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Applied Mapol Theory

a) Person 1 was ordained today by the bishop +3.  b) Person 1 realized his life was about to change dramatically, and had second thoughts -0.5.  c) Today Person 1’s father accepted him and embraced and kissed him. He had longed for his acceptance all his life +2. d) The day after Person 1’s father died. He had been sick and suffering endlessly -3. His comfort is that his father finally saw him succeed at something +0.5.

The total equation would look as follows.

+3 -0.5 +2 -3 +0.5 = [+3 / .6] = +0.4

The average frequency for Person 1’s affect or experience is +0.4. One which is positive in total and almost in tune with the baseline continuum +3-3(+1)/3=c [+.333..]

We never feel the same from one moment to the next. When someone asks "How are you today?", the answer "Okay!" really means the average of my experiences so far are = > 0 (equal to or greater than zero). "Okay" is thus a positive movement. "So, so!" would mean <0 + -> (smaller or equal to zero) indicating a rhythm below zero, or "I could be better!" The point I’m making is that we all experience the average on the same spectrum as do all organisms. The average of most humans can be illustrated on the bell shaped curve; the middle point being zero. In order to move our chain of experiences above more so than the average, one must consider undergoing serious transformation. This can only occur if one accommodates this simple process. One must then actively seek positive experience with real outcomes that are measurable. This means minimizing negative experience or making changes to undesirable behaviors, past experiences and habits that limit our lives. This also means reevaluating are behaviors, habits, morals, values, beliefs, base knowledge, goals, desires or wants and needs until are new baseline becomes common sense or kinetic behavior.


Chapter III

Common Sense

Logic is a widely misunderstood construct in modern society. Cause and effect is a process from which we can draw a conclusion. If this process is replicable and shows high validity and reliability, it still isn’t logical unless it can be proven mathematically. It comes thus as a big surprise that activity is the essence of logic in theory yet quite the opposite in practice. It is the missing link between our belief in god in the absence of scientific proof. The leap in the "leap of faith" so to speak, replacing faith with knowledge based on experience.

Example: Probability dictates that we are not the only life forms on our side of the universe. With ample circumstantial proof (even without a smoking gun) that alien life forms have been visiting our planet for years, we can assume that this probability is close to 50%. Logic dictates that 100% would signify proof and thus truth. Truth on the other hand doesn’t come that easy . 2+2 = 4 may hold true in the visible world, but not in the quantum world. Therefore, truth is relative to object we relate it to and the construct from which individuals perceive it. Truth today may be false tomorrow and therefore the very mention of truth is a fuzzy term to say the least. High probability is a conclusion which comes closest to the concept of truth. Like perfection, truth is a construct that exists in our sense of hope. We want it to be real and eternal and deny the fact that it might as well be an illusion. In Mapol Theory, +3 -3 = 0 is the ultimate fact from which we evolved. It is pure and perfect and equally an illusion that cannot exist in nature once the universe is born. Much like an orgasm experienced by two humans during intercourse, this moment of bliss, both are tuned into a near zero frequency, which motivates us to procreate whether intended or not. Therefore +3 -3 = 0 is the launching pad before lift off. It is the momentum before positive activity can occur. Bliss is thus a moment of gathering energy toward transformation. In meditation, near zero is experienced for a split second and experienced as a feedback-loop, and in this moment a door opens in which the "gathering" occurs. The "gathering" is experienced as a lucid dream. The lucid state during meditation is more clearly understood than the REM state during sleep, because all of our mental faculties are present.


One abrupt sound slightly off pitch held against another, produces dissonance.  When they are perfectly tuned, they become one sound and thus a quasi-singularity (point/line). The closer we come to zero the longer we experience a glimpse of the sheer potential of  transformation. Thus logic dictates: x - y = 0, or +3-3 = 0, or life - death = 0, or love - hate = 0 or elements of equal opposition combined are equal to zero (perfect balance). The perfect balance of opposites sustains an idea or a simple blueprint. Logic also dictates that we must draw a uniform conclusion. At zero both elements cancel each other out and therefore do not exist. In reality or the physical world, there is no such thing. Thus, not even god is perfect zero. God is all, and all (relative to the physical reality) is [(+1) +3 -3]/3 = c. It is rhythm, motion or activity in a positive direction that began at an unknown point of non-activity and has since become perpetually active with the original memory of past, present and future contained in +3-3=0. If the beginning or the momentum was the start of all, we can logically state that +3 -3 = 0 never existed (in the construct of time), yet is the foundation of all. The continuum which is void of time is the reminiscence of this starting point, which is always with us in all our activity as the line at the center of our spiraling evolution. The source or singularity is within all of us as an idea that underlies our multidimensional reality.

Activity is thus irreversible and therefore optimistic. God is thus active as it is all. The subconscious or continuum of god is the purist frequency which underlies activity as it is near zero. It's determination is nothing more or less than +.333....It is the construct activity theory is built on. Within is the dream state where the gathering toward momentum occurs; the inner dimension which is void of time and is surreal, or ideas from which all evolves into the physical world. If +3 -3 = 0, then zero is the potential for activity. Therefore zero is not nothing. Zero equals a state of potential, momentum or a gathering of energy.

Belief To Truth and Knowledge

Believing is clinging to a possibility through hope of fruition (hoping something will come to pass). Knowing is the acknowledgment of experience. Truth is a collective acknowledgement of experience.
If Bob was awakened by a low vibrating noise and stopped outside only to find a UFO with aliens in his backyard and next awakened in the morning with the experience of fragmented memory of the incident,  it would be nothing more than a dream to him (or conscious denial). If he found physical proof in his backyard, such as a circular burn mark on the grass and deep depressions in the ground, he might believe strongly that a UFO indeed landed in his yard. If one or more neighbors came to his house, to tell him of a large lighted object landed in his yard, he might be totally convinced with the corroborating witnesses that a UFO did land in his backyard and would probably report it to the police. If later that week government officials paid him a visit to tell him to keep silent, he would truly know that a UFO did land and this fact might have negative consequences for him. The transformation from belief toward knowledge was thus based on experience and corroboration. He may have had prior beliefs in the possibility of life elsewhere in our universe, but now knows it as a fact set in stone (personal truth). His need to share his experience with others will either have positive or negative consequences. Eventually he will willingly doubt his own experiences and do his best to deny it ever happened. Sadly, knowledge is less valued in our society than belief. Knowledge can cause profound changes in our life; hence the old saying "what you don’t know, won’t hurt you" . When we accumulate knowledge, we can only draw conclusions and these are what we collectively accept as truth. Thus truth is relative to our individual perception of the evidence (facts). The more simple the facts are, the more likely it is, that a simple conclusion can be drawn. +3 -3 = 0 is a mathematical fact. This fact is the framework of Mapol Theory. Once you enter Mapol Theory, you enter the most logical road to meaning, purpose and a whole new interpretation of god. Danger will inevitably arise when we discuss this system in the face of religious belief systems. You may be ridiculed or perceived as a direct threat to the religious institutions, very much like any group that challenges the status quo. Mapol Theory is an opportunity for the individual to help him/herself to discover truth in its simplest form to on a path of simple enlightenment. Complexity and confusion is dissolved and as a consequence, society, nature and their future increase their chances for survival. If you still believe there is little hope for humanity, then you repress the fact that this universe is moving in a positive direction of expansion. This very fact, as I have mentioned before is hope calculated in the equation of activity [(+1) +3-3]/3 =c. We cannot reach absolute negative because nature does not consider total reversal while expanding. This expansion is positive (+1) at a constant rate of .333. Hope is thus a given if we follow a realistic goal with our total being. In a sense an individual who hopes for something to happen is waiting for magic (example:"..the 2nd coming".). We have evolved into intelligent and creative beings because we are creating new symmetries whether we want to or not. We either do or we don’t do. We either make the effort to fulfill goals or we don’t. Hope is thus the idea of possible events which we wish will come to fruition. As hope is replaced in the activity equation with infusion of +1, the spoken word hope becomes mundane. If all we can do is hope for the best (enter superstition), then we are inactive and not taking responsibility for our goals. If I actively take the steps toward realistic positive goals, the higher the probability that I will reach them. Hope is one of the powerful cornerstones to superstition, worship and prayer in religion. Worshipping positive as a separate entity makes you dependent on the mercy of something that is incomplete . If you realize that you are an integral part of the entity (the universe and beyond), then you synchronize with the equation that is god's logical meaning and purpose.

Order Out of Chaos

Chaos is a human construct to simply describe annihilation and reemergence. Chaos seems to be disorder without positive meaning or purpose. It is confusion without direction, disintegration of order and would inevitably lead toward collapse. In Mapol Theory chaos resembles the onset of dissonance, symmetry-building and breaking, or an imbalance between positive and negative. It is a temporary state that beckons new harmony or symmetry-building. It is thus a back up tool that automatically kicks in to let us know meaning and purpose need realignment. Next time you experience a hurricane, earth-quake, natural forest fire, etc., think of it as nature reestablishing some kind of "order", balance or equilibrium rather than an act of god to punish us.

Order is at the other extreme. Order is a human construct which describes the perfect balance of both positive and negative to inevitably accomplish the absolute zero state. Order is not possible in Mapol Theory as a constant (perfection). Activity describes the interaction of both positive and negative as a movement toward positive. Though we need to reach zero in order to see where we are going, it is a temporary state of flux before activity can occur again. Order and chaos are thus two perfect states that cannot exist at seperate times in reality. Both individually lead ultimately to non-activity. There are degrees toward order and chaos in nature, but the perfect state in itself is non-existent. They are archetypes in our mind, and we must accept them as such. It is rather the precise rhythm of positive and negative that expresses the illusion of singularity or perfection. The "average" of the two is where we can catch a glimpse of god's birth on the continuum. Rhythm is hypnotizing and a powerful tool in religious practice. It even extends beyond when mixed with alcohol or drugs, becoming addictive because it allows us a glimpse of a blissful singularity.

Meaning and Purpose

By no means does this theory demand the abandonment of other beliefs or scientific principles. I have mentioned before that activity theory is a perspective form which meaning and purpose become as clear and logical as the simple mathematical formula activity is expressed by. Scientific constructs have evolved into mathematical complexity and are usually incomprehensible to most of us. Mapol Theory is an excellent staring point. We usually seek meaning and purpose through out human history by looking back. Our perseverance is nothing next to incredible in accepting plausibility on faith alone. If we could only accept the most simple and logical construct, we could move ahead as a human race without the archetypal fear of the unknown. Perhaps the quest for knowledge would infect more than just a handful of individuals.

The new frontier has really become an escape from reality which includes our responsibility toward our environment "Earth". We are coming to a point where we more and more must first solve our "survival" problems before we set off into the world of invention or symmetry building. As long as our meaning and purpose is disassociated with our conventional scientific reality, we will continue wreaking havoc on our planet without any sense of responsibility. Mapol Theory demands that we take responsibility for our environment as we are both (environment/self) dependent on each other. This "fact" is not in tune with all major religions and philosophies, nor with the missions and goals of our industry and commerce.

Though this age is known as the age of information, it has inevitably become an age of misinformation and disinformation and confusion. This revolution of battling perspectives demands resolution. Once we become truly aware of this demand, we can undergo the infamous paradigm shift everyone speaks of, but very few dare to understand. 

Chapter IV

Good, Evil

Since the dawn of mankind purpose has gone hand in hand with magical thinking. Our curiosity has led us to adapt to our surroundings through the use of intelligence or the need to overcome limitations. This includes our most basic need. To simply survive. Religion offers the hope factor of being able to influence the aspects of nature we have no physical control over. Hoping for rain so the animals will return to their usual watering hole would allow us to hunt, eat and survive. This hope becomes a ritual practice of dance and prayer to comand the invisible forces (spirits) of nature. Everyone must act together as one strong entity and evolve the abilities to adapt to any given situation. Leadership alleviates responsibility within the group and allows for a hierarchy of control and limited competition.The stronger can procreate with an improved gene pool. The group ritual- or faith can be strengthened by sacrificing the weaker for the magical ritual or hope of better circumstances. The subconscious fear of possibly being the next scapegoat or sacrificial lamb ties the group ever closer together and binds a society. As no one actively chooses to be evil, evil is sought and punished and equilibrium is reestablished for the time being even if the reality was not there. Thus "evil" is mostly provoked. Not only is religion a form of social control, but it serves our need for influencing the uncontrollable forces of nature. It also bore doubt which led to the beginnings of scientific inquiry: "Cause and effect". If the tribal leader asks the tribe why they havenít we been successful at hunting, the shaman answers that a sickness has befallen someone in the tribe which scared away the animals sought for the hunt. The cause is thus an unknown sickness within the tribe. The effect is no animals to hunt. The tribe must then find the symptoms, the disease and then the cure it or cast it out to reestablish equilibrium. The doubt is removed and the motivation to solve the problem is increased. The suffering tribe will thus subconsciously bring about the sickness in one or more individuals and the magic of the Shaman in the form of a new chant or herbs, would magically provide the cure and be passed down for generations to come. So the need to survive, provided a ritual for survival or simply put, religion. This dependency on ritual is an archetype connected to our feelings of guilt. Thus we all subconsciously seek "goodness" no matter how "evil" our deeds may be (evil=under the influence of bad spirits). Religions are full of historical and mythical people and words written carefully to institutionalize the rituals in the form dogma/doctrine/ideology. They are always reinterpreted to fit the times rather than the reverse. The problem with religion is, that it doesn't adapt well to changes in societies over time. At least shamanism and witchcraft  lead to pharmaceutical drugs and effective medical treatments. Religion was always purely a means for control whether it was exerted or self-induced. Though all religions glorify the positive, they do not accept the intrinsic interaction between positive and negative. Followers become complacent and unchanging for fear of some kind of retribution or peer pressure on a grand scale. Religion is not based on modern scientific inquiry and therefore should not be taken literally. Such is the power of religion and its institutions. Even though they mean to be positive, they no longer have the potential for enlightenment as they did the time they were written. Religion is thus tugging at the negative side of the rubber band, leading us toward a constant state of singularity which is void of activity. Institutions, like organisms have an inherent need to survive. To make things even worse, religious (epecially the judeo-christian and moslem dogmas) prophecies of doom and annihilation have instilled nihilism (self-destructive behavior) into our very core. In all dualistic religions, negative is equated as evil.
Is evil necessary to regroup energy, to reestablish purpose and goals? This would go well with the tribal example. This concept takes hold in the ancient philosophy of the yin and yang or . God cannot exist without evil or how else would good know of its goodness without a base knowledge of evil. Then again, evil is a human construct to instill fear so that order can be maintained.

The scientific proof lies in the negative and positive gravitational forces which make up all magnetic fields. The religious construct of good and evil is thus an ancient and ignorant (by todayís standards) understanding of scientific principals. A consequence of intelligence behind creation has been the invisible continuum in which intelligence can regroup and then reemerge back into the life cycle of evolution. The old catalysts for this state were fear and guilt which brings doubt into being. Guilt and fear are a powerful constant negative pull which are experienced in the life frequency and may even survive death. This zone of "Neither Here Nor There" is known since ancient times as the underworld . It is an anti-continuum created by our own ignorance of modern scientific principles.

Western religions encourage this state of existence by clinging to ancient ideology and dogmas. Children are brainwashed into believing they'll be punished by gods if they do not follow and act in the old religious traditions. Monetary penance is a typical solution to this problem in religion and is means by which churches have been able to acquire tremendous wealth and power throughout the ages.
The meaning of Adam and Eve in Christian and Jewish scriptures many people are seek to this day, is a good example of how human doctrine can lay the foundation for a grander hierarchy in which inequality can benefit one sex over the other rubberstamped by "GOD". Woman, the secondary creation meant to entertain man, is easily controlled by evil and man is tempted by her to become god-like. Woman is the culprit (bilical reason for human mortality) and therefore the weaker or more evil of the two (the dark yin in yin-yang) . Woman must therefore be ruled by man, who must live with the tremendous guilt of having attempted to take god lightly. Evil or the devil benefits by winning the mortality of man, thus having the opportunity to tempt man's fall and gain power as long as mankind exists. We mustn’t forget that according to these very scriptures, god brought this on himself by creating the devil (perhaps he felt lonly). The many myths and historical events which were combined to form the old testament have elevated man to complacency and utter hypocrisy. The foundation is too weak in the age of atomic energy, computer science, super conductivity and genetic manipulation. Judging mankind’s thirst for knowledge and science as evil (as per religion) and leading to the eventual downfall of man, is an expressed result of their fear of being discarded over time. It is rather man’s quest for power and control, selfishness and god-likeness that should lead to the fall of man (the usual path of religious and political leaders who favor religion). Man’s quest for knowledge shakes the very foundations of religious institutions. It threatens its power, which self-represents good over evil. Fear, guilt, and god’s wrath are its illusive weapons. Behind it lies the "Wizard of Oz" and big money. We are wasting precious time trying to find religious answers to our frontier questions. If we extract the elements which have a scientific basis, we have a new baseline for a true quest. Not for the holy grail, but for positive activity which unites man in the positive expansion of intelligence in order to transcend our limitations and evolution on earth.

Alternative To Religion

Hell and heaven are nothing more than dissatisfaction and satisfaction in their totality at death. At death we realize our position on the activity scale. Hell is a negative loop or a negative constant which reverses our direction. Our fear of self-destruction is amplified and panic sets in. During this process we experience our worst fears. A near zero state with a negative pull will loop us into a state of panic. Our determination to resist death allows us to remain trapped between the life and death realm. This ghostly state can even manifest itself in our daily reality as apparitions and poltergeist and other phenomena. When we average above zero at the time of death we are more likely to experience an amplified feeling of peace and tranquility. If we are unresolved, we return to the life cycle at any point in time. Assuming the above is true, one can easily deduct that life is a school of learning to seek the positive state above zero no matter what obstacles we create for ourselves or are thrown at us in order to continue the relentless creation of complex symmetry. We must however realize that we are not alive for the main purpose of self-gratification. In fact, gratification describes a prolonged state of indulgence in order to perceive happiness or bliss. Gratification is a repetitive secondary need similar to the primary need to satisfy our physical hunger from day to day. Healthy food is necessary to prolong our existence, whereas fillet-mignon is not. Therefore, self-gratification is a luxury which is not necessary for survival. Playing tennis for example, is a means to keeping our body physically fit. Using our body and mind to win a competition elevates us to a god-like status. Winning games satisfies our ego’s illusion that we are superior to others either at the conscious or subconscious level. It is also an instinctual act to identify the fittest for survival (an act of war). Competing for business is a means for which a company can continue to grow and survive. Power competition is not. Corporations are power competitors whose goal is to hog the market to increase profit, power, influence and control. It is a secondary need. Becoming self-serving is not the purpose of the universe. Almost 90% of all products sold at a Wal-Mart franchise are unnecessary for survival (and made in China). They cater toward secondary needs. These are the products that add to the increased pollution after the products are processed, manufactured, packaged, sold, and finally discarded. Our life has become a mere reflection of this process. Most of our experiences are filled with issues that are meaningless and merely promote stagnation or boredom. If we focused on issues that would make us grow in a positive direction and learned to quickly divert inconsequential issues, we would prosper in the simples way toward the positive.

Religion or Spirituality

Our great difficulty in closing the gap between organic or biological/chemical operations of the human brain and the possibility of the soul in our multi-dimensional universe is overshadowed by the power of religious doctrine, which ritualizes a non-scientific understanding of two realities. Thus science and meta-physics have been separated as worldly affairs and non-worldly beliefs in the constitution of our country. As no-one religion offers a scientific verifiable truth, spirituality has been (rightly) separated from government operations and given a "freedom of religious practice" license at the individual level. A government tied to religion as one entity, such as in Muslim countries (Iran), seems to be a practical solution as long as everyone is willing to believe or pretends to believe in the same religious dogma. Yet, such a country would catapult itself into a past of archetypes, which are archaic and useless toward the evolution of the human spirit. The insistence on holding steadfast to past doctrines, gives way to dictatorships which lead to a hive way of thinking at the expense of individual freedom of expression. Everyone within this closed system must think as one so to speak . Those who do not are severely punished or eliminated so as to not disturb the status quo, which harbors power for the few. Systems such as these contradict the very process of individuality and selfishness found in the DNA of all organisms. Individuality must be preserved so that creativity and intelligence can further our human evolution.

A government which does not encourage an evolutionary approach toward spirituality is furthering the gap, rather than closing it. A government will support scientific research in all areas except spirituality despite a growing need because it may fear the possible uncontrollable outcomes. If research in this area would discover that there is another dimension or a non-living continuation after the death of the organism, the masses would not fear imminent death. Such a situation could indeed free the human spirit from a million year old bondage. A conclusion that there is life after death could also be a dangerous one, without an understanding of a process of transformation that would reinstate fear at some level. Inevitably a heaven/hell system that would motivate us to fear a judgment that would provide punishment for evil-doers would be reinstated. Reckless living, without a conscious and fear of dying is a nightmare in the highest order. Back to square one? Perhaps, if a spiritual understanding emerged from within and wasn't forced upon us over time, religion would not be an issue for any government.

If anything, this shows why societies and their governments steer away from active and overt research in the greatest frontier, man has yet to confront while living. Instead it is left to the individual in the face of institutionalized religious practice. A belief cannot be forced on anyone, because it is void of experience. What we don't know won't hurt us, right?

Mapol Theory obliterates this attitude and magnifies an open system which is not to be feared, but rather to be embraced and researched individually. In this process we can calculate the possible consequences before we act. Thus fear becomes a reality after we insist on acting despite the known negative consequence. "You reap what you sow" becomes a fact rather than a rule. In fact, rules become facts in general when we enter this formula (more like common sense rather than fear of punishment). When we choose not to accept facts, we enter confusion/denial and negative activity which leads to non or even anti-creation in the face of a universal movement of continuous creation in a positive direction.

Pray TV channels are very successful because they are on-going processes of "teaching" ancient archetypes as they relate to everyday affairs, politics, and historical events. Though they use a modern approach of high-tech and entertainment, they are pushing the old teachings and biblical writings as god’s spoken word (for monetary gain?). Similar to the old powerful Judeo-Christian institutions, they use guilt and fear to solicit new members and contributors or customers to support their inflated budget and multi-billion dollar profits to influence politics and the creation of new laws. The scheme works even more so, because of the modern entertainment productions are more in tune with current reality. It is a tabloid approach to religion which is most profitable, but sickening to the evolution of the human spirit.  The same can be said for sectarian and jihadist terrorist movements who use the media effectively interpret the biblical prophecies as current reality to the tired, poor and angry populations of  oil driven nations. Judeo-Christian-Moslem standards in biblical form were written for the times of unscientific eras in the face of the rise and fall of oppressive empires. Organized religions are attempts to understand the world without science as we now know it and  to exert power and control over vast populations. Holding on to these scriptures as the "word of god" is sheer insanity because they simply do not hold true in a universe based on scientific principles.

Christianity was a rebellion against an oppressive Roman Empire. Religious movements are usually a secret secession from some force of oppression. Their success brings a greater unity and the hope that our lives have a greater purpose under a hierarchy of celestial order. Once the oppression has been eliminated, dogma and doctrine replace the momentum of hope and some force of oppression is always reinstated.

Mapol Theory is an ultimate movement toward the unification of relentless scientific inquiry and spirituality. It simply proves that "god" is all from beginning until end and that we are a all part of "god" in progress. It makes each of us responsible for our actions toward each other and our surroundings rather than responsible toward a separate deity that controls all, making us mere puppets in a very long play (all the world is not a stage). We all are a part of god, as is every wave/particle and dark matter in this universe. It proves that our universe is conscious and intelligent at levels we may still not comprehend as it is aware of past, present and most probable futures, and yet an evolving baby still discovering itself via "US".

I am confident that the possibilities Mapol Theory offer will reach self-educated minds (people who question all). I fear however that many educated individuals will cling to a conservative or traditional mindset, which will not allow them to venture out from their "secure" surroundings.

The Universe Speaks

God speaks through experience, and not in words. We are bound by verbal communication at this point in our evolution. When people say god or an angel of god spoke to them, we instinctually write them off as unstable. But let us consider the possibility. Lets say that godís form of communication is a frequency that can be understood by all species, no matter which language they speak. Binary code can be translated by any modern computer into any language as long as it has the appropriate language software. I can type up a letter in Spanish and instantly translate it into Swahili with a translating software. If godís frequency is the continuum and we the receiver with wired software, then it would be possible. Visions would be even easier to transfer, because any human who has the gift of eyesight would be able to receive the signal in the same way, and see it as though it was real, the only difference being our individual perception and interpretation. Let us go a step further. Let’s say that all of us have predisposition to receive this frequency. Then all of us could have individual contact with god. This would mean that god is not a spiritual entity with one personality. Every individual would be god’s personality in the making as every receiver would perceive the same experience differently, much like multiple witnesses of a single car accident. To personify god means interpreting the information to our own subconscious and conscious liking. This is what makes god mysterious and illusive in religious scriptures. We want to know, talk to, listen to and interact with god just like we would do with others or ourselves when reflecting upon something. In order to do this we would have to personify god. By doing this, we give god too many faces for our own good. Hence the creation of religious dogma. Mapol Theory allows us to communicate with god through ourselves and our actions without personification. If we interpret god in the simplest way, we cannot misinterpret meaning and purpose. This would take an enormous paradigm shift for every anyone considering Mapol Theory who has thought of in any other way. You may have sex-typed god made him an old male, put a beard on him and given him all the power in the universe to use with positive or negative (..thanks Michelangelo). The old Judeo/Christian testament says he made humans in his image. This pretty much gives the fittest express permission to be god-like and act in god's name. God, in religious writings is a superman to be feared and worshiped. Which side of the reflection is real. God or his image? In activity theory we are a reflection of all and all is a reflection of us. If we change our image so will all. That is the power each of us has. God runs through every cell of our body and mind. Thus we are at the mercy of our own actions and no one else, unless we repress this fact and give up our greatest responsibility, which is to move toward the positive in order to move in a positive direction.

Social and Spiritual Aspects

Todayís mechanistic society is similar to a laboratory, which trains rats to think in terms of rewards for effort. As individuals, we are all parts of an organic machine, performing functions which serve to hold the societal organism together. Our supreme purpose has always been to achieve perpetual security and leisure. Spirituality falls somewhere in between, but does not become important until we face old age, disaster, serious ailments or prolonged misery of any kind. We simply do not stop dead in our tracks to pray to alah, god, or buddha once a day unless we are indoctrinated into a blind faith. In fact, we spend more time taking "the lords" name in vain at least once an hour during our daily activities. Mapol Theory does not call for ritual practice. It is a process of recognizing that we are not separate, but rather that in every moment we are in the very process of god. Everything we do is geared toward tipping the scale. If we do not, we must self-correct and try again. If we limit ourselves to religious rituals, we can never close the gap between what we know and what we believe. In all religious practices, we repeat the words we have memorized, making signs of our religious symbols that are second nature, listen to the pulpit and pray for absolution and do the hell-Marys. We then close the ritual and leave the imaginary bond with our gods. We may feel a bit refreshed until the next church service, but under no circumstances have we become what we preach or warned to practice with conviction. We are separate and disassociated from an all mighty being and are at its mercy when the scale tips into the negative. The gap is never closed in life and this very fact has brought about a growing demise in progress for past, present and future  life on earth. We must close the gap by actively pursuing positive activity in every breath and  movement, from moment to moment - not in rituals, but in being in the very process of god.

A Place of Worship

Worshipping idols in the belief that a spiritual dimension flows, is a form of disassociation. Be it blood flowing from the wooden eye of statues, an antique cross, mosque, cathedral, cow or countless other objects, we still approach a shrine and begin our magical ramblings in the hope of being heard (which is not to say noone is listening). In Mapol Theory, there is no shrine or idol. There is no ritualistic dance, prayer or singing. There is no pope, high priest, or any religious leader who represents a god in the hierarchy of human order. We are all connected. In Mapol Theory we are a part of all and all is none other than god of which we are a function. If we disassociate ourselves by worshiping something greater than ourselves, then we can never be one with god. This gives us the excuse not to act on truth and rather pay our penance when the money-basket comes around. All of us are meaning and purpose in action and not one of us is greater than the whole. The place of worship is thus dissolved. We now touch truth so that it may guide us as we guide it. All we need is a quite place within our selves to listen and reflect in order to launch ourselves.

Working Model

"There cannot be nothing without everything"

Super intelligent beings all around the universe probably see god as a process of becoming, transforming through ourselves. God is all of which we are all a part. It is a baby going through stages of growth. The sheer joy of experiencing creation will sway any intelligent being to take an active, conscious part in the process of god or becoming. Thus the concept god can be equated with the process of evolution (to the dismay of creationists), which involves willing procreation between organisms. This willingness or love/lust or agape is totally corrupted in modern society.  Recognizing how "love" is an integral part of activity  is the best way we can begin to get on the right track toward positive experience. God comes into being in Mapol Theory as (+1) in the total equation [(+1) -3 +3]/3 = c. God is in our historically embodied understanding the hope of being received in a parental way after death (as we were born into the hands of parents at our birth). Parents love, teach, guide and punish. All of us long or hope for their acceptance and unconditional love. This is why Jesus was so popular. He offered his future followers a clean slate for a permanent embrace, allowing true believers the once in a life-time opportunity to rid themselves of the guilt and vengeance which eating at their lives. In the end, Christianity deified (made him god-like) him and put a crown on his head. Moses would have sent them all to the pit.

Letting Go

In Mapol Theory, god cannot be separated as she or him. God becomes all in one, timeless and perhaps eternal. The continuum fits all the characteristics of an all knowing and creating entity except that it cannot exist without our active involvement. The continuum of our galaxy shares the same frequency with all celestial bodies which move in seeming perpetual motion (driven by the a black hole at the center of our galaxy). God is thus greater than we ever imagined. We extend from it through the use of active intelligence and more so from our own awareness that we exist with the ability to alter this existence. The archetypes of biblical scripture are useless in this theory. They are a human creation toward social control, to instill fear, awe, superstition, disassociation and dependency. Archetypes are similar to traumas. Like scars, they cannot be removed from our past experience. They can however be reinterpreted and neutralized. One must let go of the guilt which change provokes. I did not for one, lose religion for Mapol Theory. I simply relalized the truth which weeded out that which held me back from accepting what is no common sense to me. I found a way to tap into god at zero by unearthing the simple elements of activity. Everything above was just guilt and fear. This does not mean one cannot accomplish the same as an orthodox religious person. I can, for example reach a person in a remote location in Russia by mail, telegraph or even better with some difficulty via phone or now via internet. It may take several tries, and the line of communication may be so poor, that I may not make out all of our conversation. Purification according to religion, through redemption brings one closer to god. One must be worthy and totally accepting of the maze to paradise and fear god. One must sacrifice, be a good citizen and follow the rules and hope for the best. We are too rapped up in our complex surroundings and leave this worthiness to the clergy. They have become our mediators to god very much like middle men in business driving up cost and maximizing profit. The best awaits us after we die. In Mapol Theory, there is no maze or hierarchy of stumbling blocks. We don’t depend on middle men to interpret god. We can communicate directly with a clear understanding and a solid sense of responsibility.

In Mapol Theory one can plot the baseline graphically after sorting basic data about one self. I can discover our false zero and calculate my average life experience noting the frequency of high positives and negatives. I can then plot a course of action to move closer to zero. Once I feel secure close to zero with little dissonance, I can slowly but surely increase positive experience by actively seeking and inviting it. I must learn to recognize negative provocations and deal with them by canceling them out with the opposite values of positive. It is important that I do not loose sight of true zero. Meditation allows me to focus on timelessness, peace and tranquility or simply put, "zero". So it might be a good starting point for any kind of change. By doing so, I can reaffirm my mission to transform toward the positive.

Old behaviors must be replaced with new ones and applied consistently through trial and error. I must be open to challenge and criticism and accept negative outcomes and learn form them.

Very few people are willing to change or adapt to new situations unless forced to do so. Mapol Theory allows change to be gradual. It is a personal process unlike any other resembling a spiritual quest. It does demand one thing; namely honesty. Honesty frees us from an inner bondage. If we speak clearly and communicate what we think and feel, we won’t get caught up in a game of conspiracy and denial. Honesty alleviates enormous pressures in daily life. Many people avoid the truth for fear of retribution.

Allowing others to believe in an illusion is a meaningless act. By the same token, we must be honest with ourselves. Inflated hope of becoming someone we are not and seeking affirmation to support this illusion of ourselves is equally meaningless.One cannot adopt Mapol Theory. One can only assimilate it.