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Atheism Vs. Activity Theory

Atheists do not believe there is a god. The typical atheist chooses to know what the majority of senses can register and so relies more on the obvious. There is also a belief that humanity or life on earth as a whole occurred by chance without any godly intention by a greater being. I personally have met many atheists and have discovered that not a single one was a true atheist. All believe in the possibility of a grand design and are merely hoping for scientific proof, just as all believers are hoping they are right about god's existence. All of whom I’ve spoken to (from a counseling perspective), fear the possible total disintegration of the personality they have developed over the years at death. This obvious fear is rationalized, but countered with the fact that part of us is transferred from our genes to the next generation. This fact is their small comfort and the basis for choosing to live (though I seriously doubt it, because of the elements: fear, doubt and hope). Calling one self an atheist is a personal rebellion against a traditional judgmental-religious mythology, which has no basis in science. All that they state is nonetheless true. Mapol Theory merely provides the proof that they all silently seek. It proves that god is not an entity with a hidden agenda, an incomprehensible all knowing power,  or the multitude of characters described in biblical scriptures. God is simply all with meaning and purpose which can only be truly understood through scientific/mathematical means. The real miracles are synchronicity, action at a distance (Einstein/Rosenberg bridge) and symmetrical accommodation and assimilation (as we are all connected). It is a process of which we are a part of whether we choose to be or not. God is not an isolated entity and this fact ways heavily against mainstream religious belief. The theory bridges science and spirituality in the simplest way imaginable. There is no room for belief. There is just the equation of the of knowing the highest probability after understanding the working model. Everything else falls into place.

Back to Zero

Spiritual healing, hypnosis, meditation, etc. can all be experienced by fine tuning our frequency to absolute zero, a point at which we can experience timelessness or the continuum. Zero is the place we can gather potential (recharge) to go anywhere. It’s a crossroads to change and a doorway to the unknown. If we give way to fear, we break our focused concentration and we will will not allow ourselves to experience our true spirituality and its simplicity. In this state we can affect our subconscious, access new possible futures and act on them. The lesser frequencies of mass communication can interfere with this meditative state. Throughout any given day we are bombarded with overt or covert messages which confuse our subconscious mind. Most times we allow this to happen when we switch on our TV, radio or flip open the latest version of the National Inquirer or hangout at a discotheque. All this communication reinstates confusion , making us dependent, gullible or easily influenced toward being irresponsible. We are not helpless as we can choose what we listen to and what to react on. If we could develop a strong filter we could easily discard the useless information. Though this sounds simple, it is really quite difficult. Getting back to zero takes self-control discipline and a lot of practice. The zero state allows us to concentrate without impending constraints or pressures. We must be able to make the time to let "potential" into our life so we have a starting point for inner change. Many individuals throughout history involved in psychic practice or faith healing have tuned into the continuum. By doing so they can successfully influence the psyche of themselves and others and perhaps influence the relationship between present and future. The light many near death experiencers reach is in fact the continuum. Those who remember coming back from death usually experience profound changes in knowledge, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors. They sometimes return with a mission for the positive. They may have experienced heaven, hell judgment or other forms of enlightenment. We do not have to wait until imminent death. There are alternatives. If we accept activity theory as the the simple starting point, we can transform ourselves, each other and our surroundings now.

Chapter V

The Unknown

When we think in terms of solving individual and collective problems we can enter a game of chance or calculated thinking. In the latter the universe and all its wonders are accidental processes. Unintended phenomena are impossible to realize if they weren’t at least the consequence of an intended outcome. When we role the dice, the object of the act is to win something toward expansion. The very skill of the thrower increases the chance of hitting the winning number. Both goals and intentions are known before the dice are rolled. This rules out the accident or coincidence. In science, discoveries or inventions are often the product of unintended outcome. Yet the intelligence of the observer realizes its use and redirects efforts toward understanding the new phenomenon and its timely societal need. As you can see, there is less emphasis on coincidental or accidental events. Usually these same events are observed in other parts of the world around the same time. It is though as if society was bringing about the need for the discovery or invention of devices at a subconscious level. This collective subconscious process would completely eliminate the accident or coincidence. This would mean that every organism is part of a greater collective intelligence. When we observe our ecosystem and its evolution, we quickly find that no one is in charge. Instead all are in charge as one, unknown to the individual organism as one large macro organism, which is completely interdependent on all its parts. The modern human on the other hand has changed this. We have become the self-appointed representatives of god while designing a greater all powerful deity whom we are subject to. We have pre-designed our own extinction and therefore given ourselves permission to self-indulge until our self-prophesied Armageddon. This happened at the conscious level and has inevitable been lost at the subconscious level. It is ingrained into us. Most Judeo-Christians truly believe in this self-fulfilling prophecy as that of god's making. If there was ever a more idiotic species in the universe, it is the self-righteous among the human race. This was never the intention of god. It is the consequence of human action. If enough humans come to this simple realization, we could move toward the positive as a species.

Life Around the Continuum

Life evolves in a spiral around the continuum which is the axis of our planet earth penetrating the South and North poles in parallel with that of the galaxy and our universe . The continuum is void of time. Time can only be experienced by the organism dependent on its environment "Universe". One rotation signifies one day of experience including sleep time. This movement around the continuum applies to all organisms. The degree of experience varies for each organism. Therefore, experience is totally unique and is an integral part of instinct and personality. This model can be applied to the life of all organisms or in our case, the human being. My greatest interest in this model is the function of the continuum which is void of time. Deep meditation can tune us into the frequency of this continuum. This is how some people are able to experience the future or past. Becoming one with the continuum allows us to defy the  laws of classical physics and lead us into quantum weirdness. One suddenly finds the future now. This new discovery leads to a complete revision of current and past beliefs. If the future has already occurred, what’s the point of anything we know? The future is simply the most probable reality. You can easily demonstrate this by placing two parallel mirrors across each other and stand in the center and looking into eternity in both directions. If you change yourself you have changed your future. The future will happen according to possibility one, unless you change something now or later to alter your place in the future. Thus predestination is true for those who are not active, but not necessarily true for those who can surf the continuum. Non-physical time travel is thus a reality for observers of the continuum. The future is thus not an illusion but a possible reality with the highest chance of realization. Just by observing the future, we have changed it!

The continuum can also be thought of as heaven or hell in the Christian sense. It is the dimension of timelessness which exists despite our death. The earth continuum isn’t the sole continuum of this universe. In fact, every celestial body evolves around a continuum. It is the common denominator of all. It is void of time, on the zero frequency. It is the clearest frequency emanating source of all matter. This continuum is what we have referred to as "gods place", heaven/hell, or the home of spirits, souls, the great abyss, ether etc. The continuum is not an illusion, a dream of a wishful thing, it is a cold fact and the anchor in Mapol Theory. In this theory everything is a transformation in the making or an evolution of all beginning with zero. As it shares one source and one continuum, its frequency is the common denominator: god. It is not a bearded old man, a group of aliens from outer space, but a simple and pure source which is intrinsically tied within and around us. This frequency cannot exist alone, as all matter and life emanate from it. We are as much an extension of god as the rocks and flies. This fact is the mover and shaker of your belief system. It is positive and determined to transform you through the use of of your own intelligence. If the continuum has no beginning and no end one can pin point, it becomes difficult to accept as real. This is a flaw in our arrogant way of thinking. The continuum is simply a part of all emanating from an known source we can simply refer to as god. It is simple mathematics (the language of god).

Conscious and Subconscious Experience

Experience occurs during wake and sleep time, while during dream time it occurs sporadically by static or reflective means. Unsolved issues that may occur over a lifetime seek resolution and some times appear as elements, symbols, or even play themselves out in full complete scenarios in dreams. They vary in their effect on short- or long term memory, but nonetheless leave their mark. We describe dreams as hazy, vivid and nonsensical and sometimes completely forget them form one moment to the next. The reoccurring themes of some dreams point to a strong or pressing unresolved issue. The fact that some dreams make sense and may even have a profound effect on us, points to a need to take them allot more serious. In activity theory, the frequency of experience continues 24 hours a day even though it is barely present during sleep time. The difference is, dreams are usually less predictable or influential because we simply do not take them as serious as we could. The conscious world is the scientific, active or physical world of existence. It is the outside world which we influence and are influenced by. The dream state is the inward world where anything is possible (sounds allot like the pre-universe). It is during these dreams that we soon realize that we set our own limitations despite being closest to zero or near death. In order to overcome these limitations set by our mind, we can begin the lucid dream in which our conscious mind joins the subconscious in reaching positive outcomes. The reason we do not take dreaming seriously is simply because we have been taught to do otherwise by society for centuries. Society can set limits on consciousness and therefore control it to most degree. The subconscious therefore allow us the opportunity to truly experience free will. The subconscious collects, so to speak, reoccurring elements of our conscious experience and magnetizes us. When the scale tips toward the negative, our subconscious gives these elements more potential. Conscious efforts to counter or weaken the negative can be achieved by hanging up positive messages all around your living or work space. Similarly ritualistic positive statements about yourself, even in the form of poetry, prayer, repetitive chanting, or self-hypnosis will tip the scale toward the positive. Soon you will not notice the signs or actively think about the positive statements and still unlock the door to positive thinking almost automatically.

Love, Hate

Positive and negative/ Love and hate/ Creativity and destruction

If all the people would discard hate and begin to love (accepting all others) there would be no wars, no violence, no destruction to our environment and ultimately no feeling of guilt. There would be no competition, no greed, no materialism, and no jealousy. As lovely as it sounds, it is impossible. The very fact that our own planet on its own exists thanks to the almost equal existence of positive and negative forces forbids us to adapt this utopian world. Yet our very blissful longing is to come close to the above. We must after all, if we wish to survive as an intelligent race of beings on this planet. The question is "How do we move toward the positive as a society?" The answer is simple, as many of us as possible must decide to be responsible for cleaning up our environment. If a think tank of scientists could come up with a nuclear bomb in the Nevada desert in record time, so could think tank for rethinking energy and waste. For that matter, we already have the technology to replace nuclear energy with hydrogen fuel split from water. The true visionaries are the people who come up with a viable, positive alternatives. It is sad but true that the oil industry will hold out until the end and block any attempt for alternative energies on a commercial scale until they have the infrastructure in place to control it. Big money and its power houses are thus in complete control of the direction we are headed. This fact does not render the individual useless. If enough of "I" change, so will society. To choose positive is to weaken negative. In the state of our world, negative has gained the upper hand, and so society and its evolution is at the brink of imminent change, without conscious awareness.


Chapter IV

Transformation and Attitude

You wake up to your alarm clock which is an electronic device made up of 100-500 individual parts. These parts are arranged to function as a whole and driven by electricity and perhaps a microchip. Your bedding was created by machines which weave cotton, silk, plastic fibers made from oil based products. Its colors and designs are equally made possible by synthetic paints. Your toothbrush is made of plastic, as are almost 80% of all functional objects in your house. These objects work with electrical circuits. Electricity comes from water driven turbines (water/river dams) which use electromagnets to produce electricity. Other sources include nuclear power plants which produce unusable high radiation plutonium by products. Your car uses oil and gasoline which are processed crude oils mined from beneath the surface of our planet. Their by-products from the refining process to emissions are seriously eroding our entire ecosystem. The trash you took out is burned or buried in distant placed. Their effect is pollution of air and atmosphere and the contamination of ground water. If you work for the immigration department, your job is to aid an institution in preventing the fast passed illegal immigration of Mexican, Central, South America and other foreigners. Your real job is to slow down a rate of influx which is growing into overpopulation and poverty. If you are a teacher, your job involves teaching an ever growing student body whose drop out rate is climbing and employability is diminished be out-sourcing. If you are politician, your job is to manipulate federal, state and local funds to maintain ever growing industrial interests at the expense of societal interests.

In all of these jobs the goal is to slow down a rate of inevitable growth toward the negative. Most of our jobs consist of maintaining order in a system that is growing out of control. We are thus merely buying time and not finding solutions to the problems that demand real solutions toward the positive.

Becoming aware of our self-destructive life styles, over indulgences and reckless beliefs should awaken us to the fact that we have taken everything we know for granted. Perhaps we are a reflection of the destructive trail we leave behind 24 hours a day. Then we must consider meaning and purpose. 99.9% of the time, the two will not jive. We thus live in a real world, with an unrealistic view of life’s meaning and purpose and are maintaining a destructive course with the illusion of positive outcomes.


Power is the potential to use force to thwart or speed up activity. Natural disasters, lightning, earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes are referred to as nature’s power. They occur to balance an unbalanced environment. They occur for a good reason and are unstoppable. Nature uses these powers to realign, adjust and synchronize all of nature. Humankind’s use of power is in some way comparable, as in the cases of destruction and death. The difference is that the earth is the sum of its parts and acts to affect all of its elements. Human kind on the other had is divided up into countries, cultures, religions, political factions and individuals. The individuals who band together to wield power have personal intentions on their mind rather than the good of mankind. Nature takes care of itself with the mission to ultimately preserve itself and to allow growth inwardly and not outwardly. A person who provides for him-or herself to become positive and healthy in mind and body becomes a unit earth on earth. A person who exerts power to control the outside world puts himself above all. Anyone who dares to do this goes against nature and must have a positive outcome in mind for all in order to succeed. This human use of power is dangerous and we have been using it for thousands of years. As I have mentioned in a previous chapter, nature has become reactionary in response to mankind’s abuse of its environment. Nature’s imbalance is on the increase and must use its power to reestablish equilibrium in order to survive. It almost seems as though man is battling nature to satisfy primary needs even though man cannot survive without nature. The truth is that nature will always win without the knowledge of a win-loose situation. Nature only has primary needs, whereas human kind has primary and secondary needs. Secondary needs are not natural and so disturb the natural balance of all. We have forgotten that we depend on nature and continue pushing the limits of environmental destruction toward the point of no return. All of us destroy the environment a little more every day. Its not going to take much more us to find nature with no choice but to flush us out of existence. We are addicted to these secondary needs and will abuse our power to attain them at all cost. The cost is too heavy. Nature and its evolution has spent millions of years to create us and our combined mission and purpose. What have we done? What can we do to change our destructive trend?

As in the case of a medical patient dying due to some event on the operating table, power such as electrical shock can revive a person. This is a positive use of power to jump start non-activity back to activity. Another example might be the student uprising at Square in China in the 80’s. There purpose was to allow free-will to expand despite the tight controls forced upon them by their fascist/communist government. Negative power was used by the government to stop this activity. And yet the traces of this outcome has forced China to democratize its economy only to become the most influential and powerful, capitalistic economy on the planet. The conclusion that can be drawn is that nature must be allowed to run its course as long as unnatural influences do not hinder it. The use of power should be applied only to further it as long as a positive outcome can be achieved in a shorter period of time.

Technology and its inventors have developed the computer which aids humankind in storing, processing and exchanging information. Its goal is to create an intelligent, paperless environment which will allow us to extend our intelligence beyond our body and mind. Because this technology is too complex and still expensive, only a small percentage of our population has realized its potential usage. The technology itself expands our potential for the use of intelligence, yet we continue to increase our use of paper to supplement the on-going pre-computer age.

New building materials which are more durable than have been in use for 30 years. Materials such as Hebel/Ytong which is a porous, light weight concrete type material with 4-6 times the insulation value of usual materials and cheaper, could cut the need for wood up to 60% in the U.S. alone. It is 100% recyclable and can be cut ,and shaped without the use of heavy machinery. Instead we will have deforested the world in less than a hundred years. Trees are the lungs of our earth. This fact should motivate us to seek alternatives. Perhaps we do not, because we can no longer tell the difference between positive and negative. As individuals, we can choose alternatives as long as we research the possibilities and make choices which will have positive outcomes for both ourselves and our environment. We forget that our individual choices determine supply and demand and force the CEOs of corporations to accommodate us.

Direction and Sacrifice

A farmer in Northeast is doomed to loose his crops eventually. It has happened to thousands and will continue until corporate farming makes up the majority of agricultural production. Though agriculture is the most important means of feeding an exponentially growing over population, it has been the means by which 3rd world countries have been able to sustain their economies at the expense of their environmental ecosystem. Rain forests are being depleted and virgin crop soil is being transformed into barren waste lands of infertility. Modern farming and genetic alteration of agricultural products are the current scientific frontier in addressing the feeding of an over populated world. These sciences were meant for planets like mars.

Oil and gas are being mined at a record pace. The rising cost of oil reflects a rapid depletion of oil reserves and profiteering of investors in oil futures on the stock market. The scientific response has been to find alternative fuels such as nuclear power, solar energy and wind power. Solar energy and wind power have had minor success in providing electricity to homes and cars. Their cost is much too high for the average consumer and the technological breakthroughs are being hogged by none other than the oil companies who hell bent on squeezing every means of profit out of gas and oil before depleted resources force them toward a slow transition toward alternative means of producing energy (for which they hold all the patents).

Cold fusion, hydrogen fuel and free energy are old ideas that are becoming more influential in the secret scientific circles and luckily the public internet domain. Large amounts of money are being poured into highly secret projects by countries such as the U.S., Canada, England, Japan, and China in a race to tap free energy. The lumber industry is depleting forest at a faster pace than forest can rejuvenate. Here again, alternative construction means are being held back despite such products as which is recyclable and has 4x the insulation value of wood, brick and insulation materials combined.

In all of these examples, change toward positive alternative will happen when current means are exhausted. This trend is unacceptable toward sustaining a viable global ecosystem as irreversible damage will already have been done.

Investors are usually unaware where their money is being invested by stock brokerage firms and have little or no influence in elevating alternative industries. Workers who are trained to work in doomed industries are unwilling to risk furthering their education or technical training in areas of expertise that will become more lucrative in the future because they do not have the financial means or simply are too busy making ends meet. The mind set in the greater population is to be economically stable now. This is a conservative outlook and a dangerous one to say the least. Out-sourcing and layoffs are inevitable and no union or government will be able to intervene when our resources are near depletion.

Underlying beliefs and attitudes shape our daily activities which have a profound effect on the future. Fears and hopes cancel each other out and the status quo prevails. We must change our attitude toward the positive or we go against creation itself. As a population we encourage monetary gain and selfishness, a virtue aimed to retain our economic standing until we can grasp the next step on a horizontal ladder. We have given false interpretations to terms such as individuality, free-will, independence, freedom, love, hope, and destiny. We must rediscover meaning relative to our dependence on the very planet we live, procreate, and die. We do not depend on an economy that depends on us. This is a choice which is becoming a bad one. We depend on the planet and not the individuals who rape it with complete disregard for future generations who will inherit our demise. If we choose to depend on the planet, we choose to be its protector at a time when it needs all the protection it can get. There simply is no alternative for the living who fear extinction. We must choose positive as the bases of forming a new and refined attitude. What else should we do?

Attitudes do not always determine behavior. Though a positive attitude may relay our hopes and beliefs concerning the world, underlying beliefs which shape attitudes are unstable because of the very fact that belief is not knowledge or experience. It is rather our perception relative to the surrounding world. An attitude void of fears, hopes, beliefs and occasional experience is the one we should seek. We should base it on logical truths and experience that is applied and corrected from moment to moment. If you can accept [(+1) +3 -3]/3 = c, then your attitude will have a positive direction. This is a mathematical truth which merely reflects the attitude of our expanding universe.  The positive attitude lacks only one important ingredient which is human experience. Negative human experience denies the equation’s existence. Our only responsibility is to seek positive experience. In this manner we synchronize with the attitude of the universe we inhabit. This positive attitude can not be assimilated without sacrificing fear. Knowing the positive and fearing it all at once is a paradox or a phenomena which we subconsciously pass on to others and vice versa, due to the rapid confusion which is evolving in our modern societies. Thus we can eliminate a leap of faith without proof. The proof is the equation, and therefore a leap is not required.

Right and wrong, have no place in activity theory in the face of a positive universe. They are human constructs to infer morals and values based on religious teachings passed on from the beginnings of civilization as a means toward co-existence and social control. As we are all of one species on a single planet, in a solar system of which we are unique, we are one and the same means toward creation or evolution in a positive direction. Our greater meaning and purpose should therefore be the similar or even the same. Problems are issues of co-existence, race, religion, beliefs, politics, etc. are trivial, childish and quite frankly mundane in the eyes and intentions of the universe. Individuality should be the means toward altruism, common goals and not alienation. We reach maturity when we take responsibility for ourselves and play an active role in furthering the human race in balance with nature.

Thus the pursuit of positive alternative, requires a dedicated attitude, which clearly reflects the attitude of the universe. This attitude must turn us toward positive action from moment to moment to maintain, protect and further our positive meaning and purpose on this planet which we depend on. We must reach a level of maturity through positive experience which will lead us toward altruism. This self -less acting personality has at its core, a solid individual who serves him/herself and the greater world through individual actions which affect humanity and its ecosystem in a positive way. This attitude reflects the joy and love of creation which is on going. This attitude is none other than god.

Commercial Guilt

The consumer is a guilt ridden creature. He is prompted to supply birthday presents, Easter gifts, valentine gifts, anniversary gifts, wedding gifts, baby shower gifts, donations and Christmas gifts. The market pushes every product by glorifying self-improvement and using our lack of self-esteem to do it. They have set the standard for what is acceptable from fashion to the kind of car you drive. And their bottom-line is big money. They are especially successful in training children and teenagers to manipulate their parents into buying what’s hip. If they don’t get what they want they become rebellious, depressed and suicidal. Peer groups adapt to the commercial game and do most of the dirty work by out-casting the ones whose parents cannot afford the "acceptable". This dangerous game has one purpose. This purpose is to make the consumer dependent on the companies and corporations who are out to make gobs of money. I could go on and on. Unless a parent is willing to establish his child in a positive peer group which is independent of the commercial game, he is leaving his child at the mercy of big money. They simply do not care what a child feels or does. It only matters that they buy the product. A good example is the music industry. With the right to free speech and the fulfillment of supply and demand, the industry has put out anything that sells as long as money is to be made. They may justify the ends by saying they were simply supplying the demand. They may say that the words and music reflect society’s social ailments. But the truth is money is to be made as long as there is a demand and captive audience that can be trained to like anything they put out. As long as they can prey on the ignorance of our young people, they can interpret society’s ailments in anything they want without worrying about encouraging negativity. The truth again is that supply and demand is helical. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? We know the direction we are going (negative), why not encourage a positive direction. They will buy it, no matter what.

Similarly the movie and television industry preys on the sexual power play between men and women, using sex as an incentive to go one way: the old biblical standard of Adam and Eve. Using extreme violence to quench evil. All in all they prey on our hunger for perpetual security, acceptance and power. Strong associations are built as pillars on which the commercial industry has become omnipotent: football/beer, sex/violence, music/drugs, politics/corruption, military/covert operations, god/wrath, love/heartbreak, environment/green house effect, etc. Nothing positive has outweighed the negative. These associations are nothing more than foundations toward multiple addictions. Over time, they become more and more difficult to change.

It takes some real guts to face the truth and do something about it. When we seek positive experience, we give up the risk factor. There is no risk in seeking positive experience. Positive is not a goal that can be instantly attained. Its a moment to moment chain of experiences. It is a never- ending process whose goal is to tip the current imbalance of negative and positive. It involves reducing the extreme swing factors, synchronizing with nature and recognizing our true purpose, which is to continue moving in a positive direction. Society is not keeping up with our planet. We are all cram packed in the back of the train, experiencing g-forces, suffocating and unable to see where we are supposed to be going. We cannot give up and jump off. We are stuck on this ride and dependent on each other. This negative G-force is in our mind. We must regroup and redirect.

Rubberband Politics

As elections begin, the opposition parties have formed two camps and platforms which distinguish themselves from each other in the minds of people as positive or negative. Issues are focused on which challenge the others past performance. It is a war of words during peace time. No administration has truly turned any tide. That is because the senate and Congress make up a near homogeneous group of 50/50 give or take 10. Ultimately individuals are chosen based on personality in presidential races. Every 5 years both parties put every effort in convincing the voting population (20% of total) that they will enact the solutions to our most pressing social problems. The truth is that they cannot with the mind set they are operating under, because they must follow the direction of the special interest which finance their elections. Every (successfully) elected official  is affected in this way (no exception). The most important special interest are the money houses which steer the economy (oil). The needs under which these institutions operate are of cold profit. There are no ethical or moral considerations except trade rules and laws (tax loopholes). Speeches are written by professional writers who are on a team with one mission: to impress the public and sway them to vote this team into office. Once the team wins, their elected President becomes a five year target for the opposition. Congress battles with grid lock and very little change to benefit the masses (middle/lower class) is accomplished (exception: Clinton administration lowered the deficit). At the upper level however tax loop holes are created for special interests. New government contracts are made and massive amounts of money are distributed after taxes are raised and collected. This would happen no matter who is elected. Life simply continues despite unresolved issues which hold the solutions to the problems of the masses (high taxes, drug distribution and usage, crime, poverty, homelessness, education, job training, welfare, medicaid, social security, media corruption, environmental damage, etc.).

Business as usual is the order of the day. When the election is over we feel like a winner or the underdog who will have day some time in the future.

Polarization is negative when negative life experience is accomplished. Negativity continues no matter who wins. Many voters who voted for the loosing party naturally continue with ill feelings and become pessimistic about the future with the illusion that a real war was lost. The battle is thus never-ending and completely ineffective in producing positive change.

Most people are completely ignorant of the complexity of our government. We don’t seem to realize that we are being maintained, fooled and manipulated. An issue such as big spending government and small government/little checks and balances is a loosing one. Big government bureaucracy is an expensive waste of money inoperable and confusing, but at least provides for checks and balances and services that are needed even if much of it goes to waste. Small government will allow corruption to grow at state and local levels. This is not an issue that can go either way. We thus believe in the lesser of the two evils. True change can only occur in the individual. If enough individuals change, so will our government. It cannot happen over night. Out of this confusion must come the simple elements that operate the universe. We must discover zero, gather our potential and move individually into the positive with every breath, move and thought. If we don’t vote for positive or negative, we can vote for zero (research the independents thoroughly). If the majority of the population voted for a third party, the message to our government would be a clear one. At this point in time the government entity has no concept of where true zero is. As the individual changes, so must our government.


Most of humankind lives a non-spiritual life because we were taught that our soul/spirit becomes a possible reality after our death. Some of us believe that life on earth is merely a preparation for our departure from life into a new spiritual dimension. Living in the information age constantly divers our attention toward secondary needs or the product that promises short term satisfaction. It is void of spirituality and non conducive toward elevating mankind. In activity theory energy transforms form frequency (life) to the next (continuum). The more positive our life frequency, the more potential we gain for the non-living realm. If it does not it is simply recycled back into the life frequency. A life frequency must remain such if it hasn’t changed. The flux I talked about earlier occurs when we have accumulated fear or guilt. Our death accompanied by fear or guilt, inhibits us from transforming from one frequency to the next. If is therefore pertinent that we experience positive spirituality during the life stage, otherwise we could be caught in the dissonance of the life frequency. A strong adherence to the life frequency with little spiritual growth is safe, but not productive or creative for our own evolution or that of mankind. If we anchor ourselves in security we give way to the fear of the unknown. We become conservative and resistant to change which would otherwise improve our chances for long-term survival. Our true security should by comfort in the hope that anything is possible and that we can better our chances now for the future. Security is the near "zero" state in Mapol Theory. We can take chances and truly enjoy the feeling of success or achievement and affect the people around us positively if we aim higher than zero. Using our intelligence in a positive direction is our purpose in life. We are often taught that success is earning the respect of others, getting our name on the 6 o’clock news or otherwise rising to some level of fame. Being admired by others, having lots of money and having better opportunities is advantageous to the inflated ego, but it has little to do with furthering mankind into a positive direction. Sometimes it does quite the opposite. People who are truly positive are humble and open minded and always encourage the exploration of new possibilities. These people have sometimes risked their lives to help further mankind. Copernicus, Maria Teresa, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Jesus, Socrates and countless others fall into this extreme category. This security has become a secondary need for the majority of us in modern society. Maintenance of security is not positive. It is simply around zero, the place of procreation reincarnation, status quo or potential. Maintaining a societal organism or machine which pollutes the world we are supposed to survive in, is succumbing to our own fears of inevitable change.

Positive Free Will

Free-will cannot exist without a degree of self-control. A society cannot exist without a degree of social control. Free will is corrupted in a society of total controls. This is the very reason socialism, communism, fascism and other forms of quasi dictatorships cannot sustain themselves. In activity theory our purpose is to use the energy we acquire to transform ourselves and environment in a positive direction through the use of intelligence. This is a definition of freewill. Outside control of the individual is basically negative as it limits the individuals creativity and is thus a contradiction of man’s purpose. The closets form of social control which caters to free will to the highest extent and leans toward guidance is a democracy. Democracy as designed by the ancient Greeks has never found its purity. There has never been a perfect society and there never can be. The static frequency of the societal organism can be fine tuned by redesign. One must first discover the ailments and then find the cure (sound familiar?). The problem with this approach is the belief system which is deeply ingrained in its foundation, will ultimately lead to the same problems we began with. Everything we learn and know is thus incongruent with our belief system. Knowledge is not belief. Belief is our hope that things are the way we imagine. If we believe that the proverbs predicting the fall of man and the rebirth of Christ to deliver as from the evil are real, then we have already lost our sense of humanity and have become nothing more than self-fulfilling prophecies or words in a book written in ancient times for the ancient problems. Possible futures as predicted by clairvoyant individuals are simply insights into the highest possible future. This future can be changed if we stop and reevaluate what is positive and negative in our own behavior, motivations and beliefs. What do we want vs. what we need, and what are the long term consequences for the rest of society and the environment. In Mapol Theory I am one with humankind and planet earth. Everything I do affects the whole to same degree and vice versa.  

Chapter VII

Who Is Responsible?

Once you are actively accommodate zero, there is only one person responsible; and that person is you. We develop a strong but flexible filter so that our vulnerabilities do not surface. Obstacles such as these become easier to deal with, the more successful we feel through proven positive experience. They are like open wounds that heal the more we move toward the positive.

If you havenít discovered zero and cling to this theory nonetheless you will always have doubt about its validity. The truth is there is no validity to begin with. Validity comes with experience and time and shows itself over a lifetime of spiritual growth. My goal is to develop positive spirituality long before death. It is my responsibility to increase my chances for positive experience. If I doubt my ability to do so, then I give in to my previous addictive behaviors. The addictions thus truly lead my life and I am disassociated from my self in a realm of modern and ancient confusion. This theory does not propose order out of chaos. It simply proposes synchronizing with the meaning and purpose of all in the positive direction we are meant to go. We have our own individual limitations which take time to overcome. Some of us need psychological and perhaps medical therapy to help us get to square one. If this is so, we must seek it by any means to turn the tide we might be drowning in. When you take responsibility, you take your limitations into consideration, and move nonetheless toward positive solutions. You should not have you mind made up from the start. Be flexible enough to alter goals. You may not get what you want (materialism, self -gratification) but you will get what you inherently need (love, acceptance, self-esteem, meaning, purpose, etc.)

The Leader of Mapol

There can be no spokesperson, priest or all encompassing leader in of Mapol Theory. It is of the utmost importance that this theory if it indeed spurs a movement, no hierarchy develop from it. There is nothing or no one to idolize as a center of activity except meaning and purpose. The continuum is an invisible point/line, a frequency from which we emanate. Do not fall into the age old trap of disassociation. You are a fluid extension of god and thus a part of its mission and purpose. You can not worship one invisible being and expect to find positive experience in the shape of rewards. You must associate with god as you are inseparable. Negativity is a movement toward finite separation. Opposing creation is a meaningless act of self-destruction. Negativity leads to ever more confusion. Out of this confusion grows the frustration of not being able to feel positive meaning and purpose. Allowing others to take positive control of you may be a temporary solution, but should not continue into dependency. The effect is that we leave responsibility of ourselves in the hands of authority. This dependency leads to addiction, thus not allowing us to become an individual. The leader of activity is within all of us to lead ourselves toward the positive movement of purpose, meaning and creativity. Once you have discovered true zero, sorted out your life and see clearly what your needs are, you can synchronize with nature. This way every decision you make will not harm others or the environment which you depend on. The working knowledge can then be successfully communicated to others. You thus facilitate learning, rather than lead a person and making him/her dependent on you.

Community/Mapol Theory

Let us say you’ve accepted Mapol Theory as the highest probable bridge between spiritual meaning/purpose and science/evolution. Let us propose that you have mapped out your true zero and degree of dissonance and determined that every action in your life will have positive effect. Let us further say that your attitude truly reflects that of the universe and that you are free of doubt. How could you connect to others in your family or community without being labeled as an anti-Christ. The answer lies in your actions. People, (especially young people), model desirable behaviors of others. When they question you, you must give them the truth but remain open to opposing views. When you hide things or engage in the mystery personality, people become suspicious. It is best to express yourself clearly, without judgment or bias or a general defensiveness and admit to your errors in reasoning. You have nothing to prove. Your actions will speak for themselves. There were, are and will be enough martyrs in the world for anyone to bare. If you are killed in the line of doing something positive, you will have died for a reason and a cause worthy of any heaven. Do not fear the inevitable death that you will encounter sooner or later. Do not try to save them, because they will eventually have no choice but to accept that you are truly human and thus have the choice to be positive. If there was anyone closer to Christ, Buddha, Mohammed or god, it would be you. This fact makes it impossible for anyone to take your meaning and purpose  from you. If you are truly positive, you are one with god’s mission and purpose.

Youth and Activity

No matter what your family situation might be, one person who chooses to be positive, can affect the entire family. As a school counselor, I serve a majority of students whose families function below the poverty level. Most of these students feel trapped and do not believe they can break the circle of poverty. Teen pregnancy rates are high, drug and alcohol abuse are prominent and violence in any form is very common. Underlying beliefs are based on magical thinking and experience tends to be negative. Though there are exceptions, the majority rules as a status quo. The common complaint of students is of injustice and unfairness in the family, school life, and society at large. The generation gap between teachers and students, the common prejudices and bias, are unsolvable, because the attitudes of both feed off each other. Education for economic stability and unlimited career opportunities wreaks of effort toward monetary gain. The ingredient miss here is positive spirituality, which should tie in to the skills being taught or learned and source of love and acceptance. Students must learn to tolerate negativity in the home environment toward the future. Religion cannot teach this in the face of modern society . Only logic and deductive reasoning can . If students can make the connection between modeled behavior, attitude, belief, experience and desired outcomes, they can devise maps toward realistic goals. When parents become supportive, they themselves must learn the same strategies and stand by them with nothing less than total conviction and commitment.


Chapter VIII


When all is said and done you walk away with a simple understanding of the most complex mystery of our being: Why are we here? To be more than we are! If we are still arround a thousand years from now, we will have evolved to communicate telepathically. We will absorb food and nutrients through our skin. We will look more and more like one another. We will master new exciting technologies, discover radically different aspects of science and eventually lift off our planet with anti gravity or pulse magnetic propulsion or travel instantly through worm holes with gravity amplifiers. There will be less passion or emotion as a whole. We will evolve an probably interact and learn with species from other galaxies. But "now" determines our future and now is determined by our passed experience and behavior. Now is thus everything. It is our launching pad. All the preparation it takes to launch a space shuttle is the preparation we must encounter here and now and move toward final departure (death). We are already much more than we are when we reach zero. Tuned into the frequency of the continuum, we discover our intricate role in all of nature. We are all god. We are god’s intelligence and creativity which can help our evolution reach toward the positive. We are also god’s negativity to ensure that we don’t fall blindly into the abyss of confusion. We must recognize both positive and negative for what they are. A permanent marriage to achieve beyond zero. Our personality is made up of positive and negative for good reason. We must not personify god, we must accept god as activity with a built in movement toward zero for better and not worse. We must understand that our frequency is the dimension of life and that there are other dimensions to consider. There is death and a state of flux relative to the point/line continuum, which we will inevitably pass through. We must accept that psychic abilities, miracles, ghosts, spirits, heaven and hell, and reincarnation are strong possibilities for which there is ample proof among us. We must accept that god is greater than our scientific understanding, but keep it simple enough to acknowledge it as real. We must accept that our life is a privilege and the most sacred gift in the universe. We must accept that our purpose is to seek positive experience through the use of our intelligence and creativity, so that we may benefit as much as our environment. We cannot worship a personification of god, as god does not exist as a supreme being separate from us. We must accept that god is all, expressed only by a simple mathematical formula +3 -3(+1)/3 = 0.333... We must reinterpret our archetypes and accept the reality of evolution and its direction, purpose and will. We must decide to act on this knowledge or face the direction we are headed as a human race now,  which is self-destruction and the disintegration of all ecosystems and the pillage of an environment which made our very evolution possible. You must choose to know and not to believe. You must not hope. You must act now until all of us form a healthy evolving organism.   ...MORE TO COME!!