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The Paradox That Never Was

All to often we return to the old saying "which came first, the chicken or the egg". The truth is neither. How then can something evolve from nothing? There surely must’ve been something to start the something out of nothing. Was it god? Who made god? Did god make itself? Who helped it? It couldn’t have made itself from nothing. And ultimately, when did something happen first. The first answer applies to the last question. There was no time, no continuum, just equal amounts of negative and positive potential, canceling each other out. Zero is thus all potential meant to launch the physical universe. It is not a permanent or eternal state, because time doesn’t exist. The bootstrap theory doesn’t apply, because a decision for a universe to make itself was never made. It didn’t simply happen, because a happening signifies an event along a time continuum. It wasn’t a random event, because, again, random dictates that time existed to allow an event to occur along a time-line. It cannot be put into words. It can however be grasped by using a simple mathematical equation.

One would be correct in calling +3 -3 = 0 a singularity. It describes a potential field that doesn’t exist until one potential increases in value. It is a point/line. When one increases in either one of two directions, the point /line spirals out into an  spiral, a helix, eventually enveloping itself outward while expanding at a constant rate in the shape of a doughnut, all the while developing every possible symmetrical outcome in four dimensions (the visible universe).  The actual number of dimensions is 11 which includes the non-apparent 11 for each sub-harmonic etc. This is based on the fact that any frequency (wave) has 11 harmonics (excluding the octave). These harmonics do not exist until they clash with other frequencies that are higher or lower in pitch. At any given point in time they are trying to find the right partner to equilibrate into harmony (order out of chaos). Remember that dissonant sounds do not like each other unless they can partner up in some form of harmony or symmetrical configuration. In short, potential diffuses into matter and presto a multi-dimensional universe emerges, which eventually evolves intelligent species capable of perceiving, comprehending and fine-tuning itself and its surroundings.

Creation: When I create something, I imagine more than just a blue print. Creation follows a need for something purposeful.


The Formula

The ultimate question still remains unanswered. If all involves god, what came before god. The answer could be a paradox or something seemingly beyond all comprehension at the human level.  Unless of course it is not and the paradox exists only in our faulty minds. The equation +3 -3 = 0 can be translated into words. Everything is nothing and and nothing is everything. Though the result is zero, it by no means signifies nothing. It is everything and nothing, two opposites intrinsically tied together. Zero is the exact midpoint in any range of opposites. It signifies the average. In an equation, it is the perfect place where imagination is unlimited or the ultimate place of potential. It is the place where past, present and future have happened, while nothing has happened at all. What we have is the ultimate range off opposites with zero at the gate. Thus, the material world ( the universe) is a consequence of a perfect equation. Zero is actually everything as a potential for becoming real when the balance is disturbed. In zero, there is no time and therefore no consciousness , only the possibility of such.

The next question might be: Was there another universe preceding ours? The answer is absolutely yes. The sudden reversal of one expanding universe, will inevitable lead back to +3 -3 = 0, at which point a new big bang will begin (remember the doughnut) in the opposite direction. The next question is: ...other universes intertwining within other dimensions? The answer to this question is an emphatic yes. Zero is an absolute average (point) of a range from which our universe emanates. Universes can emanate from any point in that range on a unique frequency, which would not interfere with our universe. Don't freak out. Mathematically speaking, their existence is required.

Time Travel and other strange ideas

Some time-travel theories explain that traveling into the past and changing the future will give instant birth to the parallel universes. This, however would require the parallel universe to appear at a different frequency.  In activity theory, the future is the highest probability of past and present activity and its inevitable outcomes. This probable future can be changed at any point of past and present in our defined frequency. If I change the past, the future will adjust to this change and no one will know the difference except the unlucky person who was dumb enough to change it (for a limited time). Our Universe will still expand with the same attitude, meaning and purpose. No one else would ever know that a change took place (note: if reincarnation is real, keeping a person from being born in the future could prove futile as the soul or spirit would incarnate to become someone else with the a "destiny" based on the outcome of its last life). But what about the person who made the change? And that's where things get really interesting.

We can only see the present, although the universe exist with past, present and all possible futures here and now relative tour own solar system in the milky way galaxy that revolves around a black hole which bends time and space into our relative spiraling evolution (when you look at a star, you are seeing the past) in our universe. We can only understand the future in terms of probabilities in our human form which kind of limits our grasp. The ultimate comprehension should come to most of us at the time of death when we return to zero. Zero has no time construct relative to the physical universe. Thus, we rid ourselves of the confusion and experience past, present and future without time barriers in consensus realities based on passed human experience. If we leave the zero point, we are recycled back into life on earth or somewhere in between until we are willing. Hence, the possibility of ghosts, spirits, souls, angels, etc. (all the crap none of us believe for fear of criticism, but wish for all the same).

Thus changing the past would be a mundane and useless  act, despite positive intentions, because we cannot predict future outcomes unless we can control the variables at both times at the same time (true paradox). One could argue that everything that has happened so far was exactly as it was supposed to happen, and attempting to change this would be catastrophic, given the selfish aims of some self-centered scientists who will explore this avenue no matter what the consequences. Currently all of this activity has occurred to steer our earth ship in the direction it is headed. We can even seriously consider other fringe variables such as the mythology of angles, synchronicity, coincidence, miracles, magic or general paranormal phenomena in the grand design which is based on quantum weirdness. The time-traveler that changes the past dissolves like a fading wave. If he or she attempts to return, he or she will have merely temporarily xeroxed his or her soul until it reunites in a perfect overlap during the next incarnation.

Many people claim to have paranormal abilities to some degree, because they have somehow plugged knowingly or unknowingly into zero at will (point/line continuum at the center of our spiraling existence). They claim to be able to predict future events, tune into thought frequencies of others, see through obstruction or over distance, see the past, etc. This may in fact be possible within the framework of my theory.

What came before is thus a mirror image of any universe. Zero is the beginning and the end with the mission and purpose to expand intelligence in a positive direction, so that the continuum (once zero) evolves at a constant rate.




Mapol Theory 101 "Triad"

(+) Positive Energy

Energy is not lost, rather it is transformed eternally. It has no known beginning or end. Its transformation is hellical, relative to time as perceived by intelligence. Intelligence is purposeful transformation, which perceives itself and creatively directs its own transformations synchronized with--or mirrored by our universe . Intelligence directs itself in neutral, negative and positive directions. Intelligence is the ultimate transformational part of energy as it can create new symmetries in which new forms of energy can be expressed to expand its potential. Energy is thus god-like. Humankind is an advanced expression of energy which can creatively alter transformation within its environment through the use of its intelligence. Its intelligence is limited to its knowledge base, which is helical (like DNA) and is thus growing over time. The ultimate source or potential of all energy is known as zero. The purpose of energy is to transform in ever increasing adaptability, until it can become self-aware (intelligence). Therefore positive energy has no ultimate end. It is seeking new transformations and solving problems to transcend limitations through the new symmetries it creates.

(-3) Negative Energy

This energy is the exact reverse of the above. This energy seeks its own finite state in the extreme (perfection). This limits energy back to a source of potential. Any intelligence that sets up limitations is destructive and seemingly hinders the direction of positive energy which is expanding. The consequence is is futile, because energy must move in a positive direction as determined by the action of its ultimate source (+1) Here however is the kicker: positive cannot exist without negative.

(0) Neutral Energy

Neutral energy is achieved by the combining equal amounts of positive and negative energy forming a state of singularity which was the starting point of our conscious universe. Our existence is a consequence of this state. During this state of flux, life becomes possible adding new symmetry to energy in a short time relative to the age of our universe. Its purpose is to expand its ability to continue in a new positive directions. The birth of the organism and its evolution is a new symmetrical outcome of self-realization in our evolutionary journey. As the organism recognizes its place in the universe, it inevitably seeks its source and expands to discover its primary purpose within it's environment as it's transformed by that same environment. The neutral purpose is self-reflection in a non-temporal environment (imagination, meditation, dreams, visions, etc.). This state  allows the organism to continue to evolve into more adaptable species through self-reflection, which can literally further its own evolution through the active use of intelligence. Applied learning and creative adaptation thus effect the genetic make-up for future generations by passing on predisposition through genes. Though the zero state seems to imply a non-movement, it remains a non-temporal line of potential at the center of every evolving activity determined by the movement of all bodies in the universe.


The Negative and Positive Brain

Opposites attract within ourselves to accomplish equilibrium in a check and balance sort of way. Our left brain hemisphere controls most of our conscious actions and motor abilities. Our left brain hemisphere contains the braking system or anti-system. It keeps us from going overboard, making decisions too quickly and hurting ourselves. Most of these are like safety valves and breakers. Experiments involving the separation of the two brain hemispheres by severing the corpus coliseum in animals, sparked experimental operations on humans who suffered from severe epileptic seizures. One of the side effects was the alien hand syndrome. Once the separation occurred, the left hand seemed to develop an opposing life of its own. What was once harmonious cooperation became continuous opposition. Many times it would do the opposite of what the person intended it to do or stop the right hand from doing anything. This phenomenon gave theorists the room to explore the possibility that we might have two opposite personalities just as we have visible mirror image-pairs of sense limbs organs, one being the positive or optimist and the other the negative or the pessimist--both in constant negotiation. Similarly Freud discovered the id and the super ego years before--the ego being the result of on-going negotiation. In all of the research there are similar elements at work: two opposite forces are needed to accomplish equilibrium from which activity occurs. Positive and Negative are thus inseparable and interact constantly to achieve activity not in opposition, but in cooperation. Both emanate from the same source or singularity. Two forces must confront each other until they achieve relative balance, unless of course they are not continuously aware of each other and appear at separate times, but invading the same space. Such is the case in multipersonality disorders. They appear at different times and so cannot confront one another. In the case of the alien hand however, the separation of both hemispheres brings about opposition, very much like two positive or two negative sides of a magnet that oppose each other as the string that once connected them was cut.

All of this indicates that negative and positive must interact in order to achieve activity. Evolution is furthered by tipping the scale toward the positive. The natural interaction of positive and negative precludes that they are acting from the same source. In our case, we humans despite opposition can achieve relative equilibrium as long as we share common goals. The goal is thus similar to the source. Balance or equilibrium is the next best thing to singularity or perfection.

Positive / Negative

Positive and negative attract. This fact makes activity in Mapol Theory real. An equal repulsion and attraction equals zero. Dissonance is created when one is greater than the other. Dissonance occurs in erratic rhythms, exchanges of energy and defines activity. Activity cannot exist with positive or negative alone. Dissonance makes everything possible. It is the harmonious interactions of waves that hold atoms and molecules, planets, solar systems, galaxies and the universe together. And underlying all of this is the invisible continuum (+.333...). Everything has it at its base and is one and the same.

As the earth moves along the continuum as does our solar system in the expansion of our universe, a constant movement toward the positive adds a twist which philosophers and theologians have termed "hope". Thus, [(+1) +3 -3]/3 = c. In other words, no matter how much destruction human kind imposes on itself, it should always tend toward surviving, adapting or transcending its limitations.


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ning and purpose of life,  suicide, koran, bible, jesus, judaism, jewish, buddha, buddhism, sanaskrit, nicholas flamel, santa claus, magic, meaning of life, reason for living,

ning and purpose of life,  suicide, koran, bible, jesus, judaism, jewish, buddha, buddhism, sanaskrit, nicholas flamel, santa claus, magic, meaning of life, reason for living,
ning and purpose of life,  suicide, koran, bible, jesus, judaism, jewish, buddha, buddhism, sanaskrit, nicholas flamel, santa claus, magic, meaning of life, reason for living,
ning and purpose of life,  suicide, koran, bible, jesus, judaism, jewish, buddha, buddhism, sanaskrit, nicholas flamel, santa claus, magic, meaning of life, reason for living,
ning and purpose of life,  suicide, koran, bible, jesus, judaism, jewish, buddha, buddhism, sanaskrit, nicholas flamel, santa claus, magic, meaning of life, reason for living,
ning and purpose of life,  suicide, koran, bible, jesus, judaism, jewish, buddha, buddhism, sanaskrit, nicholas flamel, santa claus, magic, meaning of life, reason for living,
ning and purpose of life,  suicide, koran, bible, jesus, judaism, jewish, buddha, buddhism, sanaskrit, nicholas flamel, santa claus, magic, meaning of life, reason for living,