need for peace of mind and relentless search for bliss that has blinded us from this simple logic. We are here for a simple reason: To find happiness through the mutual love for our creations and their consequence to further our evolution in a positive direction in order to move in balance (relative: peace, tranquility, euphoria, bliss, etc) through time. This is your jumping board, your super-clear new set of glasses to launch yourself  into what is real.
    The difference between religion and this theory is the realization that you suddenly know,  rather than just believe. Faith is accepting the unknown without question in the hope that it will come to fruition. Knowing is not believing or having faith in a possibility, but rather experiencing truth in the reality we exist as cause and effect. The proof is suddenly everywhere. You can 't hide or run, and you finally know who you always were. And with that fact comes an enormous quest and with heavy responsibilities.

Life And Death
(blah, blah, blah....)

    During a life-time beginning at conception, we evolve physically and mentally according to our genetic predispositions and our social upbringing. First we are more physically dependent and later more mentally dependent on our environment. During our earliest stages of development, needs become automatically fulfilled. This automatic cycle ensures a solid foundation for survival in a civilized world. Later our emotional needs become more and more difficult to satisfy, because we are no longer physically dependent on the womb, the breast, or the parental protectors. It is also during this time that we learn to filter external stimuli in order to navigate through experience wanting more than we need. Every neural connection made during learning becomes a memory to refer to when seeking meaning and purpose (based on experience). We are bombarded with an enormous amount of information, but only assimilate or dissect what we want, need or can fathom at the time at the conscious level. Consequently  there is much confusion. Nevertheless, we need to make sense and fill in the gaps as best we can. We become masters of rationalization, denial and wishful thinking, no matter how intelligent we might think we are. And that's okay in our modern society. As long as we haven't put our foot down in order to find the truth that is unmistakable, we can be the stable consumer that feeds off the economic machine driven by the economic forces anchored in fossil fuels (as long as they last); a quasi animal in its own right. Our wants become more important than our needs and we loose sight of basic needs, giving in to petty materialism and momentary gratification and self-indulgence.
    An interesting fact is, that our need for materialism has evolved into an industrial nightmare, which forces us to pollute the very surrounding that made our life possible. Though we are aware of this run-away train, we feel quite helpless to stop it; and why(?), when we are fully aware that it will hurt the next generation more than us? We know we will all die in good time and so continue to satisfy our immediate wants and desires at the expense of our offspring, because perhaps the religious gods willed it? The government encourages it, the media practically twists our arms, and religion does its best to to convince us that the fall of man will be soon ( they've been telling us that for at least 3000 years), as it is inevitable and according to ancient prophecies filled with hell fire, brimstone and final judgement. We continue having children, while aware of the greater difficulties they will be facing -- and lie to them about how we are trying to give them a better life than we had. Undoubtedly, you will have to admit that most of us need to pull our heads out of the sand, if we are to be true to our meaning and purpose here on earth, in our solar system, in our galaxy, and our universe.
   It gets worse. Most of us believe that there may in fact be life after death, and that we will be judged by our god and sent to either hell, heaven or purgatory, so we might have a chance to work our way up. Many of us believe we will be reincarnated. Some of us believe we will continue our work as angels, thus able to influence mankind to follow a more spiritual path. After all, the general hope is that we will find eternal peace in death and perhaps join god's great bright light in order to finally become a singularity of bliss. Has it ever occurred to you that eternal peace could be non-existence or nothing in the literal sense? If that was the case, what was the point of existence  to begin with?
                ( ....and now for your wake-up call!)
We hope for the best until the bell tolls. But one thing is for sure, if you haven't caught it yet. You can't have eternal peace and help fulfill god's mission and purpose at the same time. Remember what I suggested above about perfection vs. equilibrium. God is not perfection. We invented that word to describe the unreachable reward for our hard work and gave it the name god, thus absolving us from our greatest responsibility, which is to seek relative equilibrium at a rate of  + .333... of positive evolution--not in one life-time, but perhaps during many. Perfection is nothing more than the illusion of the beginning before time, or the sleep to which we were awoken into existence. God cannot return there just as we cannot return to the conception of some mythical "Adam and Eve". The universe continues expanding, growing, learning, creating, etc. and if absolutely neccessary--without us! So, what is our responsibility again? To expand, grow, learn, create, etc. in a positive direction (+ .333...), while still maintaining relative balance?
   So, how can we do that and still save ourselves, not just for our future generations, but to fulfill god's purpose (our purpose)? The solution begins with "I" instead of "WE". All my essays will emphasize the reason "I" must act, feel, and live responsibly-- not by following rules or doctrines, but instead by grasping this new common sense involving at its very foundation: RESPONSIBILITY.
    Every one of us needs to experience a "mystical" enlightenment now and not at the time of death. There is much to say about heaven on earth. When you die and meet your vision of heaven, its not what you'll expect. When you dream, you have little or no control. When you think about last night's dream, you can only wonder why you didn't do things differently. Perhaps there was a profound message lurking in the dream or complete nonsense. Death is very similar, but as death continues toward the "light", all becomes clearer as there is no turning back until the equation sinks in. The fog will eventually clear. Once you understand this simple equation in the form of a message, picture or vision, you might as well be recycled for another chance to make a real difference in your life and the many lives of others. In fact, it will be the most profound choice you'll ever make. The consensus realities of heaven and hell are just temporary filters in a non-temporal dimension along the center of the continuum (the memory of singularity). If your total life-experience adds up to a little above zero, perhaps you'll even take a promotion--but not in an earthly sense.  Think about that!!!!
.....and by the way: There is no "life after death" in the literal sense. Yes, it's a problem with semantics. There is only consciousness which continues through life and death with or without your approval!

Did you notice all those spirals?

The book, as I mentioned above is "...in the making!" There is a wealth of important information missing. It is either being researched or undergoing editing. Please bare with me and don't hesitate to e-mail me anything that might that might be helpful. I began writing this many years ago. This version is the original collection of essays from 1991.

Before you move on, visualize this:

Get a compass and find North. Stand still facing North. You were, are and will continue moving 1,038 miles/hour (rotation of Earth). You are also spinning around the sun at 66,487 miles/hour. Stay still. Our solar system is is traveling away from our galactic point at 45,000 miles per hour while traveling at 500,000 miles/hour around our galactic center, which means you are traveling on a spiral (or helical) course in a direction. Have you lost your balance yet? Try drawing this movement on a piece of paper! Good luck.

...oh, yes. Perhaps I should mention that the speed of light is approximately 670,616,629 miles per hour! Consequently, many the stars you see are long gone and half are not yet visible.

Mapol  Theory

  (A collection of short essays)

Point Of Entry

When we are born on this planet earth, we begin with a set of social circumstances, genetic predisposition and an environment we have no control over. We are immediately dependent on our parents and our surrounding society which dictate our options. Fragmented religious, social, moral values and beliefs are impressed upon us, not to mention media bytes made up of mis- and disinformation  meant to socialize us into materialistic consumers in order to feed the economic machine based on the quasi science of supply and demand or economics. Schools teach us surface knowledge and functional skills, which are mostly lost until we apply our learning in the form of work for income. We become parts of a mechanistic organism in which we are expendable. Fear of expendability rules our everyday which is why most of us almost blindly believe in religious concepts (faith). This mechanistic organism has become a self-perpetration machine with a mind of its own and it becomes unclear whether we as individuals run it or whether it runs us. Those who think they run it are of course allot better off (or so it seems).

In all of this activity, the individual for the most part seems almost insignificant, as would our planet in the countless solar systems within the millions of observable galaxies in this universe. Religion helps us cling to the belief that we are important and dependent on the mercy of a deity we coin god, very much like a child’s dependency on his parents. We believe that religion transcends practical survival, because it gives most of us a higher sense of purpose, which is so important to the mental health of most individuals. In fact, the tendency toward believing in the deity is increasingly believed to be a genetic predisposition and therefore an instinct ( a resonant pattern of proteins in the "junk" part of our DNS) of sorts for humankind. As important a role religion or spiritualism plays, it seems ironic that we have broken endless ground in science and yet still cling to ancient religions writings conceived thousands of years ago. This problem becomes apparent, when we consider the cold fact that modern societies are pulling themselves into two directions from the center of religion. For one, we are making enormous strides in biochemistry and quantum physics that are prolonging and simplifying life. We are also becoming overpopulated and consequently are exhausting resources necessary for our future survival. The key in rectifying this problem is all too obvious. We must profoundly change something within ourselves. There is simply no scientific proof for the larger population that a deity exists or an afterlife in which any kind of judgment could occur, despite numerous encounters of the unknown as documented by countless individuals through near-death or out-of-body experiences. So despite our belief in gods, heaven and hell and final judgment, we are operating in a reality of disbelief or denial of these same belief systems we hold so dear. Hence the emergence of radical islam and neo-conservative-christian-extremism.

If undeniable scientific proof surfaced that life after death existed, which was controlled by an all powerful creator, life as we know it would radically change for everyone on this planet. We would no longer operate in a destructive mode. Money would no longer be needed and we would all live in peace and harmony. Or would we? We would have to be given a new sense of purpose a threat: "Live peacefully or else", a whole set of rules, a new societal organization with a theological hierarchy of control (theocracy), etc. There would be little left to imagination or free will. It sounds a lot like communism, which dictates that the individual become part of the collective at which point the individual ceases to exist and we would all become one beehive. The utopian dream of heaven on earth does not seem possible at this time or any time in the near future unless our planet becomes so inhabitable that famine and war dictate a final solution for its survivors. Even then, it would only be temporary, because all the above would be in complete opposition to evolution.

In ancient times we depended on nature and its moods. Today we depend on technology and science for the food and drinks on our tables, the clothes we wear, the transportation we use, our modes of communication, medicines which sustain our life, jobs we carry out in order to earn money to pay for the little time for leisure so necessary for reflecting on our sense of meaning and purpose. Nature has become reactive toward our science and technology and is forced to adjust to our unnatural influences the best it can. These influences are among others: the enormous rise in deforestation, over-cultivation, pollution, etc.. The final consequence of our applied technology and science is the depletion of the ozone layer. The overall mean temperature is rising causing enough ice to melt in the polar-regions to bring about the much dreaded green house effect by desalinating the oceans and adding more weight distributed across the thin solid crust of our planet. With more radiation penetrating our atmosphere, smaller animal species are undergoing mutations that will not allow them to survive in the future, bringing about a disruption in the global ecosystems. The excess humidity caused by the increased temperatures are radically changing our weather bringing about a complete and irreversible disruption of our ecosystem in our lifetime until an ice age attempts to reestablish equilibrium.

Though we hear a lot of doomsday talk about these issues, the devastation is gradual, always giving societies time to adjust and adapt. But at what cost?

If you are a materialistic person living in the upper middle to upper class, you will be looking out for your financial interests in order to live comfortable without having to worry too much about the price of milk or gasoline and also ensure a proper education for your children and perhaps a key to heaven's gate. For the rest of the population (+ 95%) life will not be so enjoyable. Not to add to the fire, but if there is such a thing as reincarnation, you're really screwed going to get screwed life after life-time.

The top five percent of our population are in charge of any thing from governing to entrepreneurial investing. The rest of us are consumers without which the top 5% could not operate. The entrepreneurs or producers financially support politicians who will operate in their best interests (exporting American manufacturing abroad and the importation of cheap foreign labour---unskilled and skilled), while the consumer votes for candidates from a pool with the illusion that they will directly benefit in some way as voting population. The obvious fact is that 5% of the population are much easier to satisfy than 95% of the consumer population. The system operating here has nothing to do with religion, spirituality or morals and values, though they may seem almost driven by them. It’s simple economics, a quasi science in its own right to benefit the fittest.

Thus the larger population has always been controlled by governance, entrepreneurship and religion since the dawn of modern civilization. This organic / mechanistic system has no collective purpose other than continuing from day to day without a clue save greed until our resources simply run out.

There seems to be no healthy solution to the bigger problems of tomorrow at least not from the end of the greedy and corrupt powers that may be. If the America could develop the atom bomb in record-time, send men to the moon in record-time or successfully cover-up national security actions without the knowledge of its population, why can it not find and infuse the necessary ingredients to change the bigger problems of tomorrow?  It simply isn’t good economics for the top 5%. This neo-conservative attitude is similar to the attitude most of us share toward death; and death is inevitable for every individual. It is the ultimate disease for which there is no cure. It does not fit into our concept of living and so we shun it at great length by putting the sick and dying into medical institutions, bury the lifeless bodies in designated places and cordon of the aged in self-contained settings and celebrate youth above all else. Youth equals potential. We do not celebrate death as a happy right of passage into heaven, nirvana or rebirth as our religions dictate we should. We mourn and cry at the loss going through miserable stages of denial until the passing days bury it all in long-term memory; otherwise stated, a collective denial based on a fear of the unknown. If we truly knew that there was something beyond death, we could look forward to it, celebrate it and perhaps deduce logically that we are alive for a reason and perhaps undergo a positive change that would affect the whole planet. Yet if we believed this blindly (without proof as in religion), we would be no better off than an extreme theocracy which is the enemy of natural evolution.

Our belief system, which is dualistic in nature (good-evil) comes into play in every aspect of life. The rules, laws and morays can be traced back to religion and beyond. This dualism is a manifestation of observable opposites in nature (thanks to Zoroaster--re-inventor of Satan). The Judeo Christian faith uses the same construct, but with a different meaning. Scientific principals are literally dressed up for a whole different look. Judgment, reward and punishment are the outcome, without any understanding of the naked principals. The archetypes, as Karl Jung calls them, are deeply imbedded in the collective consciousness of modern civilization.

In order to find the solution to the big problems of tomorrow one must merge logic (science) and spiritualism by identifying similar or same elements and then reconfigure our baseline of consciousness. This may sound difficult and perhaps almost impossible, but I will stake very existence on the premise that it is as simple as -3 +3 = 0.
As a consequence a new picture of the world emerges smashing down the archetypal pillars of ancient times to allow us access to what we have always feared. Death and God!


All philosophy, religion and doctrines share basic elements that are invisible to the naked mind. They have been dressed up to fit the fittest and control the meek and never truly exposed as a concept that could stand on its own feet. The simplicity of the working concept sounds too good to be true, and yet it flows like a simple equation: +3 -3 = 0. The bare elements are positive, negative, zero and the continuum which as you you will soon find, is the inevitable result in the making. Activity is the interaction of these elements; a working relationship which is continuous or even eternal (unless the universe shrinks back into singularity). Its elements are void of imagination or creativity, yet unlimited in both when activity begins. On this note I invite you to explore the true meaning and purpose of life without the hoopla of scientific jargon, psycho babble and other types of abstractness. I must implore you to set aside your current beliefs and attend to this theory with a clear and open mind. You will inevitably learn that you familiar with its elements. Activity theory has been the ultimate "wake-up call" in my life and has awakened me to see through god’s eyes and grasp our meaning and purpose in the "real" world. Activity theory is ancient, modern and futuristic. Its purity will stand any test and if not at least put a wrench in our confused mind for which their can only be one cure: a logical "leap of faith", without the archetypes of religion.

This book is not meant to earn money. It is not a self-help book or a new-age trip. It is not meant to cause a revolution. It is not a cult in the making. It is the outcome of my life’s exploration which I’m desperate to share. I spent my youth looking for truth. When I found it, I honestly didn’t know what to do with it. After contemplating the effects it might have after sharing it with others, I became apprehensive. I saw myself stirring up a hornets’ nest. But when I saw the world for what it was, is, and will become, I couldn’t resist. I began writing essays, drawing diagrams, working out equations. I even tried to intellectualize it, as most writers of the social sciences do. The more I glorified it, the more confusion set in. I then realized that the truth no matter what, was always simple and dressing it up would have the same effect knowledge otherwise has. It is assimilated as much as it may fit our needs and the rest is discarded. In its purist form ,activity theory is either integrated or not. I thus, leave this last choice up to you. If there was ever a holly grail to find, I know I have found it and drank from it. I have undergone a deep transformation and I am still undergoing the very process of transformation as I adapt it to the current eastern and western mind-sets.


Meta Science

Let’s consider the meaning of opposites. They are distinctly different, yet part of a whole called a spectrum. Black and white, for example, are opposites in the color spectrum but necessary for humans to recognize sleep and awakeness. So despite being opposite they are intrinsically tied to our very existence. The two great known opposites in our solar system are the positive and negative forces which make up the magnetic field. Without positive or negative there can be no matter or subsequent organic life. We often see opposites as absolute. This is a fatal error in our way of thinking, because at no recognizable moment in time can a fixed value be given to an opposite. For instance, if the positive force and negative force of our planetary magnetic field were equal, we would cease to exist. The field is forever fluctuating in rhythms to allow both forces to average around zero. Though this might not seem real to you it is quite real at the quantum level of particles and waves. Thus, positive and negative average zero over any given time, negating the possibility of the absolute or perfection. When a person states that they are seeking perfection, they really mean equilibrium without understanding the problem of the absolute. They are simply put: "mistaken".

When our universe began to exist there was zero. There is simply no other way to describe what can be termed non-consciousness or non-existence. When we devise a formula to describe zero we must be clear that it cannot be a void or a nothing. In simple mathematical terms we can say -3 +3 = zero. Thus the pre-universe, void of time can be understood as nothing and everything was the state of the pre-universe. Then how did the ball get rolling so to speak?

It would be useful to use something in our environment that can mimic this situation. Let’s pick sound waves. If the pre-universe was zero, then it was made up two frequencies -3 and +3 or one frequency zero. A fluctuation (need) disturbed this frequency to create dissonance. You can try this anywhere with the help of some friends who can sing. When two people sing or voice the same sound it is not disturbing. But when one of these two people raises or lowers the pitch of his/her voice, dissonance occurs allowing 24 harmonies (12/12) to collide with each other. This will send your fingers to your ears to avoid the discomfort you feel.

During this moment of dissonance, 22 harmonics reverberate, which themselves are distinct sounds that will interfere with each other to create new types of dissonance. A snow ball affect occurs in a space millions of times smaller than the head of a needle. The universe expands creating symmetries of harmonic frequencies which are immediately recognizable as waves and particles. Matter forms and eventually life emerges, both in unlimited evolving symmetries through time. An important realization occurs at this point. +3 -3 = zero no longer exists. As the universe begins, it expanded in a distinct direction. This direction is what we understand as outward or away form the center. This movement is what we know as time or the 4th dimension. Time could not have occurred in an outward direction unless +3 or -3 was greater than the other. In order to reduce our scientific knowledge of the universe to its bare operational elements, we can expand -3 +3 = 0 to -3 +3 (+1) {direction} = continuum/time. It must then be devided by the number of variables (3).

Or: +3-3+[+1]=c

The outward expansion of the universe is a given. In other words, no matter what, the universe is determined to expand  in a positive direction at a constant acceleration of +.333.... Consciousness now emerges. The beginning is thus potential (+3 -3 = 0) and the fluctuation is will. Thus from the potential it willed itself into a direction of time or expansion. The question at this point is whether it willed itself into expansion, sought equilibrium or wanted to reestablish the singularity of -3 +3 = 0. All possibilities are true. In establishing any goal, it must deal in symmetries of waves and matter. Thus it learns and creates new possibilities at the micro level to get a handle on things. This first form of consciousness is understandable in mathematical terms. Until the time physical intelligent beings evolved, consciousness was very straight forward.

Did it all begin once and we are the only outcome? Perhaps we are simply one intelligent species of millions in our own galaxy; some more advanced than others. Remember the example of sound. Zero was only one frequency in the unlimited spectrum of sound. There could be countless universe distant and overlapping our own universe, each occupying a unique frequency unseen by us. Of course none of these are accessible to us unless we could somehow tune into these other frequencies.

Despite these mind boggling possibilities, all share the same conscious elements: to expand in a positive direction in order to achieve equilibrium through intelligent manipulation of time, space and/or matter. This positive expansion or will, is non-destructive toward its purpose and seeks equilibrium, which in turn allows time to create new possibilities. It is a strictly positive creation in progress. The universe is thus not just seeking to understand itself , but rather what it is becoming. This process seems to be never ending and this fact is hopeful for any universe.

As I look at our ecosystem, I laugh with joy at the purposeful way all species seem to fit in this working and evolving planet. Each has their purpose in balancing a very delicate system Earth. It is then with great interest, that I probe into the meaning and purpose of humankind. Knowing the common elements of Mapol Theory, I can clearly see mankindís demise, which has made him/her the enemy in his/her own world. Mankind, through the discovery of applied technology and science, has pushed consciousness in three directions.

In order to capture the very reason mankind is connected to the purpose of the universe, it would be helpful to address a paradox we have constructed to confuse ourselves. I will then take you from confusion to a simple understanding based on simple principals, which will emerge as the foundation of this  theory.

Big Bang

Love must be the metaphysical awareness of the force which bonds all particle/waves. This awareness is reached in one moment and cannot be deduced through mathematics unless we create a formula so simple, that it becomes awareness (+1) +3 -3]/ 3 = c .  The outcome is time as a consequence. Thus 4 dimensions are unified. +3 -3 is a singular point, a loop or a circle. (+1) breaks it into a spiral or hellical line. 1/3 signifies 3 variables at hand. As the universe expands and matter begins to reach a highest cooling point, (+1) begins to diminish into the smallest possible fraction, reversing time. At this point matter begins collapsing into itself - back into a singularity. +3 -3 equal zero and the fraction giving way to a sudden increase in potential, then mass and the big bang occurs again (in the opposite direction).

Question: Why will our universe shrink back into zero?

It has to return to its source and reemerge as it always does.
If we imagine +3 and -3 as two distinct yet equal sounds, and combine them, we have a true potential dissonance which is determined by zero.  In automatically attempting to reach perfection (zero), it falls into a paradox which itself cannot fathom. The sudden automatic attempt to reach the impossible is the first noted activity in the process of creation. No matter what amount of energy is released to achieve a "perfect" zero state, it cannot achieve it. In this quantum realm random collisions occur, evolving into matter and life (intelligence). The intelligence which evolves throughout our evolution realizes that this false zero state only exists in our imagination and only there can it come to fruition (vanity). Humans or intelligent species of any kind can physically (art) and mentally (religion) carry on the work intended by the initial "return to zero" state. We can thus vainly improve toward perfection, but perfection itself is doomed to create the opposite in the real world. Perhaps perfection will be achieved (final non-existence), but I deduce that super-intelligent species will take a different turn. They will encourage the continuation of creativity against any odds. It is better than ceasing to exist.

There is, of course, one more ultimate question left. What caused the disturbance that brought about our evolving universe?

This universe may be the consequence of millions of other universes or it may be the first. It simply makes no difference. What does make a difference is that evolution is an expanding process which escapes zero in the positive direction [(+1) +3 -3]/3 = c . Not choosing this fact is unacceptable to the reason and purpose of evolution. It is simply going against the "process" off all. Thus, god is not omnipotent and neither is it the ultimate intelligent super being. God is rather the collective consciousness of all existing intelligence, be it physical or non-physical. Godís presence is realized when a need is full-filled through out the universe. It is thus everywhere at the same time through the interconnectedness of quantum waves. Everything is the on-going process of god. The idea of omnipotence does not exist in the Mapol Theory.

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Original Copyright of this manuscript c 1991 Philipp H.Gawenda/Library of Congress. Washington.D.C.
Ideas conceived in 1987-1989.

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ning and purpose of life,  suicide, koran, bible, jesus, judaism, jewish, buddha, buddhism, sanaskrit, nicholas flamel, santa claus, magic, meaning of life, reason for living,

ning and purpose of life,  suicide, koran, bible, jesus, judaism, jewish, buddha, buddhism, sanaskrit, nicholas flamel, santa claus, magic, meaning of life, reason for living,
ning and purpose of life,  suicide, koran, bible, jesus, judaism, jewish, buddha, buddhism, sanaskrit, nicholas flamel, santa claus, magic, meaning of life, reason for living,
ning and purpose of life,  suicide, koran, bible, jesus, judaism, jewish, buddha, buddhism, sanaskrit, nicholas flamel, santa claus, magic, meaning of life, reason for living,
ning and purpose of life,  suicide, koran, bible, jesus, judaism, jewish, buddha, buddhism, sanaskrit, nicholas flamel, santa claus, magic, meaning of life, reason for living,
ning and purpose of life,  suicide, koran, bible, jesus, judaism, jewish, buddha, buddhism, sanaskrit, nicholas flamel, santa claus, magic, meaning of life, reason for living,
ning and purpose of life,  suicide, koran, bible, jesus, judaism, jewish, buddha, buddhism, sanaskrit, nicholas flamel, santa claus, magic, meaning of life, reason for living,